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    Season Ends / Season Starts 2015

    My idea about a Walking Dead spin off concerns how temperature differences of different regions would effect the plague existence. The problem is the real intense production needed just in a temperate climate, the cast has been on record over heat soaring in the current Georgia location where the series is shot. But it would be interesting, just as snow and other geographical climate can effect video games differences and offer a unique look at something differently. Some horror movies were set in cold, frigid locations like The Thing, but I'm sure it was no small challenge in doing so! As for the cause, we got some idea in the CDC visit early in the series, but Scott Gimple, current producer and writer (I believe he writes the final script IIRC) has stated that he wouldn't work on something where you didn't have a start and finish line already envisioned and filling in the middle is what they spend time working on, and the graphic novels will account for some of this, but not all.
  2. Spent some time on Newswire comments helping people get Intel Informed!

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    What exactly happened?

    I'm the biggest name banned from GTAForums and every alternative has left me flat. Me and close friends PCguytech_05, IIRC his year date correct?!? haha, you'd likely know him from the Tech forum section or in General Chat with the FIRST Question and Answer thread, that sadly, Andrew re-authored because of an influx of Spam. The animosity got bad with just that thread because it was a personal favorite of Mike's and he semi-moderated what went on with it, which as you know, the STAFF hates when you step on their shoes. The other co-hort I had helping with GTAChronicles was none other then Trip Mills. he says his site away from GTAForums is 'Giant Bomb' or was. He's even lost a lot of interest in GTAForums these days. I joined in fall 2003, and spent near on 10 years at GTAF, you can bet that when I say things changed, they DID!! It was my mistake to carry a heavy chip on my shoulder which should have been dropped, and trying to just communicate ended with me being temp banned over and over, before perma-banning. When I joined, Demarest was still a GTAF staff member, earning his reputation through good work, namely helping with tough missions for people who uploaded saved game files. I don't even go there other then to see if any old friends are active, still. As you note, it's hard to tell what happened. This isn't GTA exclusive as to the forums seemingly dead.... It's happened to music scenes as well as trying to mount protest against the current MTV and VH1 programming, no one seems to give a damn, to be quite frank. I do, however.
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    If you're one of the PC or laptop gamers excited about GTA V on PC finally, report in this thread on how it ultimately works for you. Do refrain from just asking about if it will work on such and such platform... Rather when released, your Real-World findings would be better aid to most contemplating what systems most closely resemble their's or would be closest in comparison for expected performance particulars. If you found that even your browser's HTML was too out-dated (my case using Core2 based laptop and Opera browser) Only 2GB DDR2 on my laptop used to see the trailer, I found using Chrome instead, same spec, the trailer worked on this website later... http://www.cinemablend.com/games/GTA-5-PC-Trailer-Features-60-FPS-Gameplay-71079.html The comments I viewed suspect the graphics card should be GTX 760 or higher to try and run specs at 'ultra' however, expect performance issues if you want to 'max out all settings', using a baseline recommended graphics card is not obvious solution! Also comments I made earlier about buying a new rig for Intel CPU compatibility, this is the preferred route I feel, get the spendy graphics card, capable of PCI Express version 3 that you can effectively move to the new CPU and motherboard combination, then consider DDR3 for PC, but that the new technology CAN support the new DDR4 standard, and that you may want to get the best option of DDR4 for next gen gaming and computing for some years to come!
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    GTA V Slender Man Teaser Trailer

    Since he's the subject of a horrible attempted murder case, in the real World, I think it's best to avoid such things. The impressionable don't need it. My own feeling is it's rather idiotic. There are Horror icons, mostly born of cinema, but the comic book craze is alive and well, Super Heroes and villians alike. I've never been a comic book fan, all my life, in fact. But The Walking Dead and other interesting interpretations have done real well in translation
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    GTAV 60 Frames-per-second PC Trailer

