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  1. PrivateSniper

    the drugs

    well there was a helicopter on the scene. plus it could have been one of sonnies hencheman who does the actual ambush? was there a particular reason your asking? my personal vote as always is who cares, enjoy the great game
  2. PrivateSniper

    big smokes palace.

    sounds like corruption, have you tried re-installing? if it's just the one area, it's unlikely to be your hardware.
  3. PrivateSniper

    The Ugliest Car You've Seen

    lol i'll be honest, most of the cars on page 1 dont look that bad. the first one sucked though lol
  4. PrivateSniper

    Three Word Story

    was going on
  5. PrivateSniper

    Swedish Magazine Level Previews GTA IV

    nice information, could have done with a spoiler warning though, i did not particularly wish to see details about missions, but no harm done i'll have forgot all this by the time I get round to buying the game
  6. PrivateSniper

    Problem about car mods!

    Lol that's a bit of a harsh reply there ion.
  7. PrivateSniper

    SmallScreenFans.com Launches

    i'm member id 7 hehe, so i guess this site is going to be similar to the likes of tv.com etc? personally I watch at the moment; Prison Break and Supernatural - definately recommended to anyone who hasn't seen them
  8. PrivateSniper

    Intel Core 2 Duo v AMD X2

    As far as gaming is concerned, AMD is always one step ahead. though Intel did release quad core first. Personally I'll never go near Intel, they are a bunch of money grabbers, always making new chips with different slots, so you have to buy new motherboards etc, then their was the custom ram stuff they endorsed, again with different standards.. sure they made progress, but i think at the expense of people who want to buy the newest thing at the time rather than the best. /ramble over
  9. PrivateSniper

    Great Browser Poll

    I have used Firefox ever since I heard about it from my friend. back when it was version 1.2 currently I use the 3.x beta and it's working great
  10. PrivateSniper

    What does your PC have?

    Here's my Rig Processor: AMD Athlon64 X2 Dual Core 2.8Ghz RAM: 2GB GeIL DDR2 Gfx Card: BFG Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTS HD: Western Digital RaptorX 150Gb (16 Mb Cache) OS: Windows XP Professional SP2
  11. PrivateSniper

    The Big Ass Firefox 3 Thread

    Very nice informative thread, well done
  12. PrivateSniper

    *SPOILERS* The Almighty Q&A Topic!

    I could have swore I saw it in SA, i'll check when i'm on my home pc, but anyway how do you do it in VC either then? it'll probably be the same if it is in SA.
  13. PrivateSniper

    *SPOILERS* The Almighty Q&A Topic!

    LocoSweet: This is completely the wrong topic to ask. Anyway, I have a genuine question for the FAQ since I can't find anywhere that gives the information. How do you "knock off" a store. I would have thought it would be by maybe shooting the cashier or something like that but nothing seems to work. Obviously on the SA stats screen it says 0/15 so i'm guessing it's only certain stores? could someone post a list of what they are and how to do it? thanks in advance
  14. PrivateSniper

    Introduce Yourself..

    I've just recently joined the site so I guess I should introduce myself, i'm dave from the uk, and have loved the gta series since the original. am currently playing through SA