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  1. LOL! If you are really doing this then it's going to be great! I wish i could help doing it somehow. I can do the logo for the radio. But first i need to know what is going to be the name of it. And the name depends of the genre. And the genre depends of this poll / topic here. So vote, people, vote!
  2. I think you mean 512 mb. But I can't afford iPod either and i have creative MuVo with also 512 MB and i'm happy for that. I've also heard that iPod breaks easely. it's too expensive and it has too many problems with it. Even if i could afford it, I wouldn't buy it
  3. I dont know how to make polls so you can vote good or bad or such so im just making a topic and say what you think about the band. Most of the guys in my class hate LP but i dont care - its my fave 4 life EDIT: Oh dear I just noticed that the LP topic exists.... Sorry... But that was old anyway and to avoid bumping old pics, post yer comments in this topic. Then it's good for something at least...
  4. I used to say "I love you" to some girls that i liked, too but that wasn't love. I was - i dont know - nine then or something... Dont remember too good. But i haven't felt the real love yet
  5. Yes, AGIYF its a good idea but do you have a quality microphone? So it would sound like a commercial. I can do the "script" for the commercials. . And i also can mix music. But im pretty much sucky on that...
  6. I read it all but i don't understand some things. I mean you made yourself clear and i guess you're in the part of your life when love takes over you and just as you said - you can't control it. But what i don't understand is love. I'm 13 and i have never loved someone in my life. But if you want to talk about it, im available. Take care.
  7. I've made many noobish radio stations to VC... I have a real sucky mic so i can't really talk in there cuz the quality is lower then the bottom of the deepest part in atlantic ocean . Are you going to talk in the radio station too? It would be a useful one if you'd do. Otherwise it would be a user track player with no music choosing options...
  8. Whoa! Really hot parking . I will try it later and invent my own parking Oh and Spaz can ye post your noob list later? If it ain't nothing private... I just wanna know who are the noobs (I bet im in the list )
  9. Neither am I and most of us aren't
  10. Nice bump At first i thought it was a replacement for jet pack . It's well made and pretty modern. I like it
  11. Yeah. It was nice. You have a better one
  12. Are you a modeller? If you are then maybe you can do some cars. If you have made some then post pictures of them here and let the others see them and comment them
  13. Yeah i think it's very boring too... But you can try the car ramming . There are maps called Destruction Derby and Break. Try them. Maybe they're more fun
  14. I think it was the thing where you had to steal military stuff. Answer: I might be wrong but i think it's Reuniting the families. If it's not then i mean the last mission in Los Santos...
  15. I can't mod, code, do websites or edit audio for s**t! But man... Im down with the whole texturing part! And skinning too if you mean making shirts. If you're talking about modelling then i can't do it... Anyway tell me and everyone more about this.
  16. I totally understand the rule now and i wont bump old topics again. Yeah there is nothing more to say, you can close the topic
  17. The fact that she's been here more than me gives her a right to call me a fag? Cool rules you got going on here...
  18. It can't be automated because they choose the best picture. A computer can't choose it itself...
  19. Lol I think he means something else... Mt Chiliad... Way too big for LC!
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