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  1. MongBaker

    San Andreas Multi Rocket

    Great!!! Now can you you stick two on the Hunter
  2. MongBaker


    Can I join SAPP? The camera's one of my favourite features of the game, saves on the print screen shennanigans. Here's a couple of my "efforts", the second ones a humour thing. I got distracted and crashed the damn thing
  3. MongBaker

    Coke Vs. pepsi

    Yeah man, Vanilla Coke is great. The lemon one tastes like washing up liquid tho'
  4. MongBaker

    easter eggs

    I've seen him OK so I lied I think there's something on top of the rail bridge from SF to LV "no beans here" or sumthin. I've also been told that if you have lo-lite or IR goggles you can see sumthin' funny in the Lil' Probe Inn but it's never worked for me.
  5. MongBaker

    What cars would you like to see modded?

    How 'bout this: The Scammel Explorer. I think one featured in the film "Brazil". I realise many will probably think it's ugly as hell but I just love trucks and tanks (King Tiger).
  6. MongBaker

    City of Zombies Mod

    What about givin' it an "Army of Darkness" feel. You could run around as Bruce Campbell harvesting zombies with shovel, chainsaw etc. You could have a "gang" of all the normals you save and give them guns too. "Shop smart...shop S Mart <chu-chank...BOOM> heh heh heh" etc.
  7. MongBaker

    What are you currently playing?

    Here's mine; GTA : SA City of Heroes (I have a gun weilding Blaster called Tommy Vercetti!) X2 : The Threat (I know, I know: oooooold) Oh and JDeveloper
  8. MongBaker

    Favourite Song On Vice City

    "Life's what you make it" & the "Take these broken wings" thingy. They're so cheesy it makes me laugh plus I was growin' up in the 80's so there's a nostalgia kick as well. Anything on Emotion is a laugh really although VRock for the Brown Thunder mission works.
  9. MongBaker

    Introduce Yourself..

    MongBaker here, I'm new (just didn't realise there was a "hello" thread D'Oh!). Thanks (& merry xmas)
  10. How 'bout this: Tommy goes to Tokyo. Perfect. As we all know Japan is several islands and there'd be the scope for cool scenery (especially in electric city) and techno gadgets like the jetpak only crazier. Think of all those rain soaked streets with the neon lights! Cool! (And maybe ninjas & shaolin monks too)
  11. MongBaker

    favorite guns

    Minigun (although it can't bust tanks, least I don't think it can. Need the flamethrower for that) and satchel charges (plastered all over a motorbike/plane so you can bail off/out, detonating it as it plows into a load of cars and peds )
  12. MongBaker

    Car spawn distance.

    Hi all, Firstly; apologies for what is probably a newb question and possibly in the wrong place. Here goes: Whenever I'm standing on top of a scyscraper I get an uncontrollable urge to snipe at cars & stuff but of course they're not there. Can you increase the "spawn distance" of cars / peds and if so, where would be a good place for me to start looking / modding? Any help gratefully received. PLEASE!
  13. MongBaker

    Do you still play GTAIII?

    I play it now and again although the improvements made in VC & SA make it seem a little dry. Probably a good reason to have stuff on the site - spice it up a little. Mostly if it's in my machine it's 'cause I want to listen to the radio stations (yes I know, I'm very sad. )
  14. MongBaker

    *SPOILERS* The Almighty Q&A Topic!

    Can anyone tell me if the two-player missions are available in the PC ver of San An? Also if I have the SWAT tank mentioned above, is it possible to mod it so it fires bullets (like the rustler's cannons) instead of water? I know I can get modding help from all sorts of places, I just wanted to know if it was possible that's all. Thanks.
  15. MongBaker

    Word Filter

    Why the hell hasn't that nazi cretin been banned. I thought we were trying to scrape the scum off the top of the gene-pool.