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  1. Your work is awesome! Can I request a sig from you? I'll be your first customer
  2. Wait, aren't you still in Indonesia now? I don't think they do that anymore, there's plenty of people wearing bikinis at the beach without getting told off by a fucking security guard, especially in Bali (I saw a chick with her top bikinis off walking around the beach one day when I was there!) @nikobellic Boleh kenalan bos?
  3. Chris, oddly enough, has this right. And I don't mean that as in it's odd how Chris is right for once, I mean he just nailed that one. There's so much bigger controversial oddities going down there that this really is somewhat normal. Them losing the war might be the reason why they're acting strange lately. But sounds like fun to hang around with them
  4. Rock, classic rock, punk rock, heavy metal, anything that's gotta do with rock!
  5. She's nuts, she's gotta lay off the drugs for a while
  6. Shiiiitttt!!! that's gotta be scary. I feel bad for the dead dude
  7. I wish that there's such a thing as school and ruin the rest of your life I wish for something
  8. The kid got banned already?! That was quick
  9. +1 for MARITAL ARTS lol Pretty crazy alright, funny GIF btw Now I definetely want to learn martial arts! (no one will mess with me! Mwahahaha)
  10. I don't know but, it was from my post in the

    "what do use the internet for" topic in the lounge subforum.

  11. I wish Vice City Stories would be banned everywhere and can only get a copy from the black market for $1000000000000000000000000000. I wish for nothing
  12. Awesome! seems like Rockstar's really into making GTA games for handheld devices Another reason why to buy an Apple product ( Steam probably wouldn't like the sound of this knowing him hating the Apple company no offense ) It would be awesome if it had a third person view rather than a bird's eye view
  13. Since everyone now knows that everyone here mostly look at porn, then it should be alright to post some porn here
  14. Hey! This thing is awesome!!! Nice find dude To answer Chris's question, it doesn't sound right if it's in a shape of a penis compared to the boobs shape
  15. Waduh! Urbandecay ju sibuk skolah hari ini!? Tadi b mo maen MTA dengan dia tu malam ini Biar su, b maen sendiri sa dengan sapako
  16. *wondering what these guys mean by cutoffs...* Haha, Greensabre's a rebel the guy at the right: hey everyone! Look over there! Greensabre13 : I don't want to look at that! *looks away* You seem to be the tallest and skinniest in that pic
  17. Yeah, I agree with what you said here, amen to that except for the "OMFGZZZRELIGIONISFUCKEDINTHEHEADCOMEJOINMEANDMYFELLOWHATERSLOLOLOL!!!" I don't know who says that to someone in an ordinary conversation I think religion's something that people believe to make their life more happier and more confident in dealing with the worst parts of it. I just don't know why some people must turn into a serious fanatic, I mean, it makes things worst for everyone not better. Right?
  18. Finally!!! I can go on the rockstar official website! I used to never can go on the damn place. Those are some awesome wallpapers they made! I'm gonna keep 'em
  19. LOL. Wow.. @Warrior13 - baha, yeah.. I guess so. Nothing to abnormal for a guy. It's totally normal for a guy that is undergoing with puberty and all that, Warrior13 has probably not really experienced that much so it's weird for him. I don't think it's weird, I think it's alright. I've probably got the most hairiest legs in school! Probably as much as Nate10 does It's just that I'm used to seeing everyone with shiny, smooth, hairless legs here.
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