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  1. I use outlook express for some reason but I use yahoo mail more for privacy
  2. Metallica Computers or Playstations?
  3. Limewire Pearl Jam or Nirvana?
  4. They should have GTA V in the Pacific Oceans so there's more different types of missions rather than the same old city missions. Awesome topic
  5. I fuckin rofled more at this pic than the post Shit, a decent topic to read finally
  6. NickS

    What style of game?

    First question, I chose Unsure / somewhere in the middle coz I like that way rather than having things be ultra realistic (for instance, kill someone and police will be finding you all the time which gets annoying and people around you will avoid you) but it might be cool sometimes. Second question, I chose Normal, not just the criminal underworld coz of some reasons unknown (I like it that way ) And last question, I chose Start a normal life, choose whether to go up or down coz that is a great way to start a game I wish there was a ninja style GTA game
  7. What was he thinking that made him do something stupid like that? I just can't believe it actually happened now
  8. Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit Green Day - Last Night on Earth Creed - Hinger Pearl Jam - Even Flow
  9. NickS

    More help

    Oh right sorry But I don't think I have teatimer and sdhelper. Shit, how the fuck did I get 122 adware in one day?!
  10. NickS

    More help

    Alright. Does MailwareBytes find any other spyware types, instead of adware?
  11. NickS

    More help

    Spybot eats a lot of RAM? My computer is too slow and wondering what's causing it and installing Spybot might make things worse. Any reasons why my computer's slow? I tried out MailwareBytes and it found 24 adware. I seems alright.
  12. NickS

    More help

    Shiiiiitttt, is Sybot S&D necessary to have even if I have MalwareBytes? It just seems like a bit too big file to download and my connection is a bit too slow.
  13. Hey guys! What's a great free anti-spyware that I can download? I've got this Spyware Doctor and it won't get rid of the spyware I got until I buy it online. Any suggestions? The infection's starting to spread...
  14. Hope this pic uploads And make sure to read from the RIGHT to the LEFT. Got nothing else to do so I might as well join in
  15. Fucking HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAOUCH!!! Shit! STOMACH ACHE!!! But man, that has got to be the funniest thing I ever read.
  16. Motley Crue - Looks that kill Green Day - American Euology Creed - Overcome
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