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  1. Yeah, some tricks they reveal are jaw dropping, but the masked magician have to change his mask though, he looks like a black vodoo guy instead of a magician
  2. My CDs are scratched, I already tried and my computer picked it up as a blank disc, so i need someone to upload for me... Jeez man, you seem to have some bad luck goin' there! You should try wiping the disk clean and then put the disk back in again just incase. If it doesn't work then here's the file. Is this the file you're lookin' for??? peds.ide
  3. Never heard of her! Still, she's hot! :)

  4. Hey guys, I was wondering if you've watched a show on AXN called "Breaking The Magician's Code"??? It's kinda cool and I showed some simple tricks to my friends and they were amazed!
  5. Can I hav that sig without the stars? :D

  6. Alright I got 9! I'm sexy steamy!(since it's not at the hot part )
  7. Catalina's got some anger issues! Yeah, I heard that part, it got me goin for a second there
  8. Haha, not really. I always thought that Aztecas is the coolest looking gang in the game, but I don't like their attitude towards me. Yeah, sometimes they're a pain in the ass but what can you do?(shoot 'em! ) I also like riding the freeway off-road in the countryside, there are a lot of hills and cliffs where you can jump off of (it's kind of cool). It's a bit like a motorbike playground
  9. well, you can do nothing at the cult farm. But there was a mission called "Body Harvest" where you will steal a combine harvester from the survivalists of the cult farm. No wonder people can find the farm easily. At night, when the windows glow blue, it just looks like the farm has blue lights. If it flickered on and off then it looked like a real cult farm. Then again, who thought of that in the first place?
  10. Now you're going against Ceaser's gang?! What a traitor! I usually just go from state to state collecting all of the cash from the assets in my modded savanna
  11. This is not an argument..... I agree with what you say on hydra but on the fastest car poll i dont think so it's the same for all ..... cause you just have to ride bullet & hotring racer - VROCKPOKEY(cheat) And the stylish car .... not at all turismo ... you just have to mod the car jester and look ....... it can be modded at san fierro's western area workshop ............. anyway thanks 4 polling Of course the jester looks good when it's modded. The car itself is alright but the bullet is better looking in my opinion. The turismo should be in the fastest car poll too coz I think that's the fastest car (duh) since it's not there, the bullet (again).
  12. the intro is somthing you need to watch it answered alot of questions i had before i seen it....and what butters said yeah theres a alot of mythhunters thats why the myths and easter eggs get answered so quickly but i guess it doesnt thank the fun out of finding it yourself even though you know exactly where they are Yeah, unless you just read the myths and just go looking for it without reading the location and tell your friends you found it yourself (but that doesn't sound nice though ) If there were myths in the game, did rockstar make it all of it purposely, or did they just made a mistake in a few of those of the myths (like the ghost car. from what I've heard, the car wasn't supposed to roll down by itself) which brought the madness of finding these myths?
  13. Who's the lady in your sig? She's kinda hot!

  14. Man ypur website is whacked!!! %D

    How do you do that?!?!

  15. Man! You look super cool!!!!
  16. I haven't watched the introduction so I thought it might take a while to find them Jeez! Didn't know it was that hard to find myths
  17. oh okay thanks still is kind of weird heres a pic of the location Thanks, it looks like my the map that I have but even better! I'll go lookin' for that place
  18. How do you rob the stores? Usually you just enter a shop and point your gun at the cashier and usually if you just keep pointing at him the cash starts comin' out and everytime the money comes a star would pop up
  19. the hat just was a lil strange to me is all...i know its nothin big but just a lil strange why its there lol.......agreed SA been out for 5 years everything has been found but i guess its fun for the noobs who are just now playing the game for the first time The hat looks funny Maybe it's just a decoration for the city. I wonder how these people find all of those mysteries especially the ones that are hard to find like the suicidal peds and the bodybags (there not actually that hard to find when you know where to start lookin' for)
  20. It is to me and my friends
  21. Shit, I forgot to vote Even though I like San Fierro a lot, Los Santos is still better for me too Who voted for the Countryside of San Fierro??? I'd like to know
  22. Cool Statement :D

  23. It's voting time!!! (Comments are also included if wanted to)
  24. Damn! I forgot where the lil prob inn is, can you tell me where the location is? Also I never killed any peds in there so I don't know and I want to find out if happens in my game.
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