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  1. Ah, well.. you can't have it all Anyway, all looks good. Don't know why you want that second WD HDD though.. Looks sort of overpriced for what you're getting too.. but I guess you've got your reasons. Other then that, I think 4GB is enough for the timebeing. Leaving the option to upgrade at a later time open (by filling 2 of the 4 DIMMs). But then again, it's your choice. Nothing wrong with 8GB of course, but you won't need it for things like gaming, that's for sure. And looking at the CPU of choice (which can be called high-end IMO), I'd suggest getting a bit better cooler, as the Artic Freezer is a rather basic one. It's enough if you don't want to go overclocking, but if you do plan to, then I'd suggest moving to a better one. Coolers aren't exactly expensive, so don't sweat it about that. All in all it looks like a system that you'll like a lot. Hope it all works out (:
  2. Correct (: So-uh... Need any advise or somethin'?
  3. Which is enough for a neat system. But really, no system is future proof for something as long as 5 years. It's just the harsh reality.
  4. Architecture. Different CPU, same architecture. Oh, and you're right in nog going for a Q9650. Those things aren't worth the money at all. Just thought calling it overclocked was funny. That's all.
  5. Ref 9800GT design isn't either. Gigabyte must have just swaped the mem chips. Doesn't take away that all the other things are identical and as I've said previously, you won't need 1GB of mem for games. And at the settings you do need it, the GPU will be to weak (or the CPU will bottleneck the system) Well, fine. Get it. I answered your question didn't I?
  6. 3,2 GHz is fine for a quadcore. Especially if you are, as you said, a heavy multitasker. And again, you won't really notice the difference in RAM speed. RAM speed rarely is a bottleneck. Even in SuperPi I couldn't really see a big difference between 800 MHz and 1066 MHz. Difference of 266 MHz, but it doesn't really make a difference. I'd say, maybe 3 to 4% faster. Nothing special. I've spent just a little more than 3k on my PC in 2008 (all from scrath. So the sum includes monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers. Everything) and I can't imagine it lasting longer than 3 years. Point being that I won't be replacing my PSU, case, keyboard, mouse, speakers and monitor within that time. I think I'll keep those for about 5 to 6 years. But the hardware is going to be upgraded in one years time (when it's slightly less than 2 years old). At least, if I'm not able to run games at max anymore. I could wait longer, but I think that 3 years after date of purchase, the system should be very outdated under my own minimum requirements. If you want to wait 5 years, then I'd actually advise you to get a cheaper CPU, RAM and mobo and just upgrade over 2,5 years with the money you've saved (and add just slightly more to the total sum). You'll better off like that in the long run, I'm sure.
  7. Personally I see mariage as a holly bond between man and women. Therefor I think that gay marriages simply aren't right. Fine, live together. But no marriage. They can put their back account and stuff on both their names and stuff, but not marriage.. More like, I'd rather not have them married. But if they must.. beh, fine. I won't lose a minute of sleep on it. What I do think is just downright wrong is gay couples adopting children. And with that, I leave this topic. I've probably offended some person... Just to make it clear: that wasn't my intention. Merely answering the question raised by this topic.
  8. I see. Well, I'm sorry to say that it won't. Even more than 512mb of VRAM usually doesn't make a difference. Usually.. GTA IV likes the extra VRAM. Crysis doesn't give a crap. For all games apart from GTA IV more VRAM only increases performance at resolutions like 2560x1600, which you probably do not use. I hope it's all clear to you now...
  9. I've got 4 beta keys. Used up one, but haven't actually used the OS yet. Just emulated it. Still waiting for WD to release a 7200rpm version of their 2TB disk. As soon as they do, I'll buy it and install Windows 7 on my other disk.
  10. Uhm.. since when is 2k a real big amount? Anyway, I'd suggest a Asus Rampage Formula. Very, very nice board.
  11. Pandora


    4 GHz Yorkfield. 4GB RAM on a 64 bit OS. Single GTX 295. Anything else?
  12. I already answered your question... You can, but it's pretty darn useless. If anything, stuff will run slower. For what do you want to use it anyway?