    I was online checking emails and info regarding when to expect Intel Skylake processors, and that is H2, second half of 2015. Now, you can buy GTA 5 on PC and try registering it on a current or recent gen machine, but I think waiting for the new generational Skylake CPU and socketed motherboards WILL be worth waiting for. If you're a PC only gamer, that might not sound like a great plan, but consider the wait you already have done, you can wait a few months more, can't ya?!? The GPU world won't offer a likelyhood of new tech spoils from ATI and nVidia, but nVidia's newest platform is expensive, and lists at Microcenter in the $500 to $700 range for just graphics card alone! Expect $300 for a CPU, $200 for the motherboard, it's not a cheap move to the latest, greatest, but the new tech has a lot to entice about it, and should last the 10 years, hopefully, that the consoles can already afford to do with their technology. The PC versions should do scaling based on the requirements listed, as do most software on hardware laptops, tablets, PCs. That is due to the wide variety of marketed products, and not just one being the defacto standard consumers will buy, whereas consoles are exactly that. Intel's Broadwell is available now, the 5th gen Core CPUs, the Skylake on the same die shrink is the Tock of the Tick-Tock pattern, a complete ground up new CPU on the shrunken die used for Broadwell CPUs!! Skylake will offer new features here-to-fore unseen. Worth the investment, it will consume even LESS power, but also be more powerful than any processor prior. It will be referred to as 6th Generation, so the models should begin with a '6' number, four digits long. It's also presumed there will still be Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7 naming
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    Retro Rockstar Origins

    Found this later, after The Walking Dead season finale, BTW!.... http://www.develop-online.net/studio-profile/inside-rockstar-north-part-1-the-vision/0183989 Also a forum with user input pre SoE release in 2002, PS2. The upshot was asking about State Of Emergency's worth as a purchase. GTA3 was used in comparison so I believe that release eclipsed SoE which I think I recall had controversy over content
  8. I'm going back to Liberty City to try some advancing of storyline, I took breaks, started different versions or games entirely. What strikes me most over all is even though both Episodes do provide some cleanup over the original GTA 4, they don't seem that advanced any more, and after playing all Uncharted games (my first HD series for my own console), GTA Episodes seems really like a PS2 previous console era game. I wonder do you see this at all? Or your feelings about it standing the test of time. Open buildings that did provide staircases are much the same as open buildings even in GTA 5, but the concept of build was to make locations in the map conducive to mission placement ahead of time, I think that problem plagued new gen GTA since the first, and that maybe unavoidable, as it was mentioned testing of the map and missions can mean original locations for a mission, where the environment is pre-planned as much as possible, the mission may not work as hoped, once play testing has been done. One of the Rockstar staff mentioned this, might have been Aaron Garbut himself, but I can't recall if that came from the EDGE magazine story on GTA 4 or not, in that article, head of Rockstar, Sam Houser himself talked about game development, where we learned the most about modern GTA game coming to fruition, outside of his candor, the articles with Aaron and some with Dan Houser were the only thing in recent years one could look at for reference. I refer back to these at times to put perspective on things. My main issue however is both XBoxes I have now have ODDs failing, will read a disc and then stop in the midst of access, even with GTA 5 storing around 7 gigabyte of the game to the HDD, it's not helpful when the optical drive mechanicals fail. I'm looking at replacement drive parts, but at this time, a complete Jasper based Xbox can be bought starting around $60 USD! The replacement drives are $30, the optical lasers around $5 to $20, so it creates a question of what to buy for longevity. This has hampered both older 360 software and GTA 5 as mentioned, but it's interesting to see how GTA has really evolved with only this package, GTA 4 and 5 and on the same console. While Xbox One and PS4, PC, will make a difference in capabilities, it's still mainly a scaling of graphics and additions perhaps based on content capacity. We may see more from this game, that being GTA 5 to compare to GTA 4, but the best game for new hardware will have to exploit it better, and may not see that until the furthest end of software releases on the new hardware. I would hope not, but already Microsoft's ads are touting the best of 2015, but I believe it will be 2016 before most people are gaming on the new consoles or even current gaming PC hardware
  9. Xbox360s I own, ODDs both acting up, May need replaced

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    Wiki GTAO Mission synopsis guide

    Well, if you're like me, you might be getting on and off gaming or from one to another.... A refresher before jumping into GTAO missions might help in getting one caught up to speed, Rockstar more or less only offer a crash course before you're dumped headlong into competition. I'd say that IGN is a good source you can probably trust. If you'd like to add things to the thread as a guide for missions, don't use anything deemed a 'spoiler', setting up rules and some ideas about what to expect if you've also played the missions, offer only helpful tips for said missions, don't offer details that won't help gamers on average. TIA about that. Also, no mission additions for GTA5 offline appear to be an effort although I thought if not a Stories addendum for GTA5, single player.... Stranger tasks seem an easy addition Rockstar could do to make more use of it's highly detailed map http://www.ign.com/wikis/gta-5/GTA_Online
  11. Twisted Sister RIP requem required for AJ...http://www.metal-archives.com/artists/A.J._Pero/25016

