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    I installed AVG 7 into my computer and for some reason, it got deleted but only some files weren't deleted. When I tried to uninstall it from control panel, it says it needs the uninstall thingy and that got deleted too!!! Now I need that file that says "Uninstall". Does anyone have it? I'm dying to get rid of the rest of the other files that can't be deleted. I am a freebie guy and thanks for the link. I'll try it out later on today.
  2. NickS


    Hey guys! I'm using McAfee anti virus and it's been a while since I've downloaded the updates so, I started downloading it today and when it's downloading all the other files, it stopped at this file: I left it on for ages and it hasn't downloaded that file! What to do? Need help please Thanks in Advance
  3. NickS


    I think it looks awesome, the next gen phone but it's so damn expensive! I'd rather buy a laptop than that and just have a phone that can do internet stuff
  4. We don't have those in America. One of my friend's girlfriend stole Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire from the library in ninth grade. Then she threw it in her fireplace because she had no urge to read it. Hehe that sounds funny If I stole a novel from my school library, would that make me a rebel too?
  5. with the toaster off topic: Man, I can't stop laughing at this
  6. I'd keep that in mind later when I'm 30 years old with a wife and 2 kids with a lot of money. By then, there would be even better laptops so I don't know about this I just discovered a new store that's special in laptops selling and stuff today and I might get their brochure so, I might need help again from you guys
  7. B mlas omng sndri pke bhsa Kupang, klo b pnk kwan ada dsini na itu su bae Bsong ju omng-2 snde jlas bkin b snde ngrti eh
  8. Freaked me out too. No TGTAP for a week is hell! Luckily, it's not a fact. I'm gonna miss this old black and grey skin when it's gone
  9. If I told you guys and posted it here, I might get banned for it
  10. WTF?! Blowjob??? I'm not gay! If only you guys were girls then I could repay by giving free sex
  11. Alright, I can see it now. Meh, seems pretty ordinary to me, I thought it would be totally weird. Maybe it's because I watch too much porn movies
  12. And it's the most expensive from the six! I guess I gotta pay more for the best. Anyway, thanks guys for the help! I don't know how to repay you guys!
  13. Yo dude, I think you posted this on the wrong section. It's better in the Multiplayer section ] Not trying to be bad just letting you know
  14. My dad's gonna by a cheap but good laptop that's actually for everyone so, I get to choose (whoopee!!) I only want one that can actually do good enough for games too. Alright here's another pic of the ones that I crossed out and the ones I like: All I need to know is which one is the best from the six. Please help also, the price is at the bottom of each description which is in Rp. (rupiahs) if that helps a bit
  15. MTA SA (practising for the gang), COD World At War Final Fronts (completed it on easy tonight now going veteran level), The Sims 2 University (just love that game!)
  16. I can't open the link, it says it has an error opening it. Still, sounds pretty weird.
  17. your going already?! Oh well, Hi everyone new! it's good to have all you new guys joining here.
  18. I usually wait some where on the street and snipe him out but if I keep failing and get pissed, I go in hardcore
  19. Well the thing is, I live in a place where no one has the latest gear so I'm stuck with these If none of them will play GTA IV then, GTA SA instead
  20. Hey guys, I need some advice on which laptop to buy here I want a laptop which you guys recommend to be the best for GTA IV! I'm not good at this so please help me!!!!! Here's a list of laptops: Thanks in advanced
  21. there was a lot of sticky, icky, wicky, licky, cum all over the house a man with
  22. Thanks man! :)

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    thanks mate! :)

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