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    I used to yell at Spaz and he used to yell at me. Are we friends now? Maybe, at least good enough to pwn eachother on Twisted Metal. Mvi and I used to fight in a sarcasticly, now we're good friends. Chris has called me an egotist twice on these forums now, but we still agree about skinning people who want to ban GTA and our thoughts on lesbians. The GTA Place forums-Proof that you can fight with someone and end up best friends!

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About Me

I'm Chris82, one of TGTAP's super-mods and news posters. I enjoy candle-lit dinners, occasional skinny dips in the water supplies of major cities, and fighting crime at night. I also own some internets websites which may be of interest to you to look at:

My post prized possession: The Cockmongler 512k 2.0:

Gigabyte S-Series (GA-m57SLI-S4) nVidia 570 AM2 Gaming Motherboard (Hell of a mobo')

AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ @ 2.6GHz (Not the newest processor out there but has been around the block a few times and at least knows how to turn tricks)

4GB Corsair XMS DDR2 PC6400 RAM (When you're rolling a 64-bit OS you need a lot of RAM to be genetically different, baby)

ATi Radeon 3870OC PCI-Express (One of the best graphics cards available at time of purchase, still performs well today, suck it envidya)

WD 250GB SATA 3GB/Sec 7200RPM HD (Seagate blows)

WD 640GB SATA 3GB/Sec 7200RPM HD (Seagate still slows, as does Maxtor, but I needed moar storage for my...files)

Logitech MX518 8-Button Optical mouse (This is the best mouse that has ever been made or ever will be made, hands down)

Logitech G11 USB Keyboard (Wonderful keyboard which helps when playing the vidya and work--Macros are wonderful!)

Plantronics GameComPro Surround Sound Headset (If you can't hear people sneaking up on you, what is the point of headphones? Deep bass, wonderful response on all levels, very comfortable...awesome headset)

Rosewill ATX~500w Power Supply (Meh, it's a PSU, what can I say? It powers my PC fine and has done so for the past 2 years)

Xion ATX mid tower black case with side window and LED lit front panels. (Looks cool and I like the side-window but holy shit my next case will be...toned down for sure...those LEDs keep me up at night)

HP DVD-RW/DVD ROM Combo drive (Superdrive to the Macfags, it burns DVDs/CDs and reads them, what more can I say?)

Acer 22'' X-Series 5ms LCD Monitor (DVI/VGA, 2500:1 CR, 1680x1050, holy shit it's an awesome monitor, HUEG and only $150, GO GET ONE!)

Windows 7 64-bit (Best OS ever made)

Original use of components built on 1/6/07

Overhaul of build on 1/4/08

Various new components added since then

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