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  1. That's some long list you got there! Never heard of a Nessie before.
  2. A very R.I.Pful year this year.Man, people are dying like flies a lot.
  3. Do people have tea flavoured coke in Britain?
  4. Diet Coke and Coke Zero don't count as "flavors". Not to me at least. Mainly because they lack said "flavor". I guess, Diet Coke isn't that sweet and Coke Zero is too sweet! Those are the only different 'flavours' I get in my place
  5. Happy Birthday dude! XD

  6. Unless he doesn't want to do missions and only wants to kill peds But being invincible ruins the fun a bit though I wonder what it would be like if you had to do that mission without the RPG
  7. If it's really that hard, then just vote for the place where you mostly do your stuff, unless you do it everywhere and it's an equal amount then, idk.
  8. Jeez, I didn't know coke has a lot of flavours. I thought there were only 3: the original coke, diet coke and coke zero. The only softdrink with a lot of flavours that I know of is fanta
  9. It's not really that weird, almost all well known bands are in those vid games. It's kinda cool actually:)
  10. NickS

    GTA 5 Wishlist

    Everything from The Sims2 like sleeping, buy food to put in the fridge, use the computer, get mail from the mailbox, steal other people's mail ,etc
  11. Oh yeah, but I can never find a shark in the game, only dolphins. I also found a skateboard from the IMG Tool. where can u find that?
  12. That Sig is Fuckin Funny!!!

  13. You don't have to answer, I was just suprised to see that the countryside was the first to be voted. I was expecting Los Santos a bit more.
  14. Are there any other keys to press? my PrtScrn key doesn't work (I need to know too )
  15. What? You're just wasting coke! It still taste good even when it is flat (maybe I don't have enough of it)
  16. Erh...some fried chicken from KFC and a small sized pizza 4 myself
  17. Then that means u drink delicious coke!(duh) How more tastier can it be?
  18. Isn't the wheelchair at the lagoon part of TTCM too?
  19. Er...maybe u could put in the cheat that can slowdown the gameplay but that wouldn't really help.would it?
  20. He he, now we all know who's wearing what underneath their pants
  21. PC GTA 3 GTA San Andreas MTA San Andreas The Sims 2 University The Sims 2 Holiday Party Pack PS2 Guitar Hero Guitar Hero Indonesian Version Guitar Hero Inbox 2009 Guitar Hero Rockband 2 Guitar Hero Alternative Rock Guitar Hero Monster of Rock Guitar Hero Extreme vol.4 Guitar Hero 2 Guitar Hero 2 Extreme Guitar Hero Rock the 80s Guitar Hero Rock the 90s Guitar Hero 3 Legends Of Rock Tony Hawk's Proving Ground Tony Hawk's American Wasteland Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam Half-life The Warriors True Crime: Streets of LA Getting Up Contents Under Pressure Bully Prince of Persia The Two Thrones Hitman The Godfather Mafia Splinter Cell Double Agent God Of War 1 God Of War 2 Spiderman 3 Scarface The World is Yours Raw Danger Bad Boys 2 GTA 3 GTA Vice City GTA San Andreas GTA Liberty City Stories GTA Vice City Stories PES 2009 One Piece Grand Adventure Final Fantasy XII Final Fantasy X Free Running Smackdown VS Raw 2007 Transformers The Game Ice Age 2 The Meltdown Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life Ghost Rider Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Conflict Dessert Storm 1 Conflict Dessert Storm 2 Call of Duty 2 Call of Duty 3 Call of Duty World At War Commandos Strike Force Ace Combat 5 The Unsung War Tekken 5 Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks Mortal Kombat Armageddon Burnout Dominator American Chopper 2 Full Throttle Pimp My Ride NFS Pro Street Wreckless the Yakuza Missions Crash Tag Team Racing The Urbz Sims in the City The Sims 2 Pets The Sims Bustin' Out Playboy the mansion Leisure Suit Larry Seven Sins ^ I realize these are adult games
  22. What's so disgraceful being on a video game? I had a look at the songs list and there aren't any qotsa songs on it
  23. Happy b'day dude!

  24. When I was playing Guitar Hero Rockband2
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