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    What do you hate about IV..?

    I would have to agree. I think R* left out some things so they didn't completely cover everything in the first game for the new systems. All they have to do is make a new game and include all the old and new stuff and people will be happy all over again so why cram everything into a new game and not have anything left up your sleeve?
  2. Muze07

    Liberty City ... Again?

    How about in one of the boating missions you steal the boats that were loaded with cocain in Vice City the guy says, Maybe its a hint to where the next game will be...
  3. Muze07

    Liberty City ... Again?

    Yea I hate to repeat what everyone else said but I have unlocked all 3 islands in GTA IV and so far I can't say I have seen somtihng that even resembles the Liberty City in GTA 3. You people just need to enjoy the game for what it is and all the detail it has instead of picking one tihng and focusing on it. [OFF TOPIC ] I'm pretty sure the next thing I'm gonna see a rant about is how you can't fly an airplane and how this ruins the game? [/ OFF TOPIC]
  4. Full story here I think they should give him alarger cut it only seems fair to me.
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    Which one?

    I like your current sig over them 2
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    Protect you XBOX360

    I keep mine setting on the original box so it has some air flow and I always keep my box fan in my room facing it so it has no reason to overheat.
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    A couple of newbie questions.

    1) no clue 2) u arent hitting the jump correctly 3) it is a cops off star....
  8. Muze07

    Your age

    16.......17 in one month......
  9. Muze07

    School Schedule

    dude block periods must suck soo bad
  10. Muze07

    Word Association

  11. Muze07


    join or just look it's not as bad as you are thinking
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  13. Muze07

    Will you be getting it?

    atleast gba has a gta
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    you can get skins and store's......
  15. Muze07

    Free Money┬┐?┬┐?

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    for 1 its just a name and 2 you have to give it time to grow and what wrong with an if board?
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    Favorite all time GTA car

  18. Muze07

    San Andreas Given AO Rating!

    and that my friends is the reason i got it the day it came out because i knew the only way it could get better was if it got worse (ex the cussing and such)
  19. only if gta4 is in the same area........... and mgilb81canadians are normal ppl like us.....and if they ban u for that then Blame Canada....j/p
  20. Muze07

    Give me a sig damn you

    80k i will see what i can do
  21. Muze07

    may i get a free sig

    first of all if u want one u must tell ppl what u want it of and what you want on it
  22. Muze07

    Name Change Auction

    so then i guess it was sold for $1800 :'(
  23. Muze07

    That leet forum(gay name I know)

    The leet forums are one of the best forums around aside from nobody ever being on except me
  24. Muze07

    X-Cad for free

    somethins like that i joined anyways so i will figure out what it is
  25. Muze07

    Introduce Yourself..

    sounds fun genocide aside from raping them what if its a guy?