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    IBStore 3.1 Beta UPGRADED

    but i didn't use a credit card. all i did was use the steal item. i know, im a bad person
  2. mine is the cheetah. whats yours?
  3. ITBTD

    IBStore 3.1 Beta UPGRADED

    this may have been anouced but when i try to take a quiz it says i have already taken a quiz but i haven't. and i just noticed the sign that said dont buy and now my mony in down the hole. OOPS!!! is it possable for me to get it back in anyway other than posting?
  4. ITBTD

    will you get it?

    HELL YEAH! im getting this game for sure. how about you?
  5. yeah. it will be better i think. what do you think.
  6. ITBTD


    could anyone tell me how to convert models and textures from the ps2 img into a pc format. i could give someone the files if they would like to do it for me. thanks
  7. ITBTD

    Earlier or Later Than GTA VC

    i think it will be earlyer that vice because of the name stories.
  8. ITBTD

    Unwanted GTA IV Features

    i dont want just joging with big guns.
  9. ITBTD

    The go-kart

    there is one under the bridge where the micro uzi is right next to your home in LS
  10. ITBTD


    they will if the control setup2 from lcs is control setup1 in this game.
  11. ITBTD

    What one is the best?

    I really havn't played london yet.
  12. ITBTD

    Ever flown a heli in LCS?

    there is a way to keep a maverick. just watch this. its pretty cool.
  13. ITBTD

    LCS planes question

    what do you mean?
  14. ITBTD

    LCS planes question

    yep. they are indeed solid.
  15. this is the topic where you post your lcs stunts. My usb isn't working but I would like to see your stunts
  16. ITBTD

    How do you fly the dodo?

    the only way you can get it is by the cheat device.
  17. i think maybe there could be something where if you said something stupid, then maybe you could delete your own post. just a suggestion.
  18. ITBTD

    GTA 2 in 3D mode?

    here's a 3-D Screenshot of gta2 but i dont think its in a mode of some sort.
  19. ITBTD

    Maverick AND Hearse?

    thats the only time its avalable. go to http://www.maxbot.com/gta to get your self the cheatdevice and spawn yourself the HEARSE and some sort of helicopter.
  20. ITBTD

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    i have something, how about when you go into the pay 'n' spray, you will be able to choose your own color for your car.
  21. ITBTD

