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  1. Off topic: *A man walks in to this thread chatroom carrying a syringe and a chart* Umm you guys know where i can find a ..... Prisoner ready for Lethal injection *reads chart* Oh yeah *Walks off in to a room* .... *Bloodcurling scream is heard* *Gunshot* Now since that bitch that killed that kid is dead let's party! On topic:I think she should recive a death sentence Which would you prefer for her Electric chair: No votes Gased: No votes Lethal Injection: No Votes Tortured: No Votes Hanged: No Votes Decapitation: No votes Firing Squad: No votes
  2. There better equipped and smarter and faster and Can outsmart anyone.. Can you gess what they are? N.O.O.S.E Good job!
  3. Wat? lolwut? report for no reason lolz
  4. That's your belief, he might think something different. If his beliefs regarding the afterlife reflect his beliefs on ghosts then that's what he'll believe. You can't change what he does and doesn't think about ghosts. Well i hear weird thing's in the night
  5. N.O.O.S.E Is a high risk SWAT Team created by the LC Goverment in 2002 With Crimes raising Boxville's are a must and so on... Contact Icey27262 for Application or employment Standered uniform is 3/4 3/4 1/4
  6. I wouldn't doubt the ghost since there is life "After" Death
  7. Then how will i get my weekly Porniz I mean GTA SA Mod?
  8. Do you believe in ghosts in real life? What is in the sky at 12:00 AM With numberous flashing lights? I been abducted before.... The truth is out there ...........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Well Pirate Bay is the biggest umm.. Torrent site in the web Like everyone goes there for warez. So if this site falls... Most of the torrents are cleared out from the web as of course weaking the torrent industry
  10. (Providing your laptop doesn't melt.) True.... Make a laptop that dont melt!
  11. I can't remember but I think that the DS links your stats to the Social Club so if you're cheating, WE THEY WILL KNOW. It's ok if you don't want to be flagged as a cheater. Time to pack up and haul it to mexico... Where internet costs 500.00 (no joke)
  12. Thats your day-to day Graphics whorebag
  13. This would be fun to shoot up the capitol building and blow up ronald reagens international airport and then catch a flight to san andreas
  14. Live you thread! Dam you live! Oh yup its alive.
  15. There was a girl in SA Who was a Cop and you got to date her and she give you a Police outfit
  16. I readed something up! OMG THEY JUST RUINED GTA SERIES!
  17. Washington, DC Call it Country Hills, ZI
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