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  1. lolwut Happy birthday man. Get drunk or something, always makes a day fun.
  2. Haha, yeah I will do soon.

    Not gaming all that much though lately..

  3. Some peopel HAVE to go wireless I'm going to cabled this month though, finally. But most other devices in the home will stay over the WiFi network.
  4. Steam: Jacepk

    Add me (:

    I was away some time, sorry I was so late to reply.

  5. So these days I'm finding myself to have at least 1 bottle of Port a week. Usually in one day. Just meet up with friends at some deserted place in town. All bring a bottle of port with them. Smoke and drink. Get drunk. Roll on the ground. Really.. that's what's happening. And frankly, it's awesome. Last wednesday being the most awesome day in a long time. We had some beachparty. We drunk. Being in my nature, I overdid it. Ah well, enough girls willing to help me out, so I was feeling sort of special. Anyway, that's done. Nearly everyone leaves and goes back home. Some friend and I stay on the beach (we were all drunk). But on some Bob Marley and hello cannabis, sure to have a great night. Police came by though, but they didn't really care. Just laughed, thought it to be a funny sight (no surprise they came actually, seems we were lying down under a police building). We left at about 5:45 AM, we were hungry as hell. Ate at some local petrol station. Most overpriced meal ever, but meh, I was willing to pay anything for some food. Then came the long bike ride back to our school. There's a park next to it. Slept on a bench there. Sort of convenient, as we had to return some books at school at 1 PM. Overall a quite nice experience.
  6. Nearly 7 USD a pack here. That's what's really bothering me. Loads of taxes on it and smokers will pay. The government loves us, I'm sure.
  7. Well, they can't stick in the past... They build a new Game-Engine, and that just has it's requirements. I'm not sure, but I think even old PC (like, from 2003) supported pixel shader 2.0, so really.. you can't blame those devs. If anything, I think they're moving too slow. Like, trying to keep it compatible with old systems. It sucks for hardware-enthusiasts. I understand your problem, but one must be reasonable. I'm sure you aren't making a fuss about new consoles and there being no (game) support for the old ones anymore. It's just normal. Other then that.. Spore was designed to also run on very old systems. Games like GTA IV aren't though..
  8. The GTX 275 isn't taking 2,8 Gib. I'm sure of that. Anyway, since you've just had the installation for 5 days, why not reformat? Does wonders now and then.. That aside, I love Vista's connectivity center. It's easy as hell. Took me like 2 minutes to get internet working, while XP was a total bitch in back in the days.
  9. That's going to take some getting used to.. Looks sexy though. Just that one thing.. the width. Like, even on 1024 x 768, wouldn't it look a little.. well, narrow? On the other hand, clicking away that new topics thing (very nice feature btw, and smooth animation, but with a professional look to it.) makes it look just right. Perhaps a little darker shade. Just a tiny bit darker..
  10. Could you just quickly inform me? So, you got into the film business? Or is this some extention of the modeling you were doing?

    Nice to see you back by the way (:

  11. Oh, wow. Kokane is back. You seem to have changed a lot though. Haven't followed anything, since this is the first time I've posted in quite some time, but nice to see you again anyway. Too few females at this place... Boring experience in the long run, haha. By the way, awesome suit Draftermatt I dig it.
  12. I used to think Destiny's Child was pretty good. Then she went solo. It was ok. Now she's just pumping out singles after singles and it's all just mainstream pop shit. Beh. She should have sticked to her thing instead of trying to cash in from like 80% of all music lovers. And she isn't even hot anymore
  13. :'( I thought it was some awful joke at first... But it's true. Sad.. very sad. I really feel like the world has lost something. Like, ok, he wouldn't really do anything special anymore, but really, now we're the ones who have to carry on the lagacy. All coming generation will not have witnessed his presence. I've been to one of his concerts by the way, 12 years back. Long time ago... good times. Got pretty at all those 'child-molester' jokes I heard today.. people should really shut the fuck up about that.
  14. I'm going out a lot as it is. Something I've picked up in the past 3 months.

    Parents aren't really liking it though, but hey :P

    The gaming part is a 'lil bet with a friend, who can get 100h of gaming first on Steam. Pretty sick really.

  15. Rock. Metal (not Black Metal and Death Metal though. Most others I do) Nu Metal Certain rap (Eminem and old school stuff.) Classic Game Music (almost all) Jazz That's about it. I hate pop music (though always have like Micheal Jacksons music). Now and then there's a good song, but usually it's just shitty glamour music.
  16. Pandora

    The Sims 3

    oh, I do enjoy old games. But releasing a game a new game that looks really incredibly old (and runs pretty choppy) just isn't all that nice. I don't like the graphics, but I won't make a fuss about it. The thing that does piss me off is the lack of Vsync (which might be added with a patch). Maybe it's running fine though, but just looks like crap because of the lack of Vsync, I haven't actually measured the fps. On the other hand, I am a graphicswhore, so I might just be a little bitchy about these type of things.
  17. Pandora

    My New PC

    4 cores. 4 cores. You're probably not going to have any real performance boost because of HT. The Nehalem arcitecture is barely any faster. Thus higher clock speeds are quite a bit better. You should be able to get that Yorkfield to 4,4 GHz. I don't see that happening with the 920. I give 3,6 GHz, not mucht higher (though I might be wrong). That will make the Yorkfield significantly faster. What are you going to use your PC for anyway?
  18. Give it a few tries. Takes about 3, and then it will suddenly strike you: it's actually a damn good album. It's a little unnatural, but very good in my opinion. This coming from a trash-metal fan by the way... Hip-hop fans should love it. Quite refreshing after all the rap rubish of the past few years.
  19. Pandora

