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  1. Pedro, in case you're reading this... change the fuckin' question in the SA Trivia, it's too hard [at least give another hint] :P

    1. Miles Pedro Prower

      Miles Pedro Prower

      Ok, then. I'll add another hint.

  2. Fuck, didn't get GTA IV! :(

  3. just bought myself a new PC, and tomorrow I'll get my hands on GTA IV

  4. Time flew away in the past three days... but flew like a drunken ass-fucked crow...

  5. Happy Birthday, Pedro! :D:D

  6. Meow? Lol ^^

  7. The reason you lost... is because you faced, the Ace, of Spades! ^^ Love this phrase!

  8. We're acting like we're animals!! >:D

    1. Alvas.


      maybe you're right or..

    2. Samil


      Or maybe we're just ourselves. :]

    3. Alvas.
  9. Samil

    Thanks mate! :D

    Dun worry if it's late.

    Thanks again!

  10. Hey man, thanks a lot! :D

  11. Ooooh nice update

  12. Episode 3 is out, please guys, tell me some suggestions

  13. Lwal deowd theht wuzhe sume creyzee shhiet thyat gheuy whrte . Thiht ghuy user iz gudj aet wrihtinc i n japphanessee inglishi shtrit longhage. Lol man what you told that anus guy was pretty funny.But, I understood what you said, but still funny. :P

  14. Lol that guy in your avatar scares me. :P

  15. 8 years old, no wonder you create so many bullshit topics.You're too young to play GTA, you better just grow up.

  16. So I'm first to say Happy B-Day? :D

  17. Happy Birthday mate!

  18. Hahaha no lol.Never heard of Motörhead? Ace of Spades is a song. :P

  19. Hey welcome on the forum! Amazing how no sexually interested member commented here lol.NOTE: I ain't one, but seeing a girl playing GTA, it's pretty rare.Once again, welcome on the forum.

    NOTE2: Seen enough sex addicted guys around :P Watch your back. :P

  20. Nah I ain't a traitor... just 'cuz I changed the cars in the game... with the IV, and CJ with... Niko, doesn't make me a traitor! I also got some IV sounds and guns! :P:P Ok Imma traitor!

  21. Bun venit in TGTAP. :)

  22. Why are you asking me of the NOOSE guy?

  23. Yep I do, why asking?

  24. They stole his mod? Maybe they are working on the same kind of mod like Ryan's team, who knows.Yet, if it's stolen...

    But I doubt someone could have get his or her hands on this total conversion.

    By the way Ryan, loved your NOOSE skin!

  25. Ryan look on the bright side, it's -7 now lol. xD

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