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  1. Hmm i remember when i modded GTA3 and changed the spawn frequency there but i had some program. Just check around for some tools. Maybe "San Andreas Advanced Control" will help. I haven't tried. Heres the link: http://www.thegtaplace.com/pafiledb.php?ac...download&id=574
  2. As cod i like gangs too. I think mafia sucks and its so much cooler with the gang-banging. But I expect something totally new
  3. I'd like to but I uninstalled SA. Im working on a SA total conversion like that ppl gives me some textures and i retexture them but im getting enough of this so I will reinstall SA soon
  4. Noone said that the vehicles had to be like that. The chat is about chases. But the chases are made supermoronic by the police heli. Isn't there a mod where you can remove the heli or something? I so hate the heli - it can go everywhere! And MW chasing style pwns all in-pursuit styles ever made in games i think
  5. Nice pictures! Here are mine with names added to them and some editions. Enjoy!
  6. Kewl! Thouhgt that i would join in to SA Most Wanted mod but the one here seems much more realistic. I can texture and skin and such... That means no modelling or scripting whatsoever cuz im noob =D
  7. Yeah good question. If they ever will. I think they don't cause everyone are waiting for GTA 4...
  8. Too plain advertising. But since im so kind and a good guy then i will click on the ads have fun with building up your community! EDIT: SLayer does parkour and hes reading the post ATM and i bet he says anything about the parkour too =P
  9. Had same problem with SOF =P. Dont know why is it like that but my friend has it too... Well do a format mate =D
  10. Limewire is made for file sharing so a office worker can send a file to his boss that has some things about a new project on it. Thats the undercover talking and it excuses LimeWire and other P2P (peer to peer) programs totally. The real deal is that LimeWire is mading for guys like us. Downloading and sharing. Mostly downloading. But it isn't LimeWire creator's fault that people do that. He just wants to help companys share .doc files right? Right. So only illegal thing is you when you upload / download these files. LimeWire itself is 100% legal
  11. Ehh I thought youre a beginner in parkour but you are a total professional! All of you... The vid was just exellent! And by the way linkin park is my fav band and Runaway is my fav linkin park song so... Thats my fav song at all and the vid was hypergreat too!
  12. Omfg i washed my feet once with soap and it dropped im so gay now? My dad's friend went to jail for 8 years and i bet when he was washing hands and dropped the soap once... And if a guy goes to jail he has to be bad....
  13. I guess you messed up with the stats. Eaze up with the numbers then try it. if you add like 80.9 instead of 3.2 then no wonder it freezes
  14. Rofl! HaHa! You think tommy's "bad"? And his clothes? Well welcome to florida. The year is 1986. What do you think he was supposed to wear then? And the thing that he has no girlfriends makes him gay??? if ur playing Counter Strike you dont have a GF. CS is "bad"! Half Life 2? Nope. Gay! I have no girlfriend either. Am I gay? And if Tommy is in prison for 15 years hes "bad" now? Geez i dont want to go to jail! I find this topic hugely useless. Tommy is cool and this topic isnt!
  15. Joonas


    I think its too.... I dont know.... Too unique to be olympics? I mean like its same as "snowboarding" on sand in desert. Too... different.... But its one of the best 'sports' i think...
  16. Joonas


    Geez i never did the roll... I was too afraid But can you do it well? And the harder things you talked about?
  17. Joonas


    Ive seen videos and thats where my intrest came from. My friend broke his hand - we used to practice together - and now we don't do it anymore. I thought its too risky but i liked it though. A very cool thing to do i'd say
  18. These are not compactible with your san andreas i think. They work on me but maybe you have v2? I dont know thats all i can say
  19. I totally hope they make old connections but if its confirmed that they dont then it's bad... It was so cool to see Claude in tSA and Ken and Kent Paul and it was just so cool... i dont know why... But I really hope they make connections on next GTA. But we must wait ages until GTA 4 is being released =/
  20. Yeah it's easy to send a savegame to others but think when you complete the game when all the flying missions are done and you don't need to fly anymore. Don't you think you'll need flying skill? And maybe your problem is that you don't read the instructions while starting to fly. Like pulling in the wheels and such. I can fly pretty well now and when i couldn't i was in a same mood as you. So I suggest you to keep on trying. I downloaded the savegame and was about to do the missions but the savegame didnt work on me - the game just closed. And there is pretty much chance that the savegame will close to other people too so you only have one way to complete SA i think...
  21. What reinstalling are you guys talking about? He needs a line of text. Is it too hard to just copy a line from yer data folder? Guess so... Here you go! 494, hotring, hotring, car, HOTRING, HOTRING, null, ignore, 1, 0, 0, -1, 0.82, 0.82, -1
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