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  1. well it might be cuz the ds graphics are pretty good
  2. no because my friend uses cheats all the time and he still got a shitload of achievments so i dont think you will have a problem with that.
  3. Its a tie between niko and cj because niko fought in the war and cj has that no holds bar kinda shit so yea
  4. I dislked the game period it was really pointless a waist of my time and just stupid.
  5. San Andreas has the good ol skool stuff like N.W.A. easy-e snoop dogg dr. dre tupac and they also got kiss yea they have the good stuff.
  6. Young Era

    madden 09

    did yall hear about madden 09 its so sweet i mean the graphics are amazing go to gamespot.com to get the scoop
  7. Young Era

    Rock Band

    Do you play rock band if you do talk about what songs you like what instrument do you play I like Welcome Home by Coheed and Cambria and I play the drums and a lil guitar.
  8. i like the entertainment and i like predicting things and as awalyz they come true
  9. Man did any one catch the great american bash its sucks that batista didnt win
  10. I didnt get to watch it but i watched a lil bit on the internet and it was sweet
  11. i think hancock iz one of the best movies out
  12. What do you think about the new quick project the new gta china wars tell me
  13. i hope the next gta setting takes place in san andreas
  14. I would have to say san andreas i use to use cheats but now i dont and its freaking hard.
  15. Well he is nopt answering so can someone carry on the triva
  16. I would like it to have good graphics, and can exort stores.
  17. well thank you that worked
  18. thank you that didnt work
  19. can someone help me put a sig on i dont know how
  20. I havent beat the game yet but like i said before i kill if i can
  21. thats exactly how i feel about GTA SA cause all the others dont have to gang violence and many things to choose from unlike GTA 4
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