  12. Starting an idea I've had for some time, but forgot to post... Add any and all ideas for just basic GTA evolution improvement What I think is most important at this stage is seeing if Euphoria modified middle ware is actually aging well enough that it can be improved further or the move to new console hardware should mandate some changes. I find taking cover and shooting from cover, changing character direction on the fly, with precision is still impossible due to how Euphoria mandates character balance and direction.
  13. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/al-pacino-talks-scarface-remake-783079 Scarface II or 2 should actually be Scarface III or 3!!
  14. If you missed my user info for GTA5, keep a HDD and USB identical profile and only use ONE online before updating!!

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      In other words, one that constantly changes via online, and one for offline archive, pre-changes

  15. MSN's story about Charlie Sheen's racist Tweet was in regard to using a racist name for Obama

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    Confessions of a Mirror Park Hipster : A GTA V Story [3:25]

    I got the feeling that the GTA term Hipster was referring to someone Sam Houser's age, or me, or Trip Mills?!? We're all born in the 60s or early 70s. I assume all you're sharing is your own movie channel, and if so, comment on your involvement (or if not) since it seems all your postings aren't really geared for Q and A
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    Let's do an open letter Question and Answer thread geared to GTA 5 for it's multiple platforms and the State of Play for GTA as a franchise. I'd been thinking more about the elements of GTA and old user comment about how they felt GTA as a game was growing long in the tooth based on it's aging concept (which is always somewhat reinvented) Basic ideas that have come out since the Houser's GTA revisions include a mechanic to the game referred to a term used for Adventure type games (Role Playing Games (someone else used this to describe character attribute changing) however, in the GTA context, this was a new feature for the most advanced outing on Playstation 2, and then the new cross-platforms revisited... That being the idea to keep your character fed with food or drink, or they die. ( Aaron Garbut commented that this feature was dropped due to complexities of scaling the map and characters and that at the time, anyway, it was too much to deal with, but maybe brought back later in future GTAs (I hope)) That eating too much would mean 'body fat' in contrast with being too thin, or working out would result in 'muscles'. Though this wasn't taking away from GTA as a game, people did object to it (a section of the GTA audience) and as such the idea of needing to eat was removed with GTA 4 and GTA 5. The concept for working car washes was much the same, and they were added due to fan demand, or vocal request, so it seemed if you were following postings online at the time. GTA's Aaron Garbut had designed a much larger Liberty City to include the 'Catskills'; Upstate New York to a large degree, but this was dropped to concentrate on what Sam Houser deemed the Vertical City aspect of GTA's New York version Liberty City. We've seen people orchestrate fake maps to tease people prior to a GTA release, and once the real thing is known and comes into play, we get a better idea of how Rockstar put together their maps and lay of the land, including invisible barriers. My open letter question is a common one, perhaps, but knowing what we know now, where do you see GTA evolving? Also, what would you expect or even prefer? Hoping Rockstar do field our comments and opinions to see how their work is appreciated, and ideas that can help it move and evolve further. Getting back to the traditional Adventure RPG aspect mentioned above, We now have no traditional Fast Food map locations actually open for selling food and drink, or gambling locations akin to Las Ventura with mini-games inside. Do you feel this is a huge drawback that seemed an important aspect for the original foray into Los Santos (San Andreas?)? I feel given the work that went into the huge scale map, even though I love each new completely separate GTA, I can see potential still in adding new characters and storyline a'la Episodes from Liberty City yet again. It's presumed that the Episodes idea was abandoned in favor of GTA 5 based more on time allotted then any thing else
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    2015 Acadamy Awards

    American Sniper Minnesota connection is with Jesse 'The Body-The Mind' Ventura who sued and WON his case after the tragic death of the author. It might have been more interesting had he lived and were to testify his story in court
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    2015 Acadamy Awards

