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  1. I have left the forums but I stopped by and I just couldn't leave without commeting. Anyways I think the vid is made a little lousy and I noticed that the cars that were driven were dented when arriving to the destination Also little signs here and there. In 1st ep. I found it funny when you went near the guy and it showed 'press tab to kiss' or something Also the music is way too classical. I dont mean the style like pop or rock but I mean you used Requiem for a Dream and Clubbed to Death. These are the most classical songs ever to add into a GTA : SA video. But I just cant help it. I love long videos and these ones kept me on the screen and I was enjoying my every second. 9 / 10 on the scale Edit: Also wanted to add that this will happen to everyone who will give theirselves to others. U cant trust noone in video storylines or in real life...
  2. That would be cool. Dam I still have to stop by to check some topics sometimes
  3. Bump.. The album is finally ready! Download it here! http://www.dmc-clan.co.uk/forum/attachment...eas%5B69%5D.pdf
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    Well have fun! ( guess [/spam] =/ )
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    Indeed Gerard. Youre right. The topics that are old really should be locked so it wouldn't be no trouble of bumping topics. I think thats a major idea. Yeah maybe being lousy is ignoring the staff but who knows. Cya ( until you post here again =P )
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    Have I broke the rules? Indeed. Too much. Have I ignored staff? No. Never. Its all because I dont watch post dates (all my bad) and I think its not quite fun to be afraid of getting banned everytime you post. The forum I joined doesn't have any time limits of posting and they dont make a huge mess up here either. Well anyways have fun. Ill be visiting you by times. I had fun here. Cya!
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    Since ive been 2 much trouble and i have much better forum to hang in so im going to retire / quit teh forum and sum of you want it and sum dont well anyways im gone. have a nice day! cya spaz & ppl!
  8. But even those who dont like the map - R* could add hell of a cool features like in SA. Swimming, gym, clothes you know
  9. I also hope you could eat in restraunts and bars and there would be only one junk food place. I hated them all...
  10. Have you ever heard of people who doesn't actually use trainers in their savegames when completing the game? Guess not. Get used to it. Believe me. They exists. BTW was there a stretch for ya then?
  11. I dont think too many people will understand who the last character is. Most wont even understand the GTA london character nor bubby from GTA1 so i suggest ya 2 make Toni, Tommy, CJ and Claude. Just an idea. And oh you could remove the 'glass' or crystal exxect from bottom. It would be cooler
  12. You are me aren't ya Mako... I had exactly the same problem... until... my friend said that... i can find it... IN VERCETTI MANSION!!! The other side of the entrance stairs where infernus is parking. Sometimes it will spawn admiral but sometimes its stretch. Have fun
  13. You do the videos really good. I like that you have a style not only random music and some stunts like most videos. I think your videos are best I've ever seen. Im gonna check out all of them then ill let you know wich one i like the most
  14. Who the duck is the last guy on 2nd banner? It sucks anyways. 1 anytime.
  15. EVERYTHING. I know it's too much but it's what I want. SA wasn't too far from it if you think it over... Rap, Soul, Country, Rock, Rap, Funk, House, Classical 'rock' (Dunny why they call K-DST rock. It isn't), master sounds (however u call it. i never listen it) and reggae. Pretty close. But I still want more on the next one =)
  16. Damn right. But you cant get it all on Xbox. I mean experience. Noone of you dunno how fun VC really is. MTA:VC + DMC (RPG Clan) = Ultra fun. Im not saying because im a member of this clan and i wanna represent it blah blah blah I just don't think you can do anything more fun than it!
  17. Whats emo music? Ive heard of emo people but no idea what their music is like =P And I think it's very hard to do radio station to SA. It was easy to vice since you had them in files and there was a converter to put em in MP3 so you can edit or listen them but ever wondered why ppl talk about the missions you've done in radio stations? Because the files are seperated and coded for the missions and i have no idea how 2 change them. Maybe you didn't know it or maybe you're a pro. Good luck doing it tho
  18. OMFG I already made topic about bigfoot fake pics!
  19. But too many GTA fans have PC only and that would be s**t when they couldn't experience LCS. Im saying this cause i never had any consoles exept PC myself either and I so want to play LCS...
  20. I dont like PSP too much. The reason is that i don't have one. But I'd like VC very much. I like VC so much. Maybe as much as SA. I was a member of a clan who's server was closed yesterday (April 16th) and we had so much fun in VC. So if you play VC MTA then find a RPG (Role playing game) server for yourself and so many new & good friends and great time & fun is guaranteed. VC had a great environment to do anything and I'd defenetly like VC stories. But on PC. I cant wait until they put GTALCS to PC. But I'm afraid they wont... =(
  21. MORE SHOPS!!! Im a maniac I know but cmon there are just too less shops admit it! As pyro I also like people coming out of their houses for going to work or something. That would be so cool. You could do very super hitman missions then =P. But I don't like the round world idea. Cause they aren't going to put whole world in GTA and a state isn't roundy...
  22. Since everyone likes RX-8 then im going to change the carbon hood into a real one. And thanks for support everyone! EDIT: Here you go. I made little changes. The carbon hood was crap from the time i didn't know how to do it good but here is V2. Actually it's V8 or something cause ive made hell of edits but 2 is enough for now =)
  23. Im fine with the one we have now but I dont mind if you'd put up a new one so I have nothing against
  24. Here are some of my cars. Most of them are just practicing. That means I add random parts to them. I haven't made much cars with style but soon I'm going to. Anyways give your comments. I like feedback.
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