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  1. I cannot stand the camera in the PC version. I'd really like to be able to see where I'm headed without having to use the mouse. What I really dislike about the PC version is that I Cannot use my PS2 or PS3 controllers that I have plugged into my PC that work for every other game on the planet. Is the logitech dual action useable with it (supposedly works according to the patch release notes, but I'd like to know for sure before buying one), or am I going to have to break down and buy a 360 controller? That's the thing I love about the PC version, using a mouse. I hate controllers and just love keyboard mouse stuff. But.. how are you driving then? You only need one hand on the keyboard for that. Right hand for camera and shooting, right?
  2. Ah, yes. It that sense it is. I was more thinking in terms of having leaders that take hold back tax-payers money for themselves, which isn't the case in the Netherlands. In fact, nobody working for, or being paid by the government may earn more than 180 000 EUR. And over that sum there still is 50% tax, so people working for the government really can't get these massive salaries. Though there were a few exeptions.. But that's changing now, as the government thought it to be rediculous that a few being paid by tax-payers money, were earning sums exceeding that sum. That aside, our system does have a huge flaw in my opinion.. even though they call it 'humane', it just isn't logical.
  3. I sort of know what you mean. ' Out of personal experience I'd say, just drink some, go out. You'll meet nice people. I'm sure you'll find at least one of them that you'll actually like. Have a chat (not all that difficult when under the influence). Not to say that will lead to immidiate sex, and seriously, you shouldn't. Sluts are shit. But you'll get in contact with them and all. Keep in touch, get a network of female friends and unless you're dirt ugly (and assume you're not), a moment will arrise. You'll know it at that time. Just don't chicken out then I know it takes some guts at first. After that it won't be all that hard. But really, you have to feel ready. Don't do it for the sake of doing it. Do it because you really like a person. It's much better then. No regrets afterwards either. And with your friends, meh, just laugh about it. They'll quit, I'm sure. And if they're good friends, they'll try to hook you up with some nice girl. This might be shitty help though which might only work here, but assuming Australia isn't all that different, just try that.. maybe. If it makes some sense to you. And don't sweat it about telling a girl. They won't mind. Well, the right girls won't mind. If they do, then it isn't a person for you anyway.
  4. Pandora


    I didn't fiddle with it for long. Didn't even install all the drivers and stuff. But my first impression just wasn't all that great... Might be because I simply was expecting more after it was praised to the sky. Only thing I did really like was how fast all programs would start up. It's really instant. Click, bam, it's there. But I just can't get over the new taskbar... I'll upgrade later on.. at SP1 I think. Or when I'm doing a major upgrade, as Vista is going to bitch about the sudden hardware changes and will want me to either call Microsoft or buy a new license.
  5. Just Kelloggs. Now this may sound weird, but try it with V once Like, that instead of milk. It's really nice actually. But you might hate it though... V is one of those drinks you either love or hate. Red Bull should give a similar effect though.
  6. Happy, happy birthday mate (: We were friends once upon a time, weren't we? Or I'm just getting things mixed up, haha. Have a good year anyways
  7. Pandora


    I don't like Win 7 really. Can't get used to the new Dock'ish taskbar. I hate apple's dock. Why did MS have to copy that part of OSX... Well maybe it works with MS's twist to it. Haven't used Win 7 all that much. Installed it. Played around. Deleted it.
  8. Get a TR Ultra 120 Extreme! It's great! Well, only get it if you want to overclock your CPU. Otherwise it just isn't worth it. Maybe an Asus Silent Square? It's silent and not all that expensive or anything (:.
  9. No... I said go to some local shop. You know, those shop run by computer enthusiasts. I'm sure you'll be able to find them. I'm sure you could simply get the hardware from Newegg and get such shop to build the computer for you. Or have them also order the stuff, w/e. Side comment about PSU's: Yeah, they always go for the bare minimum. Make them pretty much not upgradable.
  10. Pandora


