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  1. Chris

    Modding Sites List

    but he is right it would be better if you put all the links but its a good idea to make a list like this
  2. Chris

    Cams Site Help Store!

    Cam do you mind if i set up a shop similar to this, only im offering tons more stuff to install
  3. Chris

    Questions about the shop.

    no it cant, it can only be run by yourself
  4. Chris

    Questions about the shop.

    the usershops are 10k i can set the restock periods and currently i set each item to 2 days after it goes out of stock, i might change this to a week as we have user shops dont complain its too much money, play some games, or send me a quiz which i can add
  5. Chris

    Questions about the shop.

    its a great idea but i dont think its possible to do such a thing the way it works is you buy a user shop you buy items from the board shop and choose whether to add them to your shop or not
  6. Chris

    Questions about the shop.

    yeah i know its just for fun really, maybe if i make the restocking periods longer so people will need to go to users shops to get stuff
  7. Chris

    The Shop

    as a matter of fact I am adding items right now, refresh the shop every now and again to see whats been added oh yeah and please people, dont buy all of one item, i've put item limiters on the items to stop you doing this becuase loads of people were complaining last time of how all the rich people would buy all of one item so they had none left the items will also restock 2 days after they have gone out of stock
  8. Chris

    Word Association

    smash warning: please stick to the rules people
  9. Chris

    Games Arcade!

    i think he means when he clicks Arcade he cant see any games If your using Opera web browser you cant see the games for some reason, use IE, Netscape or Firefox instead
  10. Thanks ravens i have put them on the site now
  11. awesome can i put them on the site? if yes i'll do it tomorrow, its 1:30 am now
  12. Chris

    Word Association

  13. Chris

    what games will u be getting?

    well right now i am buying call of duty off ebay this year i will be getting: GTASA 007 Everything or Nothing i dunno what others are coming out, lemme check some release dates
  14. Chris

    Games Arcade!

    yeah well heres how it works people find games and get the .fla file Outlaw modifies it so we can hit submit and our scores be saved he releases them for us to add to the arcade which takes about a minute so if you find any flash games and your able to get the .fla file tell me and i'll tell outlaw to modify it if you cant get the .fla file then your probably not meant to as they didnt want it to get modified by people
  15. Chris

    Phils Final Stunt Vid

    lol, im gonna download it later as i cant be arsed right now and also btw i might make another stunt vid, i already have a load of stunts to use
  16. Chris

    Games Arcade!

    no i didnt, the first time i was talking about th games with the upgrade, the 2nd time i meant a further 4 games are added and i just added 2 more but IMO they arent that good
  17. Chris

    ladies & gentlemen, we have a ripper!

    um Tony there isnt anything to be mad about just a general question but sites like gta-sanandreas.com, where do they get pics of SF for use in images from, does that mean they ripped pictures too becuase theyve used someone elses image the pics of the gta characters and the pcj in the logo, does that mean Tom ripped the from rockstar ??? im not sideing with anyone here im just wondering why people dont mention it about other images
  18. Chris

    Games Arcade!

    4 more games added to the arcade!
  19. Chris

    Games Arcade!

    w00t Outlaw just updated the Arcade to v1.5 which i have just put on and there are 4 new games and a whole load of admin features for me CC17: I havent got a clue sorry
  20. Chris

    Games Arcade!

    This is great a mod that everyone likes and hardly any gta forums have now im just waiting for the clan hack to be finished so we can have that too
  21. Chris


    maybe you could suggest it to one of the more professional graphic artists on this forum who could do a better job than me
  22. Chris

    Country Flags mod

    I added a country flags mod which shows the flag in your posts under your avatar and stuff to change it goto My Controls --> Edit Profile the more 'popular' countries have animated flags if your country doesnt have an animated flag sorry i dont know where to get them, if you know where i can get it then give it to me and i'll use that one You dont have to put your country if you dont want to For UK'ers: It does have United Kingdom but it also has England, Scotland and Wales, it doesnt matter what you put
  23. Chris

    Will You Pre-Order GTA:SA?

    yeah but oh well if you preorder you get it delivered to your door on the morning of release
  24. Chris

    Will You Pre-Order GTA:SA?

    I definitely am but im gonna wait a little while until the special offers start, when i pre-ordered Vice City i got it £10 cheaper than the in-store RRP
  25. Chris

    Stunt Video Tutorial

    yeah i will do that when im not busy nick: i said in the guide, press F1 to view the replay then press F9 to record it