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  1. nice, looks san andreas-e. i like it
  2. when your bored what do you do? i usually sleep
  3. i just finished seeing it IT WAS FREAKING AWSOME!!!
  4. it looks like he just renderd clouds did i ge it?
  5. you should try bluring the full metal guy on a duplicated layer and then bring down the layer occupancy if your using photoshop
  6. lol i have heard of that happening hundreds of times but im pretty sure only a couple of them were true
  7. yeah it was mc hammer dancing
  8. if i get a psp the only reason ill get it is for dynasty warriors and gt3 lcs
  9. mos def for sure he doesnt sing about is hoes and money
  10. thanks guys two more days of school left and im stoked because the mars volta is coming to el paso june 8
  11. not really but close im in el paso texas it hit 105 two days ago and it was around 100 today and not a cloud in the sky
  12. i left for a while because i got sucked into the skating life but now its too hot to skate
  13. person123


    whats up guys i came back i forgot about the gta place for a while and left but now im back woo
  14. man its been a while i just got socom 2 and it stopped my gta playing its also the reason i havent been here in a while
  15. i got this ar max code that takes you to lc buy entering the zip store
  16. i just got the ar max pen drive and i found out how to get my pics from san andreas to my pc and i took some pics of liberty city
  17. yeah the shop isnt really working right now but it will be fixed sometime or another
  18. and where you do torenos missions and that long railroad bridge connecting lv to sf its on the arch nearest to sf
  19. i fell asleep in algebra today my teacher told the guy next to me to hit me to wake up
  20. WOO! ninjas everywhere I LOVE IT!!
  21. in just a couple of days i will have been here a year WOO!!
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