    Love Vista even more. So for the first time ever, I had fucked my PC. I was messing around a lot, but didn't realize I really was fucking it. Turned off the system by simply cuting the power. Something must have gone wrong... Point is, it started up. Took a long time.. Went is some weird half safe-mode. Well, it booted into a temp account and notified me of the fact that something had gone wrong (I had about my first ever BSOD with this system. Don't think it was OC related) and assured me that all will probably be fine after a restart. I restart, it takes some time and then everything is back to normal, HURRAY! Now it's running like a breeze again. Now one could argue that Vista should have prevented it from going wrong it the first place and yes, I guess you'd be right. But every single time I've fucked my PC up, Vista automatically fixes it for me. It amazes me. I didn't see XP help me that much when I had a problem. In fact, XP wouldn't do a single thing. Vista actually gives some information and will, at least in my cases, simply fix it for me.
  11. Oh, a little note to that. It doesn't mean their guides aren't good or anything. It's just their forums that.. well, all I can think of when I view them is "Meh". But now and then they do have good articles.
  12. Beh, the hell with Toms Hardware... I hate every single person there. Ok, maybe not. But I just don't like them.. they really have about the most dumbed down tech-people ever on a tech-site. But then that's my opinion... Anyway, these smaller sites are better IMO. Anandtech might be of greater help, but I rarely visit their site though...
  13. Didn't you use some old components for a few things? I'm not sure, but I believe even a DVD-drive can cause an IRQ conflict. And the Vertex might be effing around too.
  14. Pandora


    9/10 Very, very happy with it. Really, forget XP. Vista works great. SP2 didn't make a difference at all though.. at least, nothing that I can see. Runs stable as hell btw. Never have gotten it down until now.
  15. No love for hipsters Personally, I think they're pretty sexy now and then. Other then that, I've been told that all those strings are actually pretty comfortable. Anyway, I mainly wear boxers and boxer-briefs. Prefer boxers though. Very, very comfortable.
  16. What huckleberrypie said is untrue. The VRAM information of DXDIAG rarely has it right these days. Like I've got a 512MB card and it says 2800MB. Anyway, aren't you using outdated hardware? Sounds like a driver conflict to me. Or an IRQ conflict, but that'd be hard to imagine.. I'd settle for the driver conflict. Try looking for new chipset drivers (are those technically even called drivers? I've got no idea, but I'm sure you know what I mean).
  17. When I say get it custom built, I do mean what Spaz said. Any self-respecting shop gives you the option of having them build it FOR you. Will set you back something like 20 USD, big deal. My main concern with these prebuilt computers is their crappy motherboards and shitty PSU's. They place a PSU that barely meets the power needs. Upgrading is usually going to be a pain in the ass. Like, imagine you've bought a computer with a GTX285 and you decide that you want to upgrade to a GTX295. Well, you can't. It just won't run usually. Go to some online shop and visit their support forum. I'm pretty sure they'd be more then happy to help you.
  18. That's called socialism. Which one might see as corruption, I guess..
  19. Very true. Alienware's cases aren't even made out of aluminium if I'm not mistaken, so really nothing interesting there. Point being though, some just feel comfortable with the support. My parents for instance, they just want a computer from a well known brand of which they know that the supoort is good.
  20. Corrupt? Not really. They just think that fools who don't do a thing should get a money of the rich.. and the smokers. Our government just spends too much. They don't seem to realize that some things just shouldn't be paid by them. Like soccer. Why the hell is the government giving buckets of money to our shitty teams?
  21. thats a goddamn lie. wireless took all of 2 minutes to set up for me on XP lol. i was just making a point. A lie? Well, no. Check benchmarks. And even out of personal experience I can say that Vista is faster then XP, provided you do have 4GiB of RAM though.. At 2GiB XP is indeed faster. Other then that, yeah, well XP had some problem with our router's heavy security. Vista seemed to just do it very smooth though. With exeptions I love Vista's simplicity. Just easier to reach a few things, while not dumbing them down (they messed up the defrag tool though..) And extreme idio-proofing? More like mallware proofing. I don't care really. Just takes two extra clicks, big deal. I'm happy with it.
  22. It's pretty simple.. Alienware supplies Rockstar of computers at discount, provided Rockstar puts the badge on their site. Without that, nobody would buy the overpriced systems of Alienware. The irony being that Alienware is owned by Dell. Really, get your facts straight, Dell used to make very good systems (their XPS Renegade was a beast of a computer for an OEM PC). They messed up their XPS brand over time though... Personally, I hate Alienware. I find them to be dirt ugly computers. Just go to a local computer shop and get one custom built. Cheaper, better. Just do it.
  23. Never ever have I seen such an overpriced system. You can get that for about a third the price. And no way for external HDD's Anyway, give me your budget and I'll come up wtih a very nice setup for you. I do need to know though, do you need any new speakers, keyboard, mouse or anything else with it?
  24. I've got no idea how I got to the modeling thing then..

    Pretty postive you al least mentioned something about it like 2 years ago. Might be wrong though..

    So, what made you come back?

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