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    Reading Suggestions

    I'll have to check out Look Me In The Eye, that sounds interesting. The other titles do as well. I've been reading the Lincoln Rhyme series of novels by Jeffrey Deaver. You may or may not have heard of or seen the movie "The Bone Collector" (www.imdb.com/title/tt0145681/) with Denzel Washington, but that film was based off of the first book in this series with the same title. They're kind of cheesy, but I really like the suspense. Before I got into this series I had finished The Tommyknockers by Stephen King, a pretty underrated book by him in my opinion. Somewhere in between I had finished Bird Box (http://www.amazon.com/Bird-Box-Novel-Josh-Malerman/dp/0062259652) which is a short yet very interesting read.
  2. Out of curiosity, why did you choose to include "DvdRip" / the year in the title?
  3. rockstarrem

    [SPOILER] Which ending should I choose in GTA V?

    Yes, in the future please put a spoiler tag in the title. I've edited it for you this time.
  4. rockstarrem

    Rocktar investigating early unauthorized sales

    I don't remember this many leaks for GTA IV. It was a while ago so I could be remembering incorrectly. They probably just want to set an example for their next title.
  5. rockstarrem

    Will GTA 5 be the best Rockstar's game?

  6. rockstarrem

    First place to visit in GTA V?

    Lol sounds so dramatic. But yeah basically what Nate said, after some missions.
  7. rockstarrem

    Xbox live gamertags // Find friends to compete with!

    rockstarrem, if you add me PM me on here or message me on XBL so I know who you are.
  8. rockstarrem

    Which system will you be getting GTA V on?

    Xbox 360 & PC
  9. rockstarrem

    The Eagles treat ya in 2013

    I'm definitely gonna check this out. Thanks for posting about this, it looks pretty well done.
  10. rockstarrem

    New GTAV Trailers! Michael. Franklin. Trevor.

    Those were all amazing trailers. Really excited to see some gameplay.
  11. rockstarrem

    Do you play online?

    I would just like to do a poll on the activity of GTA IV's online play in our community. Please be honest. I'm gonna pin this top for a couple of weeks so it catches peoples interest.
  12. rockstarrem

    TGTAP's 10th Anniversary

    Congrats Chris and everyone on TGTAP! I remember coming here just to get info and use the downloadable 100% checklists, now this site has grown to something much more epic. I know the future will be amazing.
  13. rockstarrem