    Hosted by Niel Patrick Harris, some say, very poorly, facts say, much lower rating then last year for views. I say, Stiil a funny and moving night of TV, I watched it, though not in it's entirely. Though this is a Euro based gaming site, and Hollywood might not be of much interest to you, leave any comments below. I know it's usually my interest story posts I make on the forum, but it's all about everyone's opinion, and I was surprised by the bad press on the event, or amused by other post-Oscar reports. One thing I did enjoy was the post-Oscar party that Jimmy Kimmel hosted on his own show following the event, that's the way to do it, though I won't go so far as say it was the funniest thing ever, but if you didn't laugh during either of these shows, you're probably dead.
  20. Again for the record, the original making of GTA was under the direction of David Jones and DMA; Direct Mind Access software. Beforehand, their major claim to fame was Lemmings. Also, should add the historical note that Sam Houser, lead of all Rockstar currently, it can still be assumed, has been on record already saying that the idea for a movie based around GTA's major premise has already been dismissed based on the evolution of the hardware and software permitting the actualization of major storylines themselves being the game's forte. The design implemented allowing user interaction with said story. Early on however, Rockstar North WERE shopping a script in Hollywood to see about a companion film, however, the quality of gaming is far better now then it was a few short years ago! It also appeared that no one was biting at the offering either, for some strange reason, because as it happened, several films were already made based around video game origins. I feel they likely did the best approach of fleshing out the characters that are key in the game, but I like others had some issues with what the plot content entailed, the torture scenes in particular was taking user participation in such dis-tasteful subject matter a bit too far. There ARE other ways to bring new things to video games, and playing a terrorist or someone who tortures is not one of them. You have to have lines. I know this caused some argument here before, but let me give an interesting example... Sam Houser is also on record saying there would never be kids or animals in a GTA game, feeling there was no need and setting a limit on possible interactions that might seem unwarranted. That would include the critic's opinion concerning no morality in video gaming, and an anything-goes attitude. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.... Creedo to live by, whether it's gaming or anything else!
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    GTA O-ffline 2015

    Rockstar has obviously been busy overhaulin' GTAOnline for PC and Heists additions to the genre-busting game franchise. It appears from my first foray into GTA connected at least (single player) that that change immediately apparent comes in the form of a non-hostile airport security and new guns and weapons. What I personally saw as odd was cars I didn't remember (including trucks) that also didn't re-spawn in later play, though they might still be available somehow. Also a major loss of my game saves required I start over on my Playstation 3 account, though the game saves themselves might have been misplaced on some other storage folder, it also could be part of an attempt by Rockstar Games to crackdown on the cheating, assuming you would either get banned or have all your progress cleared, forfeiting your progress based on cheating in whole or perhaps in part in lieu of getting your account banned if you instigated the cheating (money in massive amounts in 2013 being given out without solitation made me quit GTAOnline gaming for near on a year. However, I think I did do some minor playing last year, my Xbox360 original account dated to Nov 2013!! hahaha That one has the stored progress I made in single player, but I'm now gun-shy about going online with Xbox Live and not having an offline backup account Gamertag, I would advise caution!! What I've found so far is a replicated XBL account for the GT listing I gave out on this site (SpeeDeaThrash) was duplicated on a HDD and USB stick, this should allow me to retain what I did up to Rockstar's massive makeover the past 6 odd months or so.
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    Fast And Furious Final 7

    A TV show in the USA here, Access Hollywood took a very moving look at the wrap for Furious 7, the final installment of the Fast and Furious to feature the late Paul Walker. The series has been uneven, just consider Tokyo Drift a side-tracked mistake for it!.... but this was a very touching and moving segment that touched on the cast getting together at an award presentation for Paul's brother who I believe filled in as his double to help complete the film, he was in tears, as if the loss had just happened... The cast all expressed that appearing at the Red Carpet premier with smiles was not something they relished, in fact, it sounded like they'd rather sit it out, since it was agreed, making this movie in light of Paul's passing has been the hardest thing they ever did. I was in tears watching this and not just being a fan of the film, but you saw from the behind the scenes that Paul Walker's heart was bigger then most stars his age, he wanted to use any fame he had to give right back in any way he could, to help those less fortunate, I hope you ALL will take his example and run with it. His brother is continuing what Paul started as well, and it may shape up to be a very notable legacy charity. Time will tell, but I was surprised at how emotional I felt, having been in shock initially hearing the news. He certainly died far too young, and showed his own acting prowess in other roles RIP Paul Walker. http://hollywoodlife.com/2014/04/16/paul-walker-fast-and-furious-7-brothers-complete-scenes/ I forget which brother was in the above story, in light of this article, I didn't post this as soon as I viewed the segment, usually the case since I'm not online ALL the time.
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    GTA Online Heists Hands-on Impressions

