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  1. Hall & Oats - Out Of Touch. That's the best song ever to 80's and even better for Vice City
  2. So is this the end of the fight or am i still fag? (Say what you want, im not a fag )
  3. Look at the readme files and change the stuff in Data folder as it says. Are you downloading cars first time? Do you even know what to do with the files? If you did everything right then your cars and savegame don't match. But that's only an idea, im not sure of it
  4. Offtopic and dedicated to Carljohnson55 and Spaz First of all i wrote badmington wrong and yes i have problems with typing things right because im not really experienced in english but i do not write wrong on purpose. What would be the point of that? Second - i HATE eggs! And I said Spaz is arrogant because i wrote "Misundaztood" and now he hates me as long as he lives. And third why are you keep talking about bigfoot to me? What is wrong with you for god sake? Fourth - I know that I'm annoying because i don't like to be called fag and my grammar is bad but doesn't suck cock! Fifth - In my country they say "play with computer" and that means playing computer games... Sixth - I might not know Spaz really well but i know he started our fighting... Seventh - All my faggotness is about the thing that i don't like to be called fag and such... So get along with it... You're not a god, Spaz... Neither am I... But can we stop this fighting? It's not that i want to stop it because i want to stay in the forums. It's your decision now to ban me or let me stay i don't care it's just that i don't like this kind of fighting... What do you say? Take this as an apology
  5. Any kind of violence don't make me be violent. I just take it so naturally... I mean if I play any GTA or other violent games then I just shoot someone's head off in the game and blood is all over the place and i just watch it and move on and start wasting another bullets... After that when i don't play with my computer anymore I don't even think about what i did in the game... It's hard for me to understand how can a game change children to be violent. I think it's so easy to take it as just a game... But there are children that go violent for this... Many of you know a game called Runescape. A child in Japan killed his friend because his friend killed him in the game... And in our country one guy was playing Counter Strike (That's what i heard in the news) took his dad's gun and shot few people nearby and then jumped down from his apartmen from 5th floor if i remember the news right... And I think the reason for that is that he lost in the game or got killed. Think about it in GTA. If you fail a long and a hard mission would you kill someone? No you wouldn't. I wouldn't. But the truth is that some kids still do. I'm 13 and i got computer 5 years ago. My brother works in a computer company and he knows much about computers. He installed me a game called Carmageddon 2. The game is very violent and when i first played that i was kind of shocked. In the first month I got used to computer violence and I played Carmageddon and Unreal Tournament all the time and i took it so naturally... I still do and always will... My point is that I and most of children take the violent games as a stressball as mentioned before but some get mad about it and go violent. And that should be stopped... But you can't do nothing about it... Or can we? I have no idea how to stop it... I am sorry for this real long text but now i said all that i had in my mind...
  6. Well your game is not compactible with that mod i think... Tell me what files you replaced and i will send you the original. You can't put a car IN the cargobob but it should have a magnet or something...
  7. Yea thanks for the support... But you can edit post and say "I never said that!" so that's exactly the same thing or can you see the post that it was before editing?
  8. Whoa if this is true then you have made another great service for us lol and we can add this to the glitches and now there is one more place to go to underworld
  9. Chris or anyone i got a suggestion. You should make the deleting option to posts. If you post something useless and then you can change it but when you have nothing to say whatsoever then you could just delete it... Just a suggestion to improve this great place
  10. [offtopic] They should make a deleting option... I will post a topic in suggestions & feedback [/offtopic]
  11. and people say to me that i post too short posts... well im sorry if this is another spam
  12. Post me some of my posts that i have said like "yeah me too" or "thats cool" or something like that. I dont really remember it. Well maybe its my bad...
  13. So okay i will repair my grammar. I didnt know the word "misunderstand" very good and there is an album from Pink called "misundaztood". so i try to avoid that. But how come youre not as agressive as before?
  14. I like badminton I like bumping old pics I like Linkin Park and System Of E Down I play a lot with my computer I DO listen to different genres of music I think Spaz is arrogant I like pizza and other food that is as great as that as dat I never have headache I don't care what people think about me Nothing else in mind now...
  15. When did i double post last time? Huh? And i dont give a gently caress do you like my grammar or not!
  16. The first one was kind of better than the new one because the world was open and you can walk there and so on. I like 1st one more. But i will love the deathmatch. I used to play VC MTA in a DMC clan server and it was RPG and i had so much fun it was great. And ooh when SA real MTA comes out then whoa this is going to be a revolution of RPG
  17. I have these colors too on stuntplanes but i have Tranfender Overhaul mod and i also changed the carcols file and it has exactly the same weirdo colors. Make sure you don't have the same thing installed.
  18. Lol thank you i get the point of bumping now. But why am i weird for everyone? What did i do? I want to see pictures that people made up to make other people believe what they believe that bigfoot exist wich i dont? Does that make me weird? The fact that i use long sentences? Or is it a MISUNDAZTOOD? Is it because i wrote this word once? I dont know... Maybe i am weird i just dont see it myself... Maybe i'm different. Everyone are. But i dont think im so weird...
  19. It's my right to be weird and if you don't like me - ban me... Just an idea. And what's obsessed? I dont know the word... Well maybe thats because im wierd. And i said "at least some ppl give a s**t " because not many people don't post the pictures. not that im fond of bigfoot or something... IM JUST WEIRD OK!? try to live with it...
  20. okay... thats cool... that was short... am i spamming now? well anyways i got the point... well i dont... cya
  21. I am not carjohnson55 lol and i do understand that i cant mess with mods and admins and i have posted potds and one gta3 skin and a trainer that wasnt accepted and i think tyler thing is that he argued about same thing and i dont remember what pics i bumped and i didnt look at their dates because i did not know anything about this rule and i do not SPAM whatsoever. and what do you mean as a spam? I spammed accidently and now i wonder how is this possible. Can anyone explain me what is spamming nowadays? Thank you and im sorry for the argueing but i was a little pissed thats all. JC
  22. SF is the home of the street racing and burning rubber... But still I dont like it... I dont like LV either... LS is the best i think
  23. Desert Eagle, Silenced Pistol and Knifle
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