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  1. Guiane, please, stop suffocating Ryan with all your requests!

  2. Happy B-Day mate! :D

    Hope ya weren't a victim of any prank, just until tomorrow.

  3. Amazing how a person that works hard along with many other, to do a total conversion for IV, has a Rep. of -8.Dunno much about your project, and if it's or it's not finished, but sure it'll be a mod to own the whole web.

  4. Lol I used AEZAKMI, so nothing for me to worry about. :D

  5. Lol I got my first DYOM Mission in works, good so far.By the way if you got your imagination back, make sure it's easier.What was in your mind to place all those bad guys in a spot shooting at ya?

  6. Man your SFPD Attack DYOM mission is a pain in the ass! :P

  7. Lol okay then.

  8. Easy with the kid guys, he's new around.

  9. I somehow think you're the one who created Runescape Gods Exposed, but I just doubt it.

  10. Hey mate how you doing? :D

    Being a while since I last seen you active lol, that's because I'm working on my latest, biggest, ownage, pwnage, super-duper uber zooper story. :D

    And of course I didn't forget that story you told me[about CJ's garden, the crap and the OMGLOLWTF!]


  11. Welcome on TGTAP!

  12. Aw man so you got school tomorrow too?!

  13. Thanks for informing me, mate! Lol, I dunno how I didn't notice in an year! xD

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