    ...Time to UPDATE the consoles again! I never know if there's an opportune time to do this since I'd be thinking Heists even after set for release will need some patching, but I suppose, you either do it when you get on, or anytime you're itching do go online gaming regardless I'm always thinking, WHAT will Rockstar do with it's previous EPISODES idea/s? Shelve them in lieu of what is now GTAOnline (5)? The reason I ask is because I'm not alone in thinking Rockstar might expand Episode like gaming to re-invigorate already in existence maps... I know it sounds like a cop-out and could be deemed boring, BUT the big issue I believe is more buildings that are just closed off boxes dotting the landscape. I'm sure you've scaled a few buildings based on plenty of ladders and staircases and there's nothing much to see, if Rockstar can do what they've done in general with GTAO, and the previous complete new storylines and involved locations within the GTA IV map, I believe the same could still be done. Their idea originally I believe was to make the long, early work of making a map in traditional game-making process.something to revisit in a shorter time frame then starting completely from scrap, other then the engine and tools allowing work on consoles (shared as we know, and now the progress of PC version, We still have yet to see if this is RAGE successfully evolving
  24. He did, our beloved Spock and In Search Of host and actor, and.... spokesman, Leonard Nimoy has passed on. I forgot to mention this earlier, didn't just happen, but not much has been heard or seen about his life behind the camera. Spock as the character on Star Trek is more then just something Trekkies would know, Nimoy and the other cast of Gene Roddenberry's amazing, groundbreaking Sci-Fi show pre-dates Star Wars and other landmark shows, like Logan's Run for example. Disney's The Black Hole and others, a rebirth of modern Sci-Fi could be attributed to it's long run. Because of it's forward thinking, and the positive acceptance of the cast outside of their characters (because they did become beloved actors which in large parts is all benefit of the show.... Leonard Nimoy became the authoritative voice of In Search Of, one of the first science documentary shows in free US TV that I know of, predating the proliferation of cable shows in the same guise. He was also chosen to introduce the original Magnavox Laserdisc players, and even though that didn't help them break-through,... It certainly didn't hurt! The technology is still around us today in DVD and BluRay, all optical disc media in fact, no matter what shape it takes in 2015, it wouldn't have happened without LaserDisc!! http://www.vodlymovies.com/actor/1749/leonard-nimoy
  25. GTA For-eva seems not to be derogatory if you think about it another way! Makes a great tattoo or bumper sticker?!? I'll play Devil's Advocate here and say, Because the Housers do STILL helm Rockstar and signify Rockstar North, I think the pressure alone to do a PC version is still thanks to loyal fans input, remember that David Jones and DMA were the originators on PC, and I said this before based on the facts, Sam Houser is the game player of the two brothers, Dan Houser much more sparingly so. That's why his interest in writing is seen in formulating the plot and side humor aspects, radio, signs, advertising and I believe non player characters aka NPC or Peds dialog. Sam Houser grew up playing consoles, I can relate, a computer was still a tool for gaming if you're into gaming, but the consoles in effect are much more proficient in handling only games, and now as we know, general consumer entertainment devices based on common hardware functions, the birth of optical disc and Hard Drives used in both, the Internet commonality, the Memory much the same, and interfaces based on a software written 'GUI' adds things like media browsers in both PC and consoles. The price difference is a major key that cannot be ignored either. This is how Rockstar's history plays out if you doubt what I've said before, just look at the basic facts of the company behind the game. The shake up of 2005 to 2015 for example over Hot Coffee means Rockstar Games of today is rather different in the roster of employees, but the secrecy they now hold onto is like nothing we'd seen in the history of DMA to Rockstar's evolution. We already know what they're likely to say because they've held that line for a number of years, when the EDGE GTA4 magazine story was the most open they've been about development in the whole time under the Housers that I can remember. I wish the folks at EDGE could coax another wonderful story about their progress, but I believe the major factor this time is in-house developing, for PC versions of GTA versus Max Payne, where the origin lies not with Rockstar North, so presumably there were other hands helping out in that edition, and for the consoles, Rockstar relied on Sony's expertise for completing just the console end on Playstation 3! We know of this being made public, but it's hard to tell what's going on behind the Iron Curtain nowadays with Rockstar, but I personally believe they've hired new blood to try and remedy the past's issues (with regard to PC for AAA Rockstar titles) BUT we await further news of Red Dead Redemption's successor and PC availability, and the move to Sony PS Vita is long in wanting as well!!