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  1. VladC

    Introduce Yourself..

    Sorry I didn`t post this earlier. I joined a month ago but I was inactive. Hello everybody! My name: VladC means my name and initial of my surname.
  2. Minigun, heat seeking RPG, colt python and a sniper rifle with huge range.
  3. VladC

    Favourite missions

    I think "Keep your friends close". I get to kill two main characters.
  4. VladC

    `Hood vs. Mafia theme

    20 views, no replies, come on! This is for everyone!!!
  5. I want everyone to post or vote here. I voted mafia. It`s crystal clear who would win. But I just want other to say what they like most!
  6. VladC

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    Open ended chapters or even story. New missions depending on your actions. e.g. Three missions of choice: one brings you a mansion, one gives you a big buisness and the other one makes you a gang`s leader.
  7. VladC


    I don`t want: - ghetto main theme - easy missions - stupid unrealism (GTA SA, come on, no criminal can have a minigun that easy!) - main characters as losers
  8. VladC


    The`re both heartless, which makes them great criminals. The`re both smart and cold. I don`t like the fact that Claude doesn`t speak, but come on, he can`t be goddamn mute! Equal chances, because they had equal achievements.
  9. VladC

    Nice lil` pics

    I was feeling like taking some pics. "Ahoy yer sailers!" "Hm... Nothing in the last 50 years!" "For free these days... but with a different deal"
  10. VladC

    Tommy V or CJ

    Tommy has more power and that`s why I prefer him. Oh, TonyB, you`re not the only one who uses a real name (welcome to the club ).
  11. VladC

    Things you do for fun

    Trying to raise my criminal rating, with many chases, minigun, lots of ammo, no cheats. It gives you much satisfaction. I don`t care about 100% completion. I always load a savegame after wasted/busted. NO wasted/busted. Also trying to not fail. Its challenging, fun and never gets old.
  12. VladC

    Favorite all time GTA car

    FBI car, Cheetah or banshee. The Rhino is very "useful".
  13. VladC

    GTA 4 Scenario Suggestions

    Let`s return to the subject, shall we? I have an idea: A group of Europeans go to America in search of new jobs. But they all get killed...aparently. One of them survives and decides to take revenge. He leaves the path of law and joins a new criminal organization. Soon enough, he becomes its leader. He needs to maintain his popularity and power and rule Chicago. But other cities also provide opportunities for him will he succed in a secret way, or become know everywhere? The player can change his name and appereance. He can do things both legal and ilegal. More uses for money, things to buy, he can`t be too rich without crazy skill.
  14. I want the whole ghetto in gta4. You know why? Because I want the final mission in Grove; the main character to bust in with a minigun and ERADICATE all gangsta retards!!!
  15. VladC

    Create your Character

    Name: Luzzi Hair: Long, brown Face: White, latin aspect Eyes: Brown Gang: Mafia Occupation: Guns and ammunition City: New York (or Liberty City) Period: 30s