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  1. You guys are idiots sometimes. That's fog. Are you completely oblivious to the fact Los Angeles is polluted as fuck and there is smog everywhere in real life?

    That screenshot is actually an example of the incredible draw distance, not how shit it is.

  2. I dunno about everyone else but I'm loving the amount of action and just general fun that the latest screens and this trailer are showing off. I think that's what pretty everyone wants back in a GTA game. GTA IV didn't really deliver on that, TBOGT gave us something nice, but GTAV is looking great for it.

  3. Day 2 of IGN's GTA V blowout brings us a more detailed look at the three main characters, a great interview with Rockstar North studio head and Producer of GTA, Leslie Benzies. And as promised, they also have two exclusive new screenshots to show off, here they are:

    rsg_gtav_screenshot_055.jpg rsg_gtav_screenshot_057.jpg

    See more in our

    GTAV Screenshots gallery.

    Next up, IGN's interview with Les Benzies. The interview is a good read and includes a few details on certain things in GTA V. We've picked out a few interesting quotes below, but we certainly recommend reading the whole thing.

    "We do have a bunch of missions in GTA V that are far more freeform than anything we have done before," he continues. "We tell you to go get something and the player decides how to do it - what characters they need on the job and what tools they need for those characters."
    you can expect to see dogs guarding areas and causing the player trouble when they try to sneak past them.
    If the player wants to get their hands on one of the more 'high end' vehicles early in the game they'll have to work for it. For instance, airport security won't let you just wander in and steal a jet, they'll give you some serious opposition.

    And finally, looks like we might be hearing about multiplayer some time soon:

    Refining open world multiplayer into something really special has been a huge focus of development and we are very excited to share more information with people soon.


    on the multiplayer side we hope that GTA V will do for multiplayer open world games what GTA 3 did for open world single-player games.

    Lastly, we have IGN's Meet the Cast article which sheds a bit more light on the three main characters. We'll be updating our own characters page shortly to reflect the new details.

  4. Holy fucking shit, I'm excited. 25 hours seems short

    That was actually a translation error from one of the European articles, I've removed it from the post now. The actual line in that article was making a comparison to Red Dead Redemption's (roughly) 25 hour playthrough time, and wasn't saying GTAV's playthrough time would specifically be that long.

    To be honest, I don't know why people even bother to put a completion time on games like GTA. Pretty much every player will play it differently. The average player won't just do all the missions then say they're done. They'll do a bit of everything and their total playtime is gonna be well over the 25 hour mark.

  5. As mentioned the other day, today marks the beginning of online previews being published by various gaming websites around the world. We're also lucky to have some new, and some unwatermarked screenshots from the GI preview to add to our gallery. Most of the previews posted so far are from European websites, but we've learned of a few new details so far. Also note that IGN will be starting their blowout week later today so we may get even more info later on.

    UPDATE: IGN's Preview is now up.

    The Previews

    Foreign Language:

    New Info

    • Whole underwater world, including caves, diving equipment
    • Side-missions like taxi, ambulance, vigilante missions will be back but may not be exactly like in previous games, but they will have "odd jobs to do"
    • Trevor is the skilled helicopter pilot, Franklin the skilled driver, while Michael is a "smooth operator"
    • Missions vary between "big and small events, explosive, infiltration, super spectacular, family, invasion, hostage recovery, heists and robberies. Plus classic GTA missions that have been updated an improved."
    • The mechanics behind the covering system have been greatly improved and will be important to gameplay.
    • Regarding the game's economy, Dan Houser said "You will be able to spend money to buy interesting and fun things like expensive toys. We are still working on the economy but it will be a strong element in the game and players will be eager to make money to spend money. Something along the lines of 'I went through all of this to make all this money and now I'm going to spend it on this crazy item'".
    • No co-op on single player missions but there will be in multiplayer.
    • An increased focus on multiplayer with a lot more content.
    • There is a functioning ecosystem teeming with wildlife.
    • The song
      was heard playing on the in-game radio.
    • The name of the Salton Sea like area in the game is called Alamo Sea.
    • There is a radial menu to select the 3 protagonists.
    • In some missions, character switching is partially scripted - meaning it will happen automatically.
    • In the final part of a mission journalists saw in the demo, the player was able to decide which character to use.
    • There are multiple different endings to the storyline, these depend on choices you make throughout the game.
    • The majority of the map will be open from beginning, with the exception of a few protected areas.
    • A certain amount of money will be needed to gain access to some missions.

    New Screenshots

    Some of these screenshots have been seen before, but we now have unwatermarked versions!

    gta_v_7.jpg gta_v_5.jpg gta_v_11.jpg gta_v_10.jpg gta_v_8.jpg gta_v_6.jpg gta_v_4.jpg gta_v_3.jpg gta_v_2.jpg rsg_gtav_screenshot_041.jpg rsg_gtav_screenshot_040.jpg rsg_gtav_screenshot_035.jpg rsg_gtav_screenshot_033.jpg rsg_gtav_screenshot_032.jpg rsg_gtav_screenshot_031.jpg rsg_gtav_screenshot_030.jpg rsg_gtav_screenshot_029.jpg rsg_gtav_screenshot_026.jpg rsg_gtav_screenshot_023.jpg rsg_gtav_screenshot_020.jpg rsg_gtav_screenshot_014.jpg rsg_gtav_screenshot_013.jpg

    See all these and more in our GTA V screenshot gallery.

