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  1. Lol yeah. We haven't ever had viruses uploaded. People often upload other peoples mods and say "i take no credit for this" etc. but still, no way to prove they actually have the author's permission so you have to deny it.

    You the only one moderating it or are other GTAG staff involved?

  2. Not spam, no. We made it members only like you have, but you get people uploading other people's mods. And also you get people uploading really crap mods. Like they draw over the default VC skin in MS paint and think it's amazing. It's fine but it depends if you wanna just have good quality mods, or everything. We tried keeping only good quality stuff but gave in...

  3. Lame, now I have to improve our download database...again :P

  4. Chris

    Don't go there. Come to England, silly. It's way better, we're not as fat and we have better accents and speak English. =]

  5. You ugly fucker. The TGTAP staff now have a really bad image.

    Just put some random pic of a handsome man there and pretend it's you etc.

    I'm kidding mate I love you really. :)

  6. When do you finish for Christmas?

  7. Fine thanks, you?

  8. lol. Whats with all these dares to leave insulting comments on staff profiles? :P

    I lol'd anyway.

  9. Approve all your comments you nigra

  10. Mate, I like your moobs

  11. Nice one mate. Enjoy your next GTA site as much as you did TGTAP and GTAGaming.

  12. Chris

    I'm good too thanks. :)

    Been busy last week and this week too with university work, but come Friday that'll all be done for this semester, then I'm free for xmas =]

  13. Chris

    Oh I forgot to ask how are you etc.? :P

    Long time no speak.

  14. Chris

    Don't wanna be late in on anything so I just thought I'd point out that I like boobies too.


  15. Not many people could get away with saying that you know.

    Lucky for you I know you're joking :P

  16. heh, sorry I forgot to reply when I read it... replied now though ;)

  17. It doesn't show what you rated the member, just what their average rating is.

  18. Ah ha! So you ARE a spy for gtagaming! I knew it, those Soviet bastards!

  19. From 1:45 to 1:48. Awesome. You are pro actor.

  20. nothing much. I see you have a silly photo. :)

  21. cool, are you actually in the vid? If so at what time can I see you in it?

  22. Dominican Republic

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