    GTA V Trailer 2 Analysis

    We hope you enjoyed the epic second trailer for GTA V released earlier today. Here's our thoughts and analysis of what we saw. Screenshot #1: On whatever platform Rockstar is using, the draw distance is truly amazing. You can see the whole city from this mountain side view. Screenshot #2: We can see a tennis court (side activity?) and all of Michael’s mansion, on the left of the tennis court, we can see a man using a leaf blower. Screenshot #3: We can see some different types of vegetation along the driveway, along with a car that looks a bit like the Audi R8 Spyder. Screenshot #4:We can see Michael’s (at least somewhat) promiscuous daughter that has a tramp stamp and a below the neck tattoo of some sort. We can also see Michael’s wife in some tennis clothing. They are both arguing about having a male sleep over the house. Screenshot #5:We can see Michael holding a drink and smoking a cigar. Screenshots #6 & #7: We can see Michael picking up a leaf and throwing it to get it away from the pool. This shows that Michael cares about his property very much, and probably thinks that the landscaper we saw earlier is doing a subpar job. Screenshots #10 & #11: We can see a Mesa Grande, Sabre GT/Sabre, and possibly a Cheetah. In the underpass we can see a train passing by, it’s brakes squealing as it comes to a stop. Next to the train we can see some water flowing. Screenshot #12:We can see a very big difference in the type of vehicles in this area compared to the city area. We mostly just see 18-wheeler trucks (hopefully detachable backs). Maybe trucking missions will make a return? Along with the trucks, we can see some windmills and satellite dishes in the background. They seem to appear a lot in the desert area. Screenshots #13 & #14: We can see an intoxicated man struggling to walk, a brawl going on, and a car that looks like a Tornado driving by in front of a bar. We can see our favorite brands return, such as Redwood cigarettes and Pibwasser beer. Screenshot #15: We can hear Trevor yelling in the background about crank, which is a very strong type of Methamphetamine very popular in the midwestern states. Crank is used a lot by truckers to stay awake during their long journeys. We can see that Trevor is holding some sort of gun. We also see a trailer in the background sinking in water, most likely caused by some sort of flood or an earthquake (earthquakes happen frequently in California). It is also suggested that Trevor's last name is Phillips, since he mentions "Trevor Phillips Enterprises". Screenshot #16: We can see an aquarium in the background that is not filled with water. Trevor looks like he’s about to smash a man’s head into the wood. Screenshot #17: Trevor smashes a man’s head into the wood. Screenshot #18: Possible tattoo of a pot leaf on Trevor’s hand. Look’s like he’s holding a gun, most likely a sawed off shotgun. Screenshot #19: We can see the Bandito makes a return. Screenshot #21: We can see a very angry Trevor throwing a Molotov cocktail. We also see some sort of purple vegetation on the left, probably different than the earlier screenshots. Maybe some sort of plant picking similar to Red Dead Redemption? Screenshot #22: We can see a trail of fire rising from the Molotov cocktail that Trevor threw. Either that’s really, really dry wood or Trevor poured some gasoline in the house first. Screenshot #23: Trevor walks away from the burning house. Again, we see vegetation in the background. We also see Trevor being a . Screenshot #28: We can see dead bodies and gas tanks in the background. Screenshot #29: An SUV in the background and a BMW looking car. Screenshot #30: One of the main San Francisco bridges is shown. Screenshot #31: We see part of San Francisco here, doesn’t that dome in the background look familiar? Also, check out how much the busses have changed... I bet we’ll be able to walk around on them and get on and off at bus stops. Screenshot #35: We see another type of Audi vehicle, maybe the same as the one before, being driven off by Franklin. Screenshot #36: We can see the license plate says "SA Exempt". California has the license plate "CA Exempt" to denote government vehicles. This would imply that Franklin is stealing a government issued vehicle. Screenshot #37: Some sort of race or getaway is going on? Screenshot #42: We can see the interior of Franklin’s home, and possibly his girlfriend or sister in the scene as well. Screenshot #43: A closer look at his sister/girlfriend. Screenshot #44: Police follow a truck that is filled with cars (Franklin is most likely driving). Screenshot #45: Seems like the back can be controlled to drop cars off in situations like this to distract your opponent. Screenshot #55: Rockstar's own "Apple" computer is shown (called "Fruit"). We also see Michael talking to someone, most likely a psychologist or psychiatrist about his son, James. Screenshot #57: We see someone hanging on to the sail of a boat, most likely his son James. Screenshot #62: If you look at the license plate, it says San Andreas and not Los Santos. Screenshot #66: We see Michael’s son, James, all tatted up, talking about “bouncing”. We can observe that Michael does not like when his son uses the term “bounce”. Screenshot #67: We see Trevor kicking someone’s face in. Screenshot #70: Maybe a new plane, or a Beagle? Screenshot #72: An absolutely stunning shot of the mountains we’ll be able to see, and hopefully play on. Screenshot #73: A safe is being blown out of the wall, most likely in a bank. Screenshot #76: Some robbers holding assault rifles. Screenshot #78: Dogs (rotweiller)! Cars! CLUCKIN’ BELL?! Screenshot #79: If we look on the street pole we can see some postings. One looks like a missing person or missing pet poster. Maybe we can do these as side missions? Screenshot #81: Franklin hops over a car. Maybe we’ll be able to hop over cars like this in free roam? Screenshot #82: A dog hops on to a car and hops off of a car, Screenshot #83: Michael rappels down a building. Screenshot #85: A man disguised as a Bugstar employee (most likely a pest removal service) wearing a gas mask and using his gun to smash some glass. And yeah, I tried calling 999-BUGSTAR and it’s a non-working number. Screenshot #87: We see the name of three of the roads, Sel Perro Fwy, Elipse Blvd, and Bay City Ave. Screenshot #88: Some sort of military issued Jeep falling out of a plane. Screenshot #92: A man jumps out of the jet or the jeep and uses the parachute to land. Reminds me of a certain mission in San Andreas... Screenshot #93: We see some guys racing on Quad’s and Sanchez’s, in full offroad racing gear. Maybe we can wear this outfit as we wish. Screenshot #95: A big collision in the race. Screenshot #102: Looks like a Buzzard attack helicopter, previously seen in The Ballad of Gay Tony. Screenshot #103: A military jet, most likely a Hydra. Screenshot #105: A police helicopter, probably the new Police Maverick. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed what we have! If you see any errors or have any suggestions, please post in the forums and let us know!
  14. rockstarrem

    Two New GTA V Screenshots

    Probably cause it's ugly due to the DRAW DISTANCE SUCKING TOTAL DICK. Or maybe because the sea is boring, just water everywhere... Based on the screenshots, do you really feel this way about the draw distance?
  15. rockstarrem

    GTA V Trailer 2 Analysis

    Good eye! I added it in on Screenshot #36.
  16. rockstarrem

    GTA V Trailer 2 Analysis

    You have to remember that Rockstar's version of San Francisco will probably be inside of Los Santos, this is a completely separate universe from the past GTA games.
  17. rockstarrem

    GTA V Trailer 2 Analysis

    Judging from past GTA's, the same vehicle names will most likely return, obviously along with some additions. Even if Houser said it's a different universe, it's the same universe as GTA IV as far as I know. Cars from that game can return, and some cars from that game also came from a universe completely separate (GTA III era).
  18. rockstarrem

    GTA V Trailer 2 Analysis

    Thanks for the corrections. Thanks, corrected.
  19. rockstarrem

    I need yalls help. Please?

    Sorry, we cannot help you with pirated versions of the game. Locked.
  20. It's cool that you can get PC games used... where are you?
  21. rockstarrem

    GTA3 Ending Song

    Do you realize how much quality you lost through transcoding that song not only once, but like, five times? Damn son.
  22. rockstarrem

    GTAV vehicles in Max Payne 3 vehicles.ide file

    Yeah, Agent makes a lot more sense. Seems that they're probably going to release that next, as it's shown as "COMING SOON" on the Rockstar Social Club games page.
  23. Yeah, bullet time fills up gradually in case you can't kill anybody. But it fills up quicker with every kill. Post at our sister site that's dedicated to Max Payne if you have any other questions http://paynekillers.com/forums/
  24. Need to order some chips, stomach is proper growling at half 4.

  25. I'm not sure what you are saying. The servers would be hosted by Rockstar, not Facebook. Both companies get a pretty ridiculous amount of cashflow. How realistic this whole thing is is probably not very realistic right now, but in the future I'm sure games will be played like this in one way or another.