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  1. I guess it does! That sure scared the guy off I guess he didn't like people from Texas Gay bastard
  2. True. True or False: Jizzy is the biggest pimp in San Fierro
  3. Well I dont' like that song. Fair enough? And how can my post be the dumb?
  4. I hate pop songs and there's this one song called 'psycho killer' by the Talking Jeads that I seriously can't stand. It drives u nuts listening to it.
  5. That sounds great! Thanks guys! All I need to know now r the locations 4 the horseshoes to earn a living.
  6. Yeah, thanks 4 the help man. Now I can come here more often (Again,replying on cellphone)
  7. Why would these people speak in chinese for?
  8. Human-robots have sex too??? Why would they have sex anyway? There just robots
  9. Yeah, it was the capital letter thing. I should have known it was that before posting a question. Then again, people make mistakes. (Replying on my cellphone again)
  10. Hey guys, I just found out that when I look up player in the stats option, the last part of it says luck:0. What's the luck for? How do you get luck in the game?
  11. ^YES <gonna go and eat vIs bored right now
  12. Hey wait a minute, I thought there aren't any sharks in the game only dolphins:huh:
  13. Ok, now i can log on.(i'm replying on my cellphone)
  14. Almost everyone seems to like firefox. Why not Opera?
  15. Hey dude! I've just uploaded a mod! but it's still being approved though. Just wondering what you use to retexture the files?

  16. ACDC (remixes) Eminem vs AC-DC - My Name Is (Hard Rock Remix) funny music
  17. I do use opera mini, I can't access the internet without it too.
  18. I tried going on this website on my cellphone today and when I tried to log in, it always says that my username and my password is incorrect. What's wrong? It's really annoying me
  19. If I fly the dodo to the place, I'll just end up in the ocean. I'm pretty bad at it
  20. Man! How can you fly that thing so good? I can never fly it longer than 10 seconds
  21. ^No, of course not! <Sleepy vThinks I'm a jerk
  22. Underwear, but I hardly wear it, too hot at my place
  23. Well, back to ol' uni again eh?

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