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    SE's more simple to use, Nokia seems to complicated to me Funny "little contribution" you got there Steam. Comparing a brick and an iPhone sounds a bit weird though. I'd still go for the iPhone, much more you can do with rather than with a brick.
  2. Alright, back on topic! Awesome pic Nate! Shit, you've got some really hairy legs there!
  3. Well, it depends what type of skin pack you want.
  4. I find it amazing! More stuff to talk about
  5. Jeez, I feel bad for the guy too. Why must the good die young? Seems like iPhones are now hot topics to discuss in TGTAP
  6. *Supposed to act casually (not working!)* Yeah, your right about that And about that lowlife thing, I'm gonna pretend I didn't see that
  7. NickS


    I guess he can do that on his iPhone
  8. Also, just to let you guys know, I've downloaded the MTA 1.0 file from this site and this came up: Now I have to download it from the official website again!!! (another 2 hours of waiting)
  9. Sex Pistols - Anarchy in the UK Sex Pistols - God save the Queen Green Day - 21 Guns
  10. Thanks for the link, I'm gonna get stuck into it when I get around to it later on. Been too busy to look it up
  11. OMFG!!! It's finally here!!! We have been blessed Alright!!! I can finally download it!!! Gonna be there soon!!!111!
  12. Mostly just surfing the web, check out facebook, TGTAP which I think it's etc on the list.
  13. *PUSH* Damn! Alright, you win xD

  14. looks like we the Enforcers! Who's gonna lead? xD

  15. NickS


    Alright, when I was viewing my account in BitDefender.com, they've got all these free downloads like "Antivirus 2010" and "Total Security 2010". Am I supposed to download those too?
  16. That's gotta be the funniest post ever lol It's a bit unusual to charge at you just to say hi
  17. Question: In my profile page, the active post says 366 post. Is it supposed to be like that, Like total post has been added with all the other post from the Fun and Off-topic?
  18. Hey guys! How do you make one layer fade into the background layer? Like the gradient tool, the black fades into the white background or something like that
  19. NickS


    Alright!!! I'm liking this already! But I still miss the old skin
  20. This happened a few months ago.... It was at night time when I was fast asleep, there was this huge rat that jumped on to my hand and bit it! I woke up in suprise and wondering what bit me (I was half asleep, not thinking clearly), then I heard noises of it moving around my bedroom and for some reason I thought it was a huge snake slithering around so I froze, heart beating fast for a few minutes. Then, I slowly moved to the door to open it (still on my bed) and I straight away jumped off it and I landed on the rat! Man! I freaked out and woke everyone up. Not a good story teller but that did freak me out.
  21. I like using my fingers, for some reason I don't like using a pen (it might run out of ink , just joking)
  22. NickS


    SE phones ftw Nextgen?BULLSHIT. iPhone is not a worthy opponent of Nokia and SE. SE outperforms the iPhone and N97 with the Xperia, which is way better than the iPhone.What do you use iPhone for, the apps?Idiots. When I meant by next gen was by the features like touchscreen and other cool apps not the iPhone itself Sooner or later, everyone's gonna have one.
  23. NickS


    Thanks for the tip but I never tried Kaspersky though. And of course I gotta leave the pc on for a while if I'm gonna do a full scan Also, should I get the full version of it or get the 10 Free Edition?
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