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  1. In my opinion beer is absolute crap. Never can get passed the 4th gulp. Voted spirits. Love black label (never had blue, gold and green though.. Planning to get blue in the near future). Just bought a bottle of black label today (: Love that stuff. Got a bottle of that downstairs. Never had it, planing to have it in something like 20 minutes.
  2. Hmm.. Apart from the fact that the damned game wouldn't activate.. (Like damn it, I bought a LEGAL version, it should ACTIVATE then... Meh.. thanks Razor. Can't be bothered to contact R*. Wouldn't play MP anyway. And when I plan to do so, I guess I will have to.. Support usually takes ages though). But hey, the game itself works like a breeze. Everything maxed out except for textures.. I can't because I don't have 1GB of VRAM... dumb limitation >.> But I'm quite enjoying it so far (: And yeah, glad to be back 'home'
  3. And then I'm back again.... Oh, hi guys (: Anyway, I'm back from India. Tried to meet up with JayD (Lord Voldemort), but couldn't... And that really isn't out of laziness, we (I and my parents) had an extremely tight schedule. Was quite nice. Turns out that I've got an awesome cousin (the daughter of my mom's sister. That's not a niece but a cousin, right?). Delhi traffic is awful. I seriously thought I would get killed in some accident there.. Going to try out GTA IV now though First time PC version. Let's see how that is.
  4. Saturday is here :o

    Taxi coming in half an hour, so I better get going. Just thought I'd quickly drop this before my leave.

    PS: My mom is considering visiting Mumbai (in case her sister can't get leave).

