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    GTA Makedonija V

    Cool video dude I drove my friend crazy by dancing because of the music from the vid (music sounds great with it) I might get it some time.
  2. Hope it doesn't kill you, if it does then I'll might as well get off this site. :D

  3. Man, you post some funny youtube vidoes!
  4. Maybe he's trying to tell us that the mod is really great
  5. Damn! I wanted to rob some guys pizza that was lying on the floor (I should stop thinking about food)
  6. Nah, I'm too spooked out already
  7. Luckily I don't have the bigfoot mod in my game thank god! Oh crap! I forgot to get rid of the leatherface mod! And I'm doing missions in the countryside! Oh well, it's nice knowing all of you guys. I might die soon
  8. I didn't really mean it but since you've done it, nevermind. lol :D

  9. Is that heli supposed to be funny since it's got lol and rofl? :D

  10. Well it's hard to get it off your mind especially when you're stuck in the middle of the countryside at night without a vehicle knowing about the legend of leatherface and bigfoot nearby which can strike at you anytime (which is unlikely to happen, but it might )
  11. It ain't that boring so you can delete the word 'boring'. :P

  12. Finally! I can rob houses now! After all these years of confusion and agony, has finally come to an end! I worship you guys Also, is there anything else I can rob other than TVs and other electronic entertainments?
  13. LOL, yeah well, I know that I don't have to do those it's just that I'm dying to try it out
  14. Jeez, I don't think I want to go to the Countryside any more (too creepy) Man, with all these mysteries, GTA SA ain't what it used to be, it doesn't feel the same anymore like when I first played it. It feels a bit more like a horror game now
  15. AC/DC - Dirty Deads Done Dirt Cheap. YEAH!
  16. Only those trucks will work? I mean, I found one in a different location and I couldn't do robbery missions with that! The boxville (the name of the truck) should be colored black. I think I also found one at Las Venturas. But the one at Los Santos is the easiest to find. So, If I got a boxville, it should be black and then I could start robbery missions? Would it still work if it had a different colour and I went to the pay n' spray and sprayed the colour black?
  17. Only those trucks will work? I mean, I found one in a different location and I couldn't do robbery missions with that!
  18. Stuff's good dude!

  19. I can't rob houses in the game after I do Ryder's mission where you go rob that old guy's house. Am I supposed to have some specific boxcar or whatever that truck is called? or am I supposed to press a key to activate the robbery mission? Please help. Thanks
  20. Hey there wiz kid! :D

  21. So we can enjoy the game a lot more rather than scratching our itchy, smelly and disgusting bodies
  22. Well it usually makes your body feel more comfortable and warm (it does to me but I don't usually take a shower at night though)
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