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  1. What an awesome vid! Man! I'm missing a lot of fun here, damn!
  2. Happy Birthday man! :)

  3. They look awesome, the first one I think is the very best
  4. I was gonna post one but it looks too crappy. I'm not good at this
  5. That's awesome man! How did you get that dude sit at the back of the bike?
  6. Hahaha YUCK! that's gross! man, that is soooo embarrasing
  7. ^we would still like to know who's littlesegall
  8. Happy birthday you guys, hope you guys had a great time
  9. I at least spend 2 hours on the internet everyday and if the bills are low, I spend more time. Gaming hours? I used to spend the whole day playing one specific game but now since my parents give me so many damn jobs to do, I spend around 3 hours playing. I wish I had a PS3, it's just so God damn expensive and no one sells any PS3 games in my hometown, heck, they don't even sell the console .
  10. Couldn't imagine people in the old days would measure first before the execution not that they actually do it or anything.
  11. I've always wondered how getting hanged actually kills you. Does anyone know why? And when someone gets hanged, do they die immediatly?
  12. You into math rock?????? Yes, it is a real genre. Genres are bullshit though. Except for math rock, never heard of it actually
  13. yep, that's awesome! thanks man! it's great, it's good looking, it's etc...
  14. Love it! and can you make an Underground theme too? IT WOULD MAKE MY DAY FROM THIS HORRIBLE EXAM WEEK!!! I would be soo grateful. You're definetely not a beginner, even from the start.
  15. Alright, just to keep you busy, I like a sig with any Need For Speed game theme and the word StreeT KinG on it. the size should be around 400 in width and 500 in height. Plz and thx
  16. I wish you got weaker and when you get punched again, you die No offence man I wish the person who will corrupt my wish will be corrupted from the corruption of corruptionness of this corrupt a wish topic to be corrupted again with more corruption about corrupting a wish
  17. ^It's not really the way I wanted but it's awesome! thanks anyway
  18. ^ I like the size of my dick now, and that other post was a joke btw. I guess someone had no sense of humor and stuck a -1 on that.
  19. It's a great GTA game, you should definetly get it. Lots of mods you can install, long lasting gameplay and best of all, MTA SA!
  20. Alright! hmm... I like a sig with a final fantasy X theme, with the main character on the left side and that guy with the big ass sword with the glasses and the red jacket (I forgot the names of the chararcter sorry) on the right and my username on the bottom right. It's up to you to add anything else on it. also, the size should be around 500X150. Please and Thank You
  21. ^ Yo, I just bought a penis enlarger and the size of my penis now is 6 inches
  22. It's either they don't want to die alone or they want to see what it's like to kill someone or maybe it's because they've gone nuts.
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