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  1. Well there goes our lives... I still don't get how you get cancer from babies though anyways back to topic, I reckon non permanent (forgot the word for it) tattoos are better coz that means we can have new tattoos every 2 weeks or so and they're not so expensive. Just wondering, doesn't permanent tattoos wear out or somethin, like the colours fade away after some long time?
  2. Hey shit! it's out already! Finally no more waiting... *looks at 1.11GB download size" Whoever's got it can you let us know what it's like? Imma desperate for this shit! And new CJ looks like he came out of Tekken 5 for some reason especially when he was holdin the katana
  3. Come on guys wheres the enthusiasm?? Instead of waiting for GTA San Andreas Stories which might never come on RAGE but who knows, we can try this shit out to see how awesome its gonna be! Imagine more realistic hot coffee with Denise...
  4. Holy shit spaz, that tattoo is fuckin awesome! I don't have any tattoos as I will get into trouble in school :/ I don't really like having permanent tattoos anyway I heard they cause cancer or some shit
  5. http://gtaivsa.com/ http://www.gtaforums...howtopic=465636 What do you guys think about this great thing since sliced bread?! I can't wait for it's release!
  6. I'd like to help translating the Indonesian part since it doesn't look like anyone else has done it yet Returning User Guest Google translates pretty good, just need to edit some sentences but thats no problem
  7. Damn i thought this topic was about some bitch got slapped on the ass or somethin bummer. *leaves room*
  8. which's a good vga card to play gta 4 and other latest games? ATI Radeon HD 5770 or Nvidia Geforce GTS 450? on a budget here! xD

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    2. Damjan


      You need 2x6pin to molex, thats external.

    3. NickS


      k wtf is a 2x6pin to molex? lol is that somethin i really need or is that an addon for some sort? shit when theres a good card i can buy it fuckin needs some shit needed to use the fucker

    4. Damjan


      k wait, what 8800? my ultra needs 2x6pin to molex for power, 1 6pin=75W, and this card uses 175W.make sure you have a good PSU.

  9. The other day I was watching the news and these scientist discovered some type of new virus that's immune to antibiotics (it was called supervirus or something like that idk) and this guy had his legs cut off coz of that. now that shit's wrong! how did they manage that to happen? Living in the eastern part of the world has some great ways in healing yourself naturally. Whenever someone gets sick in the family, my dad usually massages the sick person (its quite painful but you feel fresh after that) and gathers up some leaves and woodchips and boil them up with raw water, then drink it and feel healthy in two or three days. So we only take medicine from the pharmasist when the traditional shit's not enough. My dad's friend (whose a doctor) once told us that medicines are made only to ease the pain and help the body repair itself and that these traditional medicines just kills the viruses straight away. I don't know if that's true but it seems like its working! lol
  10. hey! this looks like fun! elbow: nbikc kmsx Nose : hni8ckisw holy shit how did i get 8 in there? lol
  11. wazzap niggaz

    1. Miles Pedro Prower
    2. Samil


      Welcome back warrior. :P

    3. NickS


      @TUN3R i dunno i haven't been playing GTA for quite a while, been bored with it after playing for like 4 years in a row lol but i think i used to play there, i usually connect randomly

      @The rest (tired of typing lol) its good to be back! B)

  12. thx man, its been a while since ive been here, shit happens a lot now

  13. Ur not 21 and u dont live in Jakarta, what a fuckin con man u r!

  14. This fucking World of Warcraft is costing me an arm and a leg here! xD

    1. Gerard


      Play GTA instead!

    2. Samil


      And if GTA costs you an arm and a leg, make sure you make a back up by extracting the arm/leg .dff/.txd from the .img file :D

    3. NickS


      @Gerard, I want to play another online game!

      @Samil, *extracting* alright! I'm gonna have a black arm and leg! xD

  15. I don't think its really a big issue so I'll just post here. Just wanted to tell u guys that I just uploaded a mod and the author part still says my old username "warrior13". Can someone please change it? since I'm not using that username anymore. It would be much appreciated.
  16. F. they'll say that u need to build up some muscle first. T/F: you still get to keep some of your original fighting moves once you have learned new ones from another trainer
  17. It sounds awesome to have SA out this year but because all these clues about GTA V in Vice City, it might come out in another year or so if R* is planning to do so. Rockstar! Listen to our demands! We want San Andreas again!
  18. Shit, I was gonna ask that question :/ A: you land on a vehicle, damaging it, get wasted and mission failed. Q: what happens when you kill Millie Perkins after the mission Key to her Heart?
  19. Enjoying my last few holiday days (wtf). 10th grade's gonna be hectic with a lotta hot chicks! :D

  20. Strange, the last time I checked it, Avast was the best and AVG was in third place. :/ I reckon McAfee is better than AVG coz I installed a program into my dads laptop which has McAfee in it and it detected a virus in the disk but when I installed it in my computer which has AVG it didn't detect it. Anyways, BitDefender is good!
  21. Just got myself a small monkey today! :D

  22. NickS

    3D mod help

    well, I installed Kam's Scripts and when I export the file, the whole program freezes and I had to press the reset button all the time. I don't know what else to do
  23. The Ten Green Bottles, that's the one right? Exactly how many sprunk vending machines are there in the entire game?
  24. Hey guys! I've finally got 3DS Max working and had just finished remodeling the mohawk hairstyle! The thing is, I don't know how to save it into a dff file. I need help!
  25. I thought it would be something horrifying or something like that. Searching google with numbers' a lot of fun! Does anyone want a desk lamp? sorry for the above randomness
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