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  1. That was the first mystery that I saw... Here's a map on where to find it EDIT: The map also tells you more stuff and it also tells you where to find the ghost car, the wheelchair, the silver vibrator and others
  2. I found the place its on the map and is named "The Farm". What is strange is that when you go there...there's a repeating ped that'll ride a tactor to the back of the farm....meaning if you follow that ped then come back to the front of the farm it'll be another ped on a tactor doing the same thing....wierd because i guess they disappear and when i did go there i took a mavrick landed it got out went to the back of the farm came back and my my heli was gone kind of creepy.... Thanks man ! I'm gonna find that hellofa farm. Also, if you want to hear the chainsaw noises, go to the panopticon cabins and make sure you go there between 4 pm and 2 am when the weather is stormy coz that's when you hear the chainsaw noises (you have to listen carefully though, the rainy noises covers the sound a bit) What big secret?!
  3. I was wondering if you received my PM? if you have, let me know :D

  4. Your right! It works! I had to do it twice coz when the bridge went up, I forgot to stop it and it fell into the ocean (that was dumb!)
  5. People say the windows glow at night at the Cult Farm house too. I don't know where to find the farm and it seems quite interesting to look at (especially at night) any hints on where it's located at? I've heard the chainsaw noises at the countryside during the afternoon when its stromy (which is creepy when you play at night). And those light trails in the dessert I always see some everytime and once I went up there with a jet and to take a closer look and those are just balls of lights travelling in the sky. I don't think those are actually lights from wings of planes. I've seen the wheelchair, the zambotech place, the ghost cars, the bodybags and the ghost graffiti and I still don't get why they are myths . They just seem like interesting things to look at idk i guess people like to make believe to much but it is interesting to find n watch Maybe they were bored and tried to make other people go crazy looking for these myths.
  6. Since it's impossible to fly the dodo in the game (to me it is), how did you guys get the dodo all the way to the import/export garage in Portland harbour? I'm trying to find a way here and I can't find a solution
  7. I've seen the wheelchair, the zambotech place, the ghost cars, the bodybags and the ghost graffiti and I still don't get why they are myths . They just seem like interesting things to look at
  8. That has never happend to me in PS2. maybe it's becoz my GTA SA is a pirated copy (the PC game). Sometimes the second wave would pop up and just stand there (which is better than running the other way ) does that ever happen to you?
  9. I've seen the video, It's kinda cool Ho, b stengah bule, stengah indo
  10. Yeah, they are all mods but I don't know if CJ's mom ghost is a mod or a glitch Also, I tried to look for leatherface for weeks and couldn't get anything so it's definetly a mod
  11. No worries mate!

  12. You like Green Day? alright! I don't get what's a bit adult-ish from all of that

  13. NickS


    From the homepage, go to features, then click on downloads and then go to tools and click on upload a mod.
  14. Ok, I will help you! Let me just go and fetch it... (Clicking)...(Typing)...(Opening)...(Uploading)... (Freezing?!)...(Panicking)...(File gone missing)...(smashing keyboard in anger!)... Oh Shit! Now I need it too!!! Sorry about that!
  15. I enjoy it a lot! When I first played it, I thought this was the best game in the world! (which I still think it is)
  16. Alright! Now I can share my Birthday with someone else!

  17. Yeah that also happens to me too which is great but it's not that great when you have to reload coz they won't stop shooting at you once they are close enough.
  18. Jesus! Is it really that fun???
  19. I am already used to it infact, it's a life saver! it makes things easy especially when taking down Vagos turf, man they are tough since they've already got badass weapons in the first wave
  20. Ok, but what is he gonna do with all that money? It's just too much! I mean, you can't really buy anything there except for weapons and going to pay n' spray and that only cost a little bit.
  21. What I mean is that sometimes the first wave just doesn't move at all! Even when I get close to them, they just stand there like statues. Also, if that is normal, then those gang members are dumb since they head the opposite way.
  22. I was wondering if any of you guys have this problem too. When I start a gang war with any gang, once they appear, they either just stand there like stunned mullets, runaway or crouch down and cover their heads when I shoot them or just head out of the war zone (I have to chase 'em down if I want to kill 'em which is a bit annoying). It's actually not a problem, it's just that this doesn't happen when I do it on PS2.
  23. I didn't know he's a nuetral character. I thought he joined in with the Yakuza gang because he had some interest with them. But then again, he might not since he killed Kenji in one of Donalds missions.
  24. Really? That's kinda interesting to know
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