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IPB 2.1


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Well guys, some of your might like to be able to see into the future. Well now you can, because we have just installed IPB version 2.1 as a test board. You can see what The GTA Place is going to have as its backbone in a few weeks time.

This kit is quite frankly amazing. Apart from the completely redesigned admin panel that you won't get to see, theres a great hunk of new features, and redesigned features. Why bother reading this list when you can visit them yourself:

The GTA Place BETA Forums

Be careful of cookie problems, as both sites are on the same domain.

Massive new features:

WYSIWYG post editor :D

New new-poll interface

Forum display options menu button

Improved ease of moderation

and tons more. give us your verdict :w00t:

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The last thing nick did to me was ban me until 1896 then the day after that I got banned by pyro , I still find that funny.. but nick is still on this site..he told me last month he was on this site under another name.

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