  13. Uh, yes. But I found it rather funny that you called it an overclock. Instead, it's a CPU with the same architecture, but set with a higher multiplier. An overclock is when it's running at a higher frequency than a stock model. Difference also being that a slower model will simply lack a higher multiplier option. So it really is a different product.
  14. Ok, let's assume everything I say is right. You can not do that... Despite you thinking that you actually know it better, cause you don't. Especially with that RAM. Not that it's bad in any way, but you just won't get it to 1200 MHz. RAM OC'ing takes quite a bit more than your CPU you know. Even though it's not far, you probably won't get further than 1100 on stock voltage. It's not even that rare that you simply won't be able to pass 1080 MHz on stock voltage. Yeah, cause the BIOS one laptops really give you loads of overclocking options... oh, right. [/sarcasm] At the moment I'm running a system OC'd to 3,6 GHz, undervolted. It runs cooler than at stock. Don't be scared to overclock a bit more, you'll have enough room for that. It does. Which is a good thing, I think. I think so. But really, overclocking your RAM is the last thing one does. 800 MHz is fine for the average person, even for gamers. It's just for things like superpi and high overclocks when one wants 1066 MHz and above. Overal the system looks fine, though 5 years is a very, very long time. I'd say 3 years. After that it's really going to be one of those old, crappy systems. 5 years is to long. It won't brake down in that time though (well, it shouldn't).
  15. I don't give a crap about your BIOS... It's a P45 think. Which is good for casual overclocking, but in no way is it an x serie. You're a fool. I'm sorry, but how can you make such ignorant remark. Newer? In a sense. Updated? Not really. It is, in fact, 100% identical. It doesn't even use the 55nm version of the G92, but the old 65nm one. It uses the same ciruitboard design. It is.. the same card. It's rebranded. It's a strategy by nVidia to get idiots to buy their old products and it seems you are one of those idiots falling for their rebranding trick.
  16. About Vista. Get home premium, not ultimate, not basic. Funny. GTA IV is heavier than Crysis for me. Well, horrible framedrops, and that's not even on maxed out settings. Where as Crysis does max stable. Failure in the sense that it doesn't have a good image. The kernel is great actually. Look at Windows 7. Uses the same kernel, works faster than XP, with all the benefits of Vista. Like how XP was to Windows 2000. If you've got 3GB or more of mem, it works great. It just needs an ok system to begin with. If you meet those requirements (not Microsoft's official requirements), then you're fine and it will work great. Oh, and don't go for Alienware. As Spaz said, they're very overpriced. Not to mention ugly.. You must be out of your mind Lol. That's a very shitty budget system dude. GTA IV is the heaviest game there is. CPU is absolute crap, GPU sucks balls and isn't even meant for gaming. Now you're just being some ignorant fool. x4xx vs x8xx. With the series basically both of the 8 serie, how can you ever even imagine the 9400GT being faster. And how do you imagine 1GB of VRAM making any difference at all? Lol XD Well.. the actual point of this post is: AZN is more or less right. Shouldn't cost you much at all. I'd say 900 EUR, which will be something like slightly less than 1000 pounds. Might even be able to get it for under de 900 pounds, if you look good. Really do buy it online and assemble it yourself. Never ever get components in an actual store.
  17. Overclocking should be done in the BIOS. Programs that overclock work as shit. Do NOT use programs for overclocking your CPU. For your GPU: Rivatuner or ATiTool. Nubitor for a BIOS Flash.