    My New PC

    If you'd stop editing your posts so quick I'd actually be able read them before I reply. Anyway, still, I wouldn't get i7... Yorkfield clocks higher, and so you'll end up faster then with i7.
  20. Pandora

    My New PC

    Looks like a GTX260 to me, buddy. I probably missed the 1TB though. And who cares about optical drives.. beh, they're all the same. And BD is useless for now. I don't know what type of user you are, but 63 GB is quite... little. Program files alone take something like 320 GB for me. Then still music, documents, pictures and video editing stuff to add to that. Getting in about 15 to 20 GB a month, most of which I do not delete. So yeah, I wouldn't be able to survive on that 1TB disc. BTW, I'd take a Samsung F1 instead of the WD one. They're faster (but a bit less reliable though..) Edit: Well, I now see the second post. I'll come up with comments about that one when I wake up. Too sleepy now... Good night. Remember of what? I haven't been active for over a year now.
  21. If your computer's up to it, I'd say recording it from the PC-version would be a better solution. Not because it's the PC version, but because recording from the frames from the PC itself will be much easier. Just start fraps, record the raw data and convert it with Premier Pro.
  22. Pandora

    The Sims 3

    Basically, yes. Having a Vsync problem is just unacceptable if you ask me. And from and eye-candy point of view, it just has none. You know, wanting to get top-end graphics is one thing, but making the game look as if it's from 2003 with the shitty frame-rate this one runs at? Shame on those devs.. It's the full version, but maybe it's just buggy and needs some patches until it's somewhat playable. I disagree. I buy most of my games, download the ones I'd want to try, but might dislike (like RaceDriver Grid, which has been my first racing game in years. I liked it. I bought it.) But really, there isn't any difference between the pirated version and the legal one. If anything, the pirated version works better. Same software, less hassle. I bought Mirrors Edge and for the first time I was confronted with DRM that makes me sick. "De-activate the game for this machine". What the fuck is that shit? That's going to get me into trouble after reformatting a few times. DRM of Crysis Warhead was fine though. Didn't bother me and was quite user friendly (no disc in drive needed, no stupid application launching when I just want to play the game. No problems. But the DRM of Rockstar was just awful. At first, my (legal!) GTA IV just didn't activate. I've reformated since and now, it suddenly does (YEAH!), but then I get loads of trouble with that shitty Games for Windows Live. Seriously, I just want to play the damn game. Why do I have to make an account to play every single game I have! I'm getting sick of this account business. But ok, this has nothing to do with the Sims 3 though... Which is DRM free by the way. So that's pretty sweet. Oh, and I have since removed the Sims 3 from my computer. Just was curious about the changes they had made. Never planned to actually buy the game either though. But back to graphics, doesn't anyone find it slightly annoying? It's like going back in time after playing the games of this day and age. I just can't help but feeling quite underwhelmed after playing games like CoD4 and Grid. Games that are pretty much the standard these days and they both run at more then double the framerate (though as I said, might just be a little problem in the game that will be fixed with a patch).
  23. Pandora

    My New PC

    I'd take those contrast ratio blabla with a pitch of salt. Just read some reviews to get an idea. The specs say pretty little these days.. The OCZ Freeze stuff is great. Works under sub-zero too (I used it for dice) OCZ Vertex SSD is quite a nice thing too. Not worth the money if you ask me though. I'd wait another 4 months before buying an SSD, but it's a nice thing nonetheless. And I can't see any other storage device in your setup. Seriously, you plan on doing with 60GB? That's rediculous. I'd dump the Vertex, get two Samsung F1 1TB discs (RAID 0 or JBOD. Just make manual back-ups now and then..) and get a GTX285 instead of the GTX 260. Or at least a GTX275. If you're a power-user, you'll probably not survive with 60 GB. In fact, most casual users even don't these days. Fit in at least 500GB. Cooler is fine and will handle overclocking. But then we come to the CPU of choice. Personally, I would have stuck to a Yorkfield CPU, but it's your choice. It's good. But those Yorkfiels are quite the OC'ers. Other then that, I'd get a different case. If you like the 900, then please just get a Antec 1200 (Personally I thing the 900 is pretty ugly, but that's just a question of taste, but the 900 is for the people with a medium budget, 1200 for the more hardcore ones (IMO), so I'd get that one. 900 isn't all that big either.) Nice setup though. Just bump the Graphiccard up a bit, dump that Vertex drive (and the Blu-ray one, as you're probably not going to use it for the coming year), get some big HDD's and change the case and you've got yourself a very nice machine. ((Huge E-Penis guaranteed!))
  24. You do know that these raw videos are going to take up loads of Gb's, right? Seriously, it's going to cost TGTAP a lot of bandwidth if they'd have a video up for every single mission. Besides that, you'll need some capturing hardware and good quality ones are going to cost you. On another note, I'd do what Gerard said. But really, GTA Missions are pretty self explanatory. I'd say a text walkthrough (discussing tactics, mainly) with 3 to 5 pictures a mission would be more then enough. And it will save loads of bandwidth in the process.
  25. Same.

    A lot of exams and stuff.

    Gaming has been pretty much down for me the last few weeks.

    On the other hand, in a months time I'll be gaming 25 hours a week, so beh, I'll make up then.

    Still don't have a GF though >.>

    Bothers me a bit (lonely at times (lol)).

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