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  1. He should be blaming on Driver 4! And get it out of Rockstars face. Man This Jack Thompson is Like The next adolf hitler
  2. I have recived it THE GRAPHICS ARE GODDLY I recived it when i was eatting hot chicken wing's from KFC! My father thats in america hasent recived it and hes madder then this smile face. How about you?
  3. Say that to your Mum mate.

  4. i Hope it doe's Halo 3 and such can go sit on a tree and wait for Gta iv graphics (Like it ever happen)
  5. It should get "Best game of the century"
  6. I Seen alot of fake videos like those such as the Gun Killer dudez
  7. Its time to get the shotgun's! Man i wish chicago was like our fox news they dont care about IV but about SA Yes. Our bus drivers dont care there's all kinds of ads on our bus's Raging from Violent games to Porn
  8. It comes out after my birthday its on april 28 Man I Feel special Im going preorder it or something I FEEL SO SPECIAL I wonder if i get a Special editon Bar27262 Special GTA Iv editon and I Be like And my little brother be like Discuss about this topic.
  9. Correct and im not good with it,
  10. Bar27262

    Tree Man

    Now im gonna never go next to tree.
  11. It's weird how London is these day's The Victim speaks out
  12. Cool that reminded me a guy was attacked by a nemesis like guy Its only For GTA SA (The best are in there)
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