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  1. Games_master

    gta chicks

    yeah i agree with jordan and shes yonger too
  2. Games_master

    why not XboX

    i never intended to buy an x-box 1 reason is because the best games go on ps2 and 2 reason is because more people have ps2
  3. Games_master

    how meny packages?

    yeah good idea but i stil found them i the game_master why don't they put them hard places that make the gam more fun
  4. Games_master

    Will You Pre-Order GTA:SA?

    i pre-ordered it from game what happened to gtavc it got sold out every-where some people had to wait and the sam is gonna happen to gtasa and i don't have to go out and waste time because i pre-ordered it
  5. Games_master


    you never see kids in the game i thin it be a good idea to see kids
  6. Games_master

    What do you think the Leon's will do in SA?

    i agree with the cleaner
  7. Games_master

    ghost town

    PC you can get mods but ps2 you can't look like your gonna have to fly the dodo to get there