    Extended Artworks

    We now have unwatermarked and extended versions of some of the recent artworks.

    trevor_atv_extended_red_th.jpg michael_trevor_franklin_extended_th.jpg michael_with_vinewood_sign_extended_th.j police_lady_extended_th.jpg franklin_chop_extended_th.jpg

    See all these and more in our GTA V artwork gallery.

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  6. gtav_michael_vinewood.jpg

    Rockstar VP of Creative Dan Houser sat down with The New York Times for a little Q&A session recently, the article doesn't talk so much about GTA V but nonetheless is a pretty interesting read regarding how Dan works and what he and Rockstar want from their games.

    The whole interview is definitely worth the read, but here's a couple of interesting bits. Asked what he wants people to get out of the games Rockstar makes:

    Obviously, we want them to be entertained. We want them to be stimulated, questioned, amused, all of the other higher and lower things one gets from entertainment.


    We have a vision for what we think interactive entertainment can become, and each time we get closer to realizing those ambitions.

    Asked about how certain TV shows have tried to capture the feel of a city, Dan revealed that he doesn't even watch TV, preferring to avoid it for "professional reasons".

    I haven’t seen “Treme.” I never even saw “The Wire.” One of my weird disciplines is that I don’t really watch a lot of those shows, if they relate to what we do. I only watched a tiny bit of “The Sopranos.” No “Boardwalk Empire.” No “Breaking Bad.” Wherever it’s too close to crime, gangster, underbelly fiction, and it’s supercontemporary, I decided, for professional reasons, I have to avoid it.

    And one final tidbit on what's left to do with Grand Theft Auto V now...

    We are editing, fixing, removing, replacing, adding, avidly. It’s the equivalent of, if you wrote a book, and you had two million spelling mistakes. And you had to do them by hand, in a language you didn’t understand.

    Head on over to NYTimes to read the full interview. Also remember that on Monday we should have a few more online previews of GTA V which might give us a little more info, while the GI exclusive was very thorough, they didn't necessarily cover every single detail they saw. Of course the big thing you're all currently waiting for is the release of the second trailer on the 14th November, there's a countdown to that on our homepage.

  7. IPB ImageFollowing on from the cover reveal earlier, the digital version of this month's Game Informer magazine is out now. Below is our summary of the massive amount of information covered in the magazine.


    • The game will feature three protagonists which you can switch between at any time. Michael, Trevor, and Franklin
    • Michael (heard voicing trailer 1) is a retired bank robber living a lavish lifestyle thanks to a deal with the FIB
    • Michael has a wife, Amanda, and a teenage daughter, Tracy, and teenage son Jimmy
    • Trevor is a friend of Michael's. He lives in a trailer in a desert region of the map. He is a war veteran and has flight experience.
    • Each of the three characters has their own personality, motivations and skillset
    • Each character has their own story arc
    • When not in control of a character, they will be going about their daily business - you are free to switch between them at nearly any time you want.
    • You can flip off people, with different types of people in different areas reacting differently
    • "Within the story, you're going to know information about a character before they know it because you're going to know what the other people know when you play as them"
    • No RPG style elements to character customisation, however, you can buy different clothes for each character
    • Some familiar faces from GTA IV and EFLC will make a return, though not major ones like Niko.


    • Gameplay mechanics have evolved greatly since GTA IV
    • Driving is less boat-like as in GTA IV, has more of a racing game feel to it
    • More vehicles than any GTA game has ever had before - including BMX bikes, road bikes, dirt bikes, huge variety of cars and trucks, helicopters, planes, ATVs and jet skis
    • Shooting and melee combat has evolved, though no specifics are given about this
    • Trevor was shown to pick up a can of gasoline and douse vehicles etc. and set fire to it using a lighter
    • Rappelling down buildings seems to be possible (at least in one mission shown)


    • Los Santos is bigger than Red Dead Redemption, San Andreas and GTA IV combined
    • Includes: beachfronts, wine country, large wilderness area, fully explorable Mt. Chiliad, Salton Sea region, military base, sprawling suburban hills, and bustling urban centre.
    • The ocean is fully explorable, including being able to dive.


