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  1. Dom's a furry. He once admitted to me that he dressed up in a giant bunny costume. True story.

  2. Happy birthday Alec, have a good one.

    Lol, 'Ex Bawks' stumped you? But you're American, that's how you pronounce it :P

  3. Rappo always got eaten by the dinosaur in SkiFree. True story.

  4. I just noticed you improved your photo. Very excellent. I like.

  5. No not really. Not until programs are written to take advantage of it. Such as Photoshop CS4.

    Oh and you should definitely do all those things.

  6. true dat. Oh, completely unrelated note, I'm on 64 bit vista now. So my 4gb ram is useful :)

    Can't wait to come back and see what fun you've been having on the forums :P

  7. Yeah it probably is. I also think it would be a great place for some photography, from what I've heard anyway. So that's another reason why I should go.

  8. Sorry I couldn't resist my last comment :P

    I actually like your country, I'd like to visit one day. :)

  9. must be because New Zealanders are too 'busy' with their sheep :P

  10. Good too thanks. Been watching the olympics. Britain's doing awesome now. Our tiny country is now 3rd in the medals table :D

  11. Nice suit. Crappy hair though. And your eyes are too close together. U ugleh. :P

  12. you're having an affair.

  13. Not good enough woman. Get back to the kitchen and make me a sammich!

    I kid I kid. ;)

    How are you? :)

  14. So GMT+12 for NZ right? That's easy so basically it's just the same time as the UK except morning here is night there and vice versa. So it's 10am. You already been to mcd's or no? It's just I'm hungry now you're talking about food. Send me over a mcd's plz? After all, you ARE a woman, tis your job etc.

    lol j/k ;)

  15. You look exactly like your profile pic too. So that's kinda gay lol. :P

  16. don't go to mcdonalds you'll turn into an American lol.

  17. Heh thanks. Hey you might think it inappropriate to say that but I wouldn't haha :P

    lol, how are you anyway?

  18. lol yeah it's like I've suddenly become hot by putting up a anime/manga style pic of myself - not that I like that sort of stuff, I just thought it was cool how I could get to look like myself :P

    Yes the sex requests are getting a bit much and they're all guys :(

  19. Chris

    I don't. But it looks alright :P

  20. Sure. Get in line behind Evo and rem ;)

  21. LOL no. There are only 3 types of ears to choose and the other 2 would make me look like some anime fag. But yeah I just thought it was cool how recognisable it could go. So I'm using it as my pic.

  22. you're shit at jokes. Obviously I was too.

  23. Yes that's true. But I have 4x 1GB sticks anyway. Maximum memory of a 32bit OS is 3.12GB... so you know I may as well keep the 4th stick in there for an extra hundred or so megs of RAM. Doesn't do any harm. I should have installed 64bit in the first place but that was the version people always seemed to complain about so I got put off.

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