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    gang mod

    i tried messing with the pedgrp.dat but when i drive into a new area (wherever area im in when the game loads) it gets the exception error or whatever, altho sometimes i see walking fireman which i put there, so app that one works, but noone else, except criminal01
  2. i wish it could be run under opengl, i never have issues with those games, which means, of course, im NOT a fan of unrealbased games, they all have these fgraphical gltiches n thelikes, and far cry look shite and runs choppy n laggy with the default direct3d, but that game CAN be run under opengl fortunately =)
  3. ummm exactly WHAT was gone, something from the hud?
  4. well if one wanna have some fun while playing this game, then one slaughters civis ^^
  5. and clubber as many civis as you can; cash is good, cash is nice
  6. its the most nonoptimized pc conversion i ever played, buggy, glitchy, incredibly laggy despite being WAY WAY above rec hardware etc etc; such a shameANyhow how can i view my stats and NOT end the game?
  7. Stinger (with the Mini Cooper skin) and Stallion (with Challenger 70 skin) and Hoods Rumpo
  8. ive been trying to add a new prostitute like this, in Default.ide i added - 87, prostitute3, prostitute3, CIVFEMALE, STAT_PROSTITUTE, sexywoman, 0,l as you can see im trying to make a prostitute thats based on NOT the default prostitute skin, and ive added in Pedgrp.dat - male02, const2, criminal01, ct_man1, prostitute3, female02, female03, prostitute2 # default But it wont work; no prostitute other than the 2 original ones approaches the car, so any1 knows what i missed to do to make this work?
  9. the old chicks that screams "i hate his friggin mother!", "were going to aruba!" and "i never seen that before"
  10. unless one trims the Rumpo like i have hehe But yes originally sentinel is better, its merely a q of ones personal taste
  11. dont think one can repair/respray "official" cars there /police, firetruck, fbi car etc) but i could be wrong
  12. something like 10 secs, even after i trimmed it, it wont fly, so screw it, i use it as a car instead and scare people
  13. Id say 5 or 6, its fun to play but sometimes ridicously hard to achieve certain missions; im convinced noone has ever managed to play thru EVERY mission and NOT used a trainer ^^ Graphicswise its good for such an old game imo, all the various cartypes makes it entertaining plus the fact its easy to change the colours, either in the carcols.dat or even ingame with the spray n pray shop the weps arent good and lack any feel to themselves, but then again it aint a FPS, one key feature i really miss is from the excellent psx Driver games - a special key just for Burnouts Another feature i lack from the aforementioned excellent psx Driver games are the function called "Take a drive", you choose whichever car you wanna drive and then you just simply drive, no missions or anything, in Driver it could be used to familiarize yourself with the streets, and to me prolonged its life with years cuss it was so fun just to pick a car and drive The engine sounds arent good, the diablo sounds like a (badly) tuned lawnmower or something
  14. yep thats why i take continous copies if i do changes; hence my 9 diff copies of handling.cfg
  15. pedgrp.dat -- male02, shopper2, criminal01, criminal02, female01, female02, female03, prostitute # default and the Default setting --male02, male03, fatmale01, fatmale02, female01, female02, female03, fatfemale01ie its the diff groups of pedestriansinhabitating the surroundings
  16. The best part about that is how the cops pay no attention to gangs walking around with pistols, uzis, and shotguns blasting anything that they wish to but there is hell to pay if you should bump into one of their squad cars. One of the major things that just wrecks the game for me. I totally agree in that, and the fact acommon everyday car has equal speed and accelerationas the sports car, doesnt make sense and wrecksit for me as well, altho its easy to fix in handling.cfg Same with flamethrower, funniest wep in GTA3, default range is what, 0.5 m or something ? Now its 15-20m (or equivalent) hehe ^^
  17. no matter how i mix n match the pedgroup (i do love to have "prostitute" everywhere day/night ) it dont seem to take effect; putting "worker1" in every part does NOT make him there in every part of Lib city when i play
  18. the pathetic attempts by go0gle to domme the entire planet

  19. well, theres a skin for the Player called "Lil girl", basically someone (the readmeh dont say who) took the Prostitute and made 3 diff Player models in shape of the "workin girl", if someones interested i could upload some new skins i made for that mod, i have like 15 diff ones, new colours for the jacket, added thighhigh boots and various fishnet stockings etc, if someones interested reply to this by saying so, and then i will ul it
  20. another way is to make sure the cars cannot "drown", then you get wherever you wanna go haha ^^ Its in the "handling.cfg"
  21. i use rocketlauncher for that mission, i tweaked it so it fires about 5 times faster ie its raining rockets onto those damn cartels mofos haha ;o
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