  5. Am I the only one who actually thinks CoD WaW was/is better than CoD 4 MW? Anyway, just to join your party: FUCK YES!
  6. Haven't played GTA IV enough yet to comment, but seriously... What the effin hell is Spore doing on that list? It really was the biggest let-down of the year. Played it for something like 5 days. Haven't even started Spore up once after that. Braid? What? LBP looks awesome. Don't know if it deserves #3, but at least top 10. Hunted Forever and Fieldrunners... again. What? Where's COD5? That game was awesome, and Crysis Warhead was great too. Much, much better than Spore >.> And Far Cry 2, apart from the shitty AI, is a very amusing game too. Super Smash Bros Brawl... Totally forgot about that one. Anyway, seems the performance problem has been somewhat softened, can't wait to get going with GTA. Fuck. It's probably going to be the only thing I'll be doing on the first of Jan (if it is really much beter than San An that is (which I loved btw)).
  7. Rockstar... they've disappointed me... The superior version ends up to be just a crappy port. How could IGN even give this a 9,5? Damn.. A patch beter come quick.
  8. Ok, let's tell you this... There is no computer that can run this decently (so maxed out with good FPS..) nothing. Man... >.>
  9. Like what the fuck... People with a GTX 260 need to play the game on medium. GTA IV is actually heavier than Crysis Well, I'm not going to buy the game until this problem is fixed. The performance really is something one has to cry for.
  10. Sorry I'm late.. Congrats to Chris and staff (but really mainly to Chris). Ah, 2 years back... man I loved those days.. Which I actually could get TGTAP addicted again.
  11. But I don't want to be activated ! Anyway, protection is fine. Just these simple .exe things, you know. Not all the other crap SucuROM is giving us. The people who are willing to replace the .exe also are willing to just replace a few dll's to get the game cracked. Just this minor protection so noobs/idiots can't is enough. And really, I hate those specs they always give. Just for once give the specs needed to have everything on high or something like that. Not those minimum requirement bullshit. If you barely meet the minimum, you just shouldn't get the game, you won't be able to have the good gaming experience. Simple as that.
  12. Time to start filling my room with those caffeine drinks. My senses are telling me that some very, very long nights are nearing. Though I still find the textures blurry (a real shame BTW), I'm starting to actually get a little exited. Getting it together with Far Cry 2. Far Cry for day time, GTA for evening. This is going to be Gamers Heaven or something like that.
  13. http://wii.ign.com/articles/920/920705p1.html That game me hope. Please a bit more "next-gen" Zelda. Like, with physics and stuff. And with Zelda, but a little different this time 'round. Oh I can't wait for an announcement of a new Zelda
  14. Got Assassins Creed and I actually like it Orange Box too and I love it. I too now am a Half-life addict. I'll pick up Episode 3 as soon as it's in shops. Also purchased Crysis Warhead (on the day of it's release). If you've got a fairly new computer (say, of the past 3 months, or just a powerfull one before that time), then you really should get it if you're into FPS. Uhm.. what more.. Well, still don't have Brawl >.> I'll be getting it someday though... And I've got COD4. *cough* Not from a shop and not from steam *cough*. Hell, I'll be buying COD 5 World at War anyway. And Far Cry 2 (in one or two weeks. At it's release anyway.. got a pre-order on Amazon). Can't wait, looks really awesome.
  15. @Toonskull: Ubuntu is but one of the many distro's... The most user friendly. Being able to use that doesn't mean all linux distro's are so easy to use. And about the price, well, it is meant for proffesionals en companies after all. They'll be making money because they've got Adobe's software. For those companies and proffesionals the price is pretty fair IMO. They should make some another 'version' that comes with a different licence or something like that, at a cheaper pricepoint. And by the way, if I'm not mistaken CS4 gets GPU acceleration. Not sure if it's nVidia only. I know that Premiere Pro has a few nVidia only effects in CS4. But that's for nVidia's quadro's, not Geforce.
  16. same aka [something]: You have never used Vista or you have, but have a shitty computer. I know that, because if you what I said was not true, you'd like Vista more or at least as much as Windows XP. It isn't 'cool' to say what other people have said you know. Use it and draw your own conclusions. And though the graphic card isn't great, if you aren't planing to run games, then it will be fine.
  17. In that case you've spent a warehouse full of cash. Dell's XPS line (the high-end one with that SLI) was very expensive. They're pretty easy to upgrade though. It uses DDR2, I'm sure. @Cosbuster: CPU is enough, card isn't though. RAM should be enough for XP. You mean like 2x 2,5GHz for a dual core, right? If you are talking about OC'ed C2D: shut up. You won't be able to play it anyway.. You'll need a new mobo, new card, new CPU, new RAM. So upgrading isn't enough. And what do you mean with "even I"? 4 years ago, that was a good computer. 3 years ago it would have been ok. Not anymore dude..
  18. That's a kick-ass laptop you've got there dude @Borring: CPU and GFX card aren't enough. @Lethal Izzles: 80.. Well, I think so. I've got a single card and Bioshock runs well above 80 and I don't think GTA IV will be that much heavier, so yeah, I think it will. @Carbon: It won't (: @Cosbuster: At low? I think it can at that reso. I expect GTA IV to be RAM hungry though. Edit: LETHAL IZZLES, YOU FOOL Powerful system, but just 2GB, come on dude. RAM is damned cheap, stick in another 2GB man. For Crysis it makes a difference, I think it will for GTA IV too, as lots has to be loaded (if you play at max). Though not that much difference as Warhead of course (which really uses A LOT of mem. Damn.)
  19. Laptop.. Well, CPU-Z will tell. But not every laptop can get it's RAM upgraded. And yeah, if you're not some fanboy that hangs to nVidia, then you should get that HD4870. If you're on a smaller budget, then HD4850. You won't regret it. And it's a pretty cheap card. High-end like for a midrange price. I'm waiting for nVidia's GT200b, which should become the new GTX 280. It it's fast enough I'll get it. Or I'll wait a bit longer, for when I switch to Nehalem and then go SLI (as X38 doesn't support SLI, but CF). Meh, prob get that GTX 280 and skip Nehalem wand get Westmere (or what ever its called).
  20. Talking about 360, WE AREN'T BEING RAPED ANYMORE!. Effin Arcade just costs 160 EUR now, that's dirt cheap!. 360 with that 60GB HDD (Pro?) is just 200 EUR. Elite is 240 I think, but I'm not sure about that one. THAT'S AWESOME. I was going to buy one, but then I realised I really don't have any reason to (apart from Halo 3). All the games I really want come to PC with better graphics or better controls (shooters). I've always loved Xbox Live though.. I miss those good ol' days playing Halo.
  21. OK, simplified. For at least 6 years now we've got the so called "DDR" memory. Might even be longer, no idea, but for this it doesn't matter anyway. So, just assume all memory (RAM) is called DDR x. x will be the number for the version. Newest is DDR 3, but you don't need that. Only benchmarks really show the big difference, for gaming you're fine with high-end DDR2 (low end too BTW). High-end DDR2 costs less than DDR3 low, so just forget about DDR3. Well, each has their own DIMM slots. Mem banks. Those things you can put your RAM in. With their own I mean, each version has a slightly different DIMM. 6 DIMMS here. It's probably a nehalem board or something. If you don't know what that is, it doesn't matter. You probably have 4 slots. I don't think you'll have more then that. You'd know it if you did (since it's something pretty special). Soo... DDR2 doesn't fit in DDR3 slots. Your mobo is built for a specific version of DDR, you'll need to get that type of RAM. I think CPU-Z can show you which "version" you are using. Just google it. Disconnect your computer once and open the case up. Look around and compare it with pictures on the web. Upgrading RAM is very, very easy. It's much easier than you'd imagine it to be. For me it is something like a 2 minute job. For a normal case I don't think it's going to take longer than 10 minutes. 15 being the absolute max. Just press the RAM strip into the slot. That's all. Very, very easy. But what are your specs? If you've got a slow CPU or GPU, the extra RAM isn't really going to help.
  22. And still underaged in the US Happy birthday Sky. Sorry I'm so damned late.
  23. Uhm... so "dopeman", you're asking us if we think it can play GTA IV? Uh, well, yeah. Perhaps max, because of the relatively low resolution. Oh, wait. No you can't. You've got a trackball. They suck. (:
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