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  1. I was just wondering what anime everyone likes... or even if they like anime. Mine has to be: - Neon Genesis Evangelion - Gungrave - Wolf's Rain - Ghost In a Shell - Cowboy Beep Bop - Full Metal Alchemist - Tri Gun - Drangon Ball Z I'm looking forward to watching Apple Seed
  2. KuT-ThroaT

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    they will never put kids in a GTA game ....and we have been over this so may times on this forum...
  3. KuT-ThroaT


    Oh well He's executed now.... no need for this topic now.
  4. KuT-ThroaT

    Your age

    bah im 21
  5. KuT-ThroaT

    Post your desktop

    My Desktop
  6. KuT-ThroaT

    Word Association

    Cut Throat
  7. KuT-ThroaT

    Whats Your Favourite Old Comedy?

    I love The Young Ones
  8. KuT-ThroaT

    What game consoles do you own

    - Playstation 2 - N64 -Snes - Mega Drive - Atari 2600 - Commodore 64 - Game boy
  9. KuT-ThroaT

    Favorite Comedians

    Yeah Ross and billy are awesome..... i also like Dave hughes, Dave Callan and Jimeoin
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    Favorite Movies

    These are is no particular order: - The big lebowski - Goodfellas - Orgasmo - The Clerks - Shaun of the Dead - The Salton Sea - Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - Chopper - Hana Bi - Scarface - The Castle - Cracker Jack - The Crow (1,2 and 3) - Clockwork Orange - Human Traffic - Amelie - The GodFather Trilogy - The lone Wolf and Cub Series - Take Away - Harvey Krumpet - Tom White A few of these movies are australian so some of you might not of heard of them...
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    Favourite Music Genre

    i like a lot of different sorts of music: Punk Metal Hardcore Ska Psycobilly Rockabilly Industrial Trance Grunge Drum n Bass Break Beats Jazz Blue............ basically anything that not country or rap
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    Introduce Yourself..

    well im a newbie so i thought i better say hi.... so "Hi"
  13. KuT-ThroaT

    what city/time period should gta4 be?

    i was thinking 1870's in Australia with a Ned Kelly type character as the main character and you get to steal horse carriage, be a beer baron and have bush ranger gangs, shot guns and muskets....cannons... only joking... that would be a shit game.....but i dont think it should be set in the future.... i would prefer it if the game was current to the year in which it comes out.... maybe somewhere on the border of mexico so you can cross it when you get in shit with the cops
  14. KuT-ThroaT

    New features that should be added

    GTA Crime online http://www.gtasanandreas.net/articles/single.php?id=17 Probably wont happen but its has some cool ideas it reminds me of a mix between GTA, The Sims and Matrix Online
  15. KuT-ThroaT

    Create your Character

    Name: SIN Head: Black Mohawk with peircings Skin Colour: Pale Upper Body: black leather jacket Lower Body: Rippped jeans Shoes: Steel cap boots Weapon: 14 inch blade or Revolver Eyes: Grey Nationality: Australian Location: London Gang: Urban Myth Assoc. Gangs: Mafia, Big Mitch Baker's Gang, Triad Gang car: Chopper or a 32 T model ford roadster Personality:Straight to the point, dry sense of humor
  16. KuT-ThroaT

    Whos your favourite character

    I totally agree. Tommy Vercetti is one funny bastard and i love the way he takes care of business.
  17. KuT-ThroaT

    What music do you want in the Next GTA

    yeah some iron madien would be awesome.... faith no more, dead kenndey, propagandhi, slayer, black flag. thats what im hoping for
  18. KuT-ThroaT

    Your GTA4 location ideas

    As much as I would like GTA:4 to be in london or at least somewhere else besides america... I just can't see it happening. And even if they did have it in another country the main character/s would be American.