    • There are several multi-tiered complex missions like "Three Leaf Clover" in GTA IV
    • Missions sometimes feature all three characters, and have a different tone depending on who you are playing as - you will sometimes be able to switch characters during a mission if you choose
    • Random encounters make a return from GTA IV but appear in a much bigger way
    • You will come across dynamic missions in the game. For example you may see a broken down car or a hitchiker. You can choose to stop and interact, or just completely ignore them
    • A musical score will increase tension during missions


    • Ammu-Nation makes a return
    • Strip clubs, stand up comedy, internet cafes, and television shows all make a return
    • Many additional sophisticated minigames will be featured, similar to poker in Red Dead Redemption
    • Michael, Trevor and Franklin could have some hobbies only available to them - although most minigames will be available to all three characters.
    • Activities include yoga, triathlons, jet skiing, base jumping, tennis and golf
    • Dating will not make a return but you'll have some normal friends to interact with
    • Some familiar faces from GTA IV and EFLC will make a return, though not major ones like Niko.
    • Same universe as GTA IV
    • There will be "loads of stuff" to spend your money on in the in-game economy, though no property
    • The mobile phone concept makes a return, but friends won't annoy you by calling all the time! You'll be able to access the Internet with it.
    • Census information and vehicle sales data were used as a guide to depict the game world.


    GI Scan 01 GI Scan 02 GI Scan 03 GI Scan 04 GI Scan 05 GI Scan 06 GI Scan 07 GI Scan 08 GI Scan 09 GI Scan 10 GI Scan 11 GI Scan 12 GI Scan 13 GI Scan 14 GI Scan 15 GI Scan 16 GI Scan 17 GI Scan 18 GI Scan 19 GI Scan 20 GI Scan 21 GI Scan 22 GI Scan 23 GI Scan 24 GI Scan 25 GI Scan 26 GI Scan 27

    We know it's a lot to take in! But you can share your thoughts in the forums.

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  8. Here it is, Game Informer's cover revealed for the world exclusive GTA V preview which will be out in just a few more hours. The cover shows THREE main characters, all of which have been seen in various artwork and screenshots so far.


    The long wait is over at last. With the December issue, Grand Theft Auto V fans can pore over every detail we could get about Rockstar Games' highly anticipated sequel. Over the course of 18 pages (our biggest cover story yet!), we introduce the three main protagonists, discuss the groundbreaking way you use them, and explore the reimagined Los Santos – the biggest open world Rockstar has created to date. The massive feature also divulges and dissects many more aspects of the game fans won't want to miss.

    In a few hours from posting this we'll have a full summary continually updated as we find more information from the issue. Keep checking back as we don't have an exact time for the release, but we do know it will contain a massive 18 pages worth of information!

    UPDATE: Game Informer have added a GTA V Hub ready for future articles on the game, currently this only features this cover reveal. Of interest is the hub's background image which features one of the protagonists.

    Tell us what you initial thoughts are about having three protagonists in our forums.

  9. Look out for more online previews appearing next week. Some gaming websites are starting to inform their readers, in particular, two tweets from a pair of Dutch websites say they'll have previews up on Monday, 12th November.

    Both publications say they were able to see the game in New York and speak to developers. We'll have summaries from all previews we find, in English, right here on The GTA Place. Stay tuned.

  10. A GTAForums user has discovered a new GTA V screenshot on UK magazine Short List's website, where it is being used to promote a competition to win one of the photo viewers that have recently been given out by various US retailers. This is the first we've heard of the photo viewers being available outside the US so keep an eye out for more news regarding them.


    The image features a character (possibly the man in the quad bike artwork) riding a jet ski.

  11. As we reported on last month, today marks the release of Rockstar Games Collection Edition 1 in North America for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The collection retails for $59.99, and features four critically acclaimed, best-selling Rockstar titles, including Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City, L.A. Noire and Midnight Club: Los Angeles Complete Edition.


    There is currently no word on whether or not this collection will be released in any other regions around the world, or indeed on any further collections - at least the "edition 1" part of the title implies there will be more to come in the future.

    Rockstar have today provided links to a number of North American retailers for users to order the collection from:

    GameStop: Xbox 360 | PlayStation 3

    Amazon.com: Xbox 360 | PlayStation 3

    Walmart: Xbox 360 | PlayStation 3

    EB Games: Xbox 360 | PlayStation 3

  12. Rockstar have just announced that Grand Theft Auto V is now officially available for pre-order from various websites and stores. Additionally, Rockstar have made available an extended version of the "beach weather" artwork that was revealed a few days ago. Check that out in full below.


    Rockstar have provided a list of links to British and North American retailers, noting that more international retailers will be added when they become available.


    Rockstar Warehouse: Xbox 360 | PlayStation 3 (pre-orders will be available later this afternoon)

    GameStop: Xbox 360 | PlayStation 3

    Amazon.com: Xbox 360 | PlayStation 3

    Best Buy: Xbox 360 | PlayStation 3

    Walmart: Xbox 360 | PlayStation 3


    GAME: Xbox 360 | PlayStation 3

    Play: Xbox 360 | PlayStation 3

    Zavvi: Xbox 360 | PlayStation 3

    HMV: Xbox 360 | PlayStation 3

    Finally, Rockstar have promised an update on progress of the second trailer soon. Keep an eye on The GTA Place for all the latest updates on that, you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ if you aren't already.

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