  18. What? Quadpumped I hope. Your FSB is that divided by 4. Anyway, give me your specs, I'll give you advise. If you've got cheap RAM, 1200 MHz is going to be a no go. Other then that, 1500 quad pumped --> 375 MHz. Which is a very, very small overclock. Why OC your CPU so little, but attempt to kill of your RAM? RAM usually doesn't go all that far. I think you won't even be able to raise your RAM by 20 MHz without changing your DRAM Voltage. Keep latencies as they are if you are a beginner. Your card must have some serious problem if it even comes close to 90. It should stay under 75 under normal circumstances. If it isn't, then you might want to up your fanspeed. Or maybe your case is just far too hot. CPU: Yes. RAM: No. GPU: Depends.. it's a non-ref cooler and overclocked. Tell me the temps. If above 80/85, then I wouldn't be surprised if it actually would brake down at some point. And as I said, you'll need to change voltage for the RAM overclock anyway.
  19. HyperPi... Nobody in the world uses hyperPi. One goes for SuperPi. And yes, it's single threaded. Anyway, SuperPi score was 10.4 seconds and something if I'm not mistaken. I can't be bothered to check it out now. Was at 4,2GHz. I'm back to 3,6GHz now. HyperPi score while running a shitload of things (Firefox with 20 tabs or someting open, Steam, MSN, After Effects ect.) was 15,152 sec. Which is pretty shitty actually... as I do that with a single core at superPi at near stock speeds. I'll try tomorrow at 4+ GHz.
  20. The technology exists, but it sucks. You see, it's just too slow. Other then that, 512 is enough for almost everything. To my knowledge only GTA IV needs more, but still less than 1GB. Usually only weak cards actually use this technology, since it pretty useless for actual gaming. If you want better performance, then you have to get a beter card or OC it with Rivatuner. Though 700 MHz is pretty much for a singly slot G92 card, so I don't think it will go all that far. Oh, wait. It's a non-ref cooler. Well, it might go it bit, but don't expect to go far. They might have left the mem not OC'd though. You can change that with either Rivatuner or Nubitor. The following is not relevant to your question: If I were you, I'd go for what Steam suggested. I mean, 35 USD really is nothing, why care about that when your grahic card is the heart of a gaming PC. The 9800GTX+ will do 820 MHz with ease. Just use Nubitor or Rivatuner and that will seriously outperform the 9800GT. It's worth the extra 35. Other then that, the 9800GT might be locked at 100% fan, which really is going to get onto your nerves. But I'm not sure about that though.. It's because quite a lot of 8800GT's had that, and 9800GT is identical to the 8800GT. Not to say a 9800GT is bad though, not at all. You'll be happy with it. But for 35 USD extra, it's totally worth going for 9800GTX+ I payed like 200 USD more (like, instead of a 8800GT, which is a 9800GT) for a 9800GTX. The + Edition got a die-shrink from 65nm to 55nm, so it's slightly cooler. I can tell you that 9800GTX does over 800MHz with no probs at all and then it still runs at a cool 60 C. 9800GTX+ will go further, of course. By the way, in combination with a 4GHz Wolfdale, it does Crysis with everything very high at 1680 x 1050, no AA. Crysis Warhead does everything very high with 2x AA at that reso. Looks great, runs smooth. You'll like it. GPU OC'd to 780. Remember, in general it's not worth going for pre-OC'd cards. Just do it yourself. Beter, cheaper ect. (Go EVGA or XFX) I hope that helped at least a bit...
  21. Unless you have a HD4870X2 or a GT200 based card you aren't suppossed to. Try the nomemrestriction parameters. Not applying this until I'm sure it works on my 'modified' version. As damned Rockstar won't let me activate mine (bought on vacation, doesn't activate in Europe. And I refuse to buy the legitly bought game twice). Powermanagement might be what is making me get framedrops (like from 60fps to suddenly 15, during which my CPU almost idles). Edit: Bundled with the game came some nice GTA IV lolipop girl poster, so I'm still actually happy I bought it.
  22. Dans is for a place, yeah. I can read French, but I find it a to big hasly to actually speak it. Reading is fine though. When speaking it I'm just bound to make some mistakes and have everyone laugh at me (who can speak French).
  23. Looks sexy ^.^ And a happy new year to everyone
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