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  1. I was surprised nobody noticed them also.
  2. They've been there for days, I should have let you know Chris, my apologies. Nice job though.
  3. I'm always to excited to bother playing the game, I'll just read everything, look at all the extras then play the game if I get time .
  4. Could have to do with ads, sometimes Flash and Ajax ads can crash your browser in IE as it never supported them very well. Edit: Firefox Download
  5. Love Rockstar Games? Love Manhunt? Love a fair go and fair ratings with unbiased rules? So do I, found this earlier, I recommend you sign it if you can. I don't always do this, as most of these things do nothing, but hey it's for a good cause either way . http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/Manhunt2/ Note it is [sadly] only currently open to UK residents.
  6. ENOUGH! How much more do I have to explain it, one topic, you have made over 7 in the last 24 hours, use one of the other topics, or, god forbid, make use of the topic that was created for this -- http://www.thegtaplace.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=1433. ONE, and I mean ONE, more topic and you will be on a 3 day ban. This is getting old very fast.
  7. http://www.thegtaplace.com/sanandreas/vehicles.php?type=all
  8. Yes there will be a 3rd trailer, but no we have not been given a date yet.
  9. Nah, seriously Spaz you know I don't have a problem with you, just your posts need some re-wording it all, your word use gives the wrong impression at times.
  10. *cough*http://www.thegtaplace.com/forums/index.ph...mp;f=6&id=4*cough*
  11. A mate of mine worked on one at RsW which I'll be updating with some new content soon, apart from that most of TGTAP's dissection has taken place in this very topic.
  12. I'm not saying yes or no, I'm just putting forward the facts so we can see if it is possible or not. They have also hinted at food with all the food stores and carts scared thought the trailer. Might be an advancement of San Andreas.
  13. Shut up you, your just a fragment of my imagination, your not real!
  14. I'm not a fan of the whole downloadable content idea yet myself, it seems to me more like one of Microsoft's scams to get some more users to the Xbox 360, which from Australian statistics is actually being overtaken by the Playstation 3 a day at a time. I also don't believe for a second that this extra content will be anything that changes your game majorly, possible a mission or cars if your lucky but nothing huge.
  15. I'm not sure what your parents are like, but if it's the price that gets them, try to show them that it's actually cheaper than it seems. Explain to them what it has, such as having BluRay and that it'd cost twice as much to just buy a BluRay player than it would to get a PS3. Also mention that the online feature is free and that there is even a virtual game that you could download for free that allows you to talk to friends and what not. You have to show them that it's actually a bargain and not an expensive waste, to my opinion, like the Xbox360. Thanks, I will get some facts off the official website to backup my claims. I agree with you on the Xbox 360 front, at the local Harvey Normal they the PS3 and Xbox 360 set up next to each other, there is a very obvious difference between the Xbox 360's graphics and speed is to the PS3's.
  16. Good point, however these stores have also been evident in past GTA's and were unused. So it's possible they will be again.
  17. Yeah Manhunt 2 is banned everywhere technically since Sony and Nintendo refused to support it.
  18. Jared

    BMW v Mercedes Benz

    Very hard choice, depends on the car you chose I guess, myself either would suit me.
  19. Ah I've had enough, I warned you already 5 times not to keep posting new questions in new topics. Moderator preview of all new posts and topics for the next 5 hours. Locked. EDIT: All topics merged to stop clutter.
  20. Valid point, I'm not exactly sure myself to be honest.
  21. Possibly, but in the past we have only seen that through screenshot in magazines rather then trailers pursay. Cars and Weapons make Grand Theft Auto, so definitely more. As for this special someone, from the looks of it thes person is the reason for the games story line, so they will certainly go into I agree. I dont think we would want that much information, but I would expect it to show some more charachters Speaking of the second trailer, I read somewhere that it is coming out in late August, it would seem true since it would make it every 2 months a trailer has came out I'd say August/September abouts yeah. But if there are going to be three excluding the teaser then maybe earlier. Side-Missions and a demo of some missions would be nice, but probably more suited to a magazine article. Yep thats what I mean, but what I don't get is do they count the teaser or not? Nobody knows.
  22. Okay okay, enough, ONE topic for all your questions please, you've done this before so don't temp me to block your posting privileges. Just do whats asked, it's not hard.
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