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  1. Yeah but I'm a bit busy during the daytime (what?!). How does Claude look more bad ass if he's a mute? If he had a bad atitude with a rough voice then that'll make him even more bad ass (just my opinion)
  2. Ur right! But I didn't realize they were having some coffee together. R U sure they're not having hot coffee? Oh c'mon, I think everyone who played that game already imagined that they are having hot coffee. @Nate : yeah! Who knows? To me it would be a bit strange coz she called me during daytime in the game
  3. Ur right! But I didn't realize they were having some coffee together. R U sure they're not having hot coffee?
  4. I wish I could hear his voice in SA when he could still talk he might sound like a cool dude When did Catalina mentioned his name while having coffee with him? Is that part of the game?
  5. Does anyone know why Claude's a mute? Is it becoz Catalina cut his tongue out when he was asleep? (justa guess but, that wouldn't make any sense. Then again she might coz she's nuts anyway ).
  6. Well... then you should closer look at the photos in Lil' Probe Inn... UFOs I don't think there are any UFOs in San Andreas. Now that's a mystery!
  7. ^ too true. A completely new gta needs to be made, perhaps in a locale other than America, perhaps somewhere like Africa/South Africa. Why not the fifth GTA will be about what I said before as a farewell to those cities and those main characters and the sixth one will have an entirely different storyline in a different city???
  8. Does anyone know excatly how many myths and mysteries are there in San Andreas? I'm kinda curious about it
  9. Yeah I guess, but you gotta admit, it'll be kinda cool though
  10. What would it be like if the next GTA had San Andreas, Vice City and Liberty City joined together in the game and all of the known characters from other GTA games met together on some mission?
  11. San Andreas for me too!!!
  12. Ok well, I just bought the game and I just realised it
  13. dont do that, if you have a vehicle in the garage and then you mod that vehicle, if you go to that garage your game will crash. look around for a parked car location map, or you can get a trainer that spawns vehicles. But it doesn't crashes my game, it actually works perfectly
  14. You should try saving the bobcat in your garage so you don't hafta go lookin for it. If it doesn't work, then I don't know
  15. Once I won the race and watched the cutscene, I realised that Catalina's new boyfriend looks like Claude from GTA3 and catalina said they were goin to liberty city. Is that guy really Claude?
  16. I choose Ryder coz he's such a dude when u do his missions
  17. couldn't even fly the damn dodo for even 10 seconds
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