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Status Updates posted by Samil

  1. Playing The Godfather II.This'll keep me in front of the PC for a while.

  2. I'd give an arm only to see this place active again.

  3. Me... Wants... Active... Members! T.T

  4. I miss the old, active members.

    1. Miles Pedro Prower

      Miles Pedro Prower

      I miss all the active members...

    2. Samil


      Why are there so many strangers here, and no old member? T.T

      Pedro, you ain't a stranger btw.

  5. I miss the time this forum had active members. T.T

    1. Ivan


      Yeah, I know.

  6. Lol Pedro, cheers for the Ace of Spades on Mafia Wars. :P

  7. Can you guys lend me some ideas for Ace of Spades? We're kinda running out of ideas. <.<

  8. I sooo hate High School, thank god weekend is close.

  9. I need tips for High-School survival! :L

  10. Well your avatar is still retarded haha, that's what matters. ;]

  11. Hmm... changed your name?

  12. We got Metin2 players here? o.O

  13. Had a great dream: I was playing GTA IV, until... I realized it's San Andreas modded.Pissed. -.-'

    1. MK47


      LMAO, you actually dreamnt about that? xD

    2. Samil
  14. Here comes the next contestant...

  15. Peeps, add me on Facebook! :] Write your names! ^^

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    2. Samil


      Do you have any idea how many Pedro Prowers I found? xD

      Got any pic?

    3. Samil


      Nvm. lol appears the others were actually Pedro POWER.Loooooool! =))

    4. Miles Pedro Prower
  16. Happy B-Day me Artiste! :D

  17. I see the light...

    1. ravemister95


      how do you get the downloads off here onto xbox 360 m8 any ideas wb ASAP

      if ya can

  18. Steam, as an answer on your question on the 17th of April this year, I am playing it now. :P

  19. @NickS Yeah, but I gotta divide the 'Happy Birthday' in two now, lol.

    Happy Birthday, Z! :)

  20. Happy Birthday, man! :D

  21. Lol at your age.

  22. Just registered on Facebook! :P

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    2. Miles Pedro Prower
    3. Nate10


      Facebook is legit. Welcome to the social networking's elite ;)

    4. Samil


      Yeah I got a feeling it'll be just great. :

  23. Just took a break from Ace of Spades

  24. just came back from the Gloryhole Theme Park! [lol] :P

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    2. Samil


      You were alone? Didn't you find a stranger for yourself?

    3. Miles Pedro Prower

      Miles Pedro Prower

      Lol, I thought it was a

      car club... people says

      they have a "Mercedes"

      there o.O'.

    4. maxdamage


      Well I did find Maurice from Gardening with Maurice and his rare morphophallus titanium but he was busy with his redwood in his khakis.... ;)

  25. CW on PC... hard, lemme think... NO$GBA.Lmao dude, you're like way back with this! :P

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