    Tommy Vercetti's default Player skin

    here you go Download and here is the texture guide Download
  22. its got to be lance or someone because "stories" means a story of a charactor that happened befor the original game with that charactor in.
  23. // by vettefan #cheat Super Punch setchar(pplayer + 0x0bb3, 0x01); // by vettefan #cheat Invisible Tony setchar(pplayer + 0x19A, 0xE2); #off setchar(pplayer + 0x19A, 0x02); // by vettefan #cheat Bloody Footprints setchar(pplayer + 0x198, 0x40); #off setchar(pplayer + 0x198, 0x00); // by vettefan #cheat Always Bleeding setchar(pplayer + 0x197, 0x0F); #off setchar(pplayer + 0x197, 0x00); // by chrislawrance #cheat Lock Camera setchar(pplayer + 0x560, 1); #off setchar(pplayer + 0x560, 0); // by Ne0n #cheat Car Invisible setchar(pcar + 0x0046, 19); #off setchar(pcar + 0x0046, 9); // by Ne0n #cheat Burned Out Car setchar(pcar + 0x0046, 0x38); #off setchar(pcar + 0x0046, 09); // by butterballer360 #cheat Floating Car setchar(pcar + 0x0142, 0x01) #off setchar(pcar + 0x0142, 0x02) // by pez2k aka Peril // Still get popping sound, but tyres are intact // If you enter a car with punctured tyres, they magically reinflate too // WARNING: FREEZES WHEN USED ON BIKES #cheat Undamageable Tyres setchar(pcar + 0x0356, 0x00) setchar(pcar + 0x0357, 0x00) setchar(pcar + 0x0358, 0x00) setchar(pcar + 0x0359, 0x00) // by pez2k aka Peril // All moving car body parts swing about // Toni will repeatedly try to close the driver's door // WARNING: FREEZES WHEN USED ON BIKES #cheat Flapping Car Parts setchar(pcar + 0x035a, 0x02) setchar(pcar + 0x035b, 0x02) setchar(pcar + 0x035c, 0x02) setchar(pcar + 0x035d, 0x02) setchar(pcar + 0x035e, 0x02) setchar(pcar + 0x035f, 0x02) // by Waterbottle // makes the world look crazy (with abit of transparent ground and stuff) #cheat Inside Out World setchar(0x08B33593, 00) #off setchar(0x08B33593, 81) // by Jacob26 #cheat Disable Side Missions setchar(0x09F6C4C0, 1); #off setchar(0x09F6C4C0, 0); // by Mo - thx to Edison Carter // funny Car Spin to maker great StuntS! #cheat CircleCar setchar(pcar + 0x08b, 0x0C0); // by begabamboo #cheat Moon Size 20 setchar(0x08b4c0b4, 20); // thanks to vettefan // UP SQUARE SQUARE DOWN LEFT SQUARE SQUARE RIGHT #cheat Weapon Set 1 Includes Smoke Grenades setshort(0x08a93ad0, 0x000e); setshort(0x08a93ad4, 200); // by vettefan #cheat Have Unlimited Smoke Grenades setchar(pplayer + 0x5D4, 0x01); setchar(pplayer + 0x5D9, 0xFF); setchar(pplayer + 0x5CC, 0x0E); // by Edison Carter #cheat Teleport: Top of Tall Building teleport(95, -1509, 216.98); // by Edison Carter #cheat You Car Is Black setchar(pcar + 0x01f0, 0, 0); // by Edison Carter #cheat No Warning For Saving With Cheats setchar(0x08b562f2, 0); // by Edison Carter #cheat Infinite Ammo setint(pplayer + 0x05f0, 100); // (int) handgun ammo loaded setint(pplayer + 0x05f4, 200); // (int) handgun ammo total setint(pplayer + 0x060c, 100); // (int) shotgun ammo loaded setint(pplayer + 0x0610, 200); // (int) shotgun ammo total setint(pplayer + 0x0628, 100); // (int) smg ammo loaded setint(pplayer + 0x062c, 200); // (int) smg ammo total setint(pplayer + 0x0644, 100); // (int) assault rifle ammo loaded setint(pplayer + 0x0648, 200); // (int) assault rifle ammo total setint(pplayer + 0x0660, 100); // (int) minigun ammo loaded setint(pplayer + 0x0664, 200); // (int) minigun ammo total setint(pplayer + 0x0664, 200); // (int) rocket launcher ammo total setint(pplayer + 0x067c, 100); // (int) sniper rifle ammo loaded setint(pplayer + 0x0680, 200); // (int) sniper rifle ammo total #cheat Auto Tune to Radio Off setchar(pcar + 0x02a0, 10); // by Ollie199090 #cheat Bikes have 2 back wheels and no front setchar(pcar + 0x50F, 0x40); #off setchar(pcar + 0x50F, 0x3f); // by Ollie199090 #cheat No front wheel on bikes setchar(pcar + 0x50F, 0x50); #off setchar(pcar + 0x50F, 0x3f); // by supacasey & ollie199090 // works best if used on a PCJ-600 #cheat Uni-cycle setchar(pcar + 0x50b, 0x00); setchar(pcar + 0x50f, 0x50); #off setchar(pcar + 0x50b, 0x3e); setchar(pcar + 0x50f, 0x3f); // by Ollie199090 #cheat Super Chopper setchar(pcar + 0x50F, 0x82); #off setchar(pcar + 0x50F, 0x3f); // by begabamboo, supacasey & Ollie199090 #cheat Hoverbike (old) setchar(pcar + 0x50a, 0xff); setchar(pcar + 0x50b, 0xff); setchar(pcar + 0x50f, 0xff); #off setchar(pcar + 0x50a, 0xa5); setchar(pcar + 0x50b, 0x3e); setchar(pcar + 0x50f, 0x3f); // by Sousanator #cheat Hoverbike (no tires) setfloat(0x08B562E0, 0); #off setfloat(0x08B562E0, 1); // by Sousanator and Ollie199090 #cheat Hoverbike (also removes front wheel cover) setfloat(0x08B562E0, 0); setchar(pcar + 0x50F, 0x50); #off setfloat(0x08B562E0, 1); setchar(pcar + 0x50F, 0x3f); // by Sousanator #cheat (4)Bigger tires setfloat(0x08B562E0, 8); #off setfloat(0x08B562E0, 1); // by Sousanator #cheat (3)BIG tires setfloat(0x08B562E0, 4); #off setfloat(0x08B562E0, 1); // by Sousanator #cheat (0)Tiny tires setfloat(0x08B562E0, 0.5); #off setfloat(0x08B562E0, 1); // by Waterbottle #cheat Bouncy Bounce setchar(pcar + 0x4fb, 80) // by Azekriel #cheat Bouncing Motorcycles setchar (pcar + 0x4F7, 0x42); #off setchar (pcar + 0x4F7, 0x3F); // by vettefan // bikes leave a constant skid mark, and the back left tire of cars do aswell. #cheat Constant Skid Marks On Motorcycle setchar(pcar + 0x5b0, 0x03) // by Jacob26 // useful in helicopters #cheat Center Camera Behind You setchar(0x08B8344A, 1); // by Jacob26 #cheat Camera Doesn't Lock in Cut Scenes setchar(0x08B83442, 0); // by Jeremie Blanc #cheat Spawn 2 Cops, be in a vehicle and flip on and off to activate #off setchar(pcar + 0x00000257, 100); // by Edison Carter // This makes it fun to drive a tank through traffic (literally "through" traffic) with rocket boost 4 without getting flipped over by the explosions. #cheat Car Stays Level Never Flips Over setfloat(pcar + 0x08, 0); setfloat(pcar + 0x18, 0);
  24. more stuff spinning thing on the helis look like the gta3 one Rolled up pants