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  1. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!!! Why cannot anyone comment some pictures that are old!!! I first heard it few days ago and i got warned for bumping old pics. Why do you have problems with commeting old topics? Why why why? It just pisses me off and i find NO pont whatsoever of this useless "crime"! Give me another warning for that now!
  2. Finally someone made a video out of these . I dont need it though but its gotta be useful for someone
  3. lol yea but please don't quote the post that has pictures... it just doubleizez (wtf i just said? ) the big amount of pictures. But lol yea theyre funny
  4. This is just great! Just perfect! We need more photographers! There is much to click your camera on in SA and it's good that person like to do it. I'm a photographer too. Not well known but i still am. But i'll give you a hint - do not make photos of car mods. Just picture the landscape and cities. The car mod pictureing isn't good whatsoever. Just a hint. Keep on going. If you gonna make a album one day then publish it. Well maybe i'm going too far for now but hey i believe u gonna be a good photographer. Take care!
  5. Lol i use one different word and i'm a bad guy who you shouldn't like now? Well i dont care... Just weird... lol actually i couldn't say the word right
  6. all i found was this: lol Actually there were some more but most of them are whack Okay thats all i got from a perfect and helpful thing called google. Make your own and submit theme here
  7. wtf is bumping old pics???? and why cant i comment the pictures!?
  8. These are just some pics of my new album "Welcome To San Andreas!". Hope you like them! Sorry for double post
  9. Some of them are like advertising mods. But they are pretty nice
  10. I haven't done this but i have done this with cars in VC and GTA 3
  11. please people read more topics. The ghost car is a dented car so it would look like it's abadonned. It's somewhere in the forest in back o' beyond and the thing that makes it a ghost is that it is driving down the hill cause of the slope of the hill and physics of SA. nothing ghost here. Just a little missundaztooding. And CJ mom's ghost don't exist. The CJ's home is too obvious place for paranormal things... And can anyone tell me what is a old bumb or something like that? last posts are posted in the same minute, A gun in your face
  12. yes you can. go ahead. lol actually i mean everyone WAS talking about bigfoot and many people made some fake pictures of it and i just want to see how they came out. For god sake is this a real bad thing? cause i'm tired of these messages that ask me about this topic. Slayer is only friendly guy for now who really gets the point of this topic...
  13. Im like dude i have no idea whatsoever what u talking about man... A virus? Sorry i can't help you on this one... (i'm sorry about talking like jethro in SA )
  14. you must have a winzip or some archiveing file for doing the zip file. just click the right button on the savegame and then "archive to savegame.zip" or sumthing. But i cant help you about the caesar viapaldo mission savegame, sorry
  15. If you have a low bike skill and you are falling down from somewhere where you can't possibly stay on bike when hitting the ground then just jump off the bike when youre almost hitting the ground. It 100% works in VC but i think it should do in SA too
  16. I havent tried it yet cause im not at the saint bistro mission. Well anyone else could try it if they have free time
  17. well don't use SAMI. do it manually with img tool and then change the things in data folder. The readmes include all information you need to install a mod i think. Download an img tool and then do what the readme file says
  18. I made a special bigfoot prayer topic for R*. dont think they gonna hear this but hey you can always hope
  19. Most of us know the great legend of bigfoot in somewhere San Andreas forest. Only the main thing is that it doesn't exist. Many people still believe it does but it's confirmed from R* that it does not. Hundreds of people have wasted many hours for searching it. Not found, never. To not let this happen again we need something paranormal in GTA4 that really exists. Something really big and rare. A big myth legend that REALLY does exist. And if possible then many of them. Something like bigfoot. Like it spawns after 3 hours then stays for 2 or 3 secs and then disappears. And if anyone ever finds it by accident. Think about it. This has to be fun. So please R*. Hear this prayer to make the next generation game really interesting.
  20. The name says it all. I know there is a photographer inside all of you. Just let your mind flow and camera click. Then see the masterpieces that came out and post them here.
  21. Yuppies! That's mine! . The one and only p00ning gallardo by JVT lol
  22. Then it's just useless! "ooh i have a nice paintjob im so cool. i have rims too!4real! " sorry but i prefer my car to be a gallardo...
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