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  1. Evil-Empire

    Easiest Way for Cash (secret)

    Using the censored version and the ultimate trainer it's quite fast and simple but not funny.
  2. Evil-Empire


    I didn't know the glitch with Mercedes.
  3. Evil-Empire

    Your favourite veichle in GTAVC?

    I hate bikes, Tommy keeps fallig and falling again at the least occasion.
  4. Evil-Empire

    All I did was crash into a wall....

    Fortunately Tommy's pain was only virtual.
  5. Evil-Empire

    Best 6 star getaway car

    I would take a sports car.
  6. Evil-Empire


    If people use Claude's nickname instead of his first name or name I have al the reasons to wonder if they know his real name.
  7. Evil-Empire

    Favorite Character?

    gtfo? You mean he's cannibal?
  8. Evil-Empire

    Does she die?

    You should be happy I give a bit of life to this forum and whether it pleases you or not I prefer unearthing an old topic than creating a new one about the same subject.
  9. Evil-Empire


    I love Bounce FM.
  10. Evil-Empire

    which is your favourite road vehicle in gta sa

    I love sport cars in general.
  11. Evil-Empire

    What is your favourite tuneable car

    Savanna and blade are very nice onced tuned I also have a very nice gothic-looking Remington
  12. Evil-Empire

    Your favourite veichle in GTAVC?

    I love the stinger.
  13. Evil-Empire

    All I did was crash into a wall....

    I already saw very strange things in this game but this one is far the strangest of all. O_o
  14. Evil-Empire

    Vice City, Liberty City Snow Mod.

    Maybe is it incompatible with your graphic card.
  15. Evil-Empire

    Speed improvements?

    You can do it with the ultimate trainer http://grandtheftauto.filefront.com/file/Vice_City_Ultimate_Trainer_20;44460
  16. Evil-Empire

    Does she die?

    I also think it, it's just a matter of interpretation.
  17. Evil-Empire

    Who Is This Mystery Man?

    I think he was born in Liberty City and maybe inherited the garage in San Fierro and chose to go back to Liberty City because he missed his native city too much but nothing proves it.
  18. Evil-Empire


    Am I the only one who knows the main character of GTA III's name is Claude Speed? I think Tommy would win.
  19. Evil-Empire

    Favorite Character?

    I love Donald Love because he has a very sympathic face.
  20. Evil-Empire

    Favourite/Least Favourite Island

    My favorite is Portland because I associate it but the happiness of the beginning and because I think it has a special charm. The one I love the least is Shoreside because there aren't many things to do even if it's a very agreable place.
  21. Evil-Empire

    GTA 3 Easter Egg? Thanks Rockstar...

    I also noticed it but never found it particularly funny.
  22. Evil-Empire

    Claude talks in GTA3 beta trailer

    It would be better if Claude speaked.
  23. Evil-Empire

    a way to kill the don

    I also did it with the rocket launcher on the gore mode but his corpse was entire.
  24. Evil-Empire

    favourite car?

    I prefer the banshee because it's the fastest but I love sport cars in general.
  25. Evil-Empire

    Use your imagination

    I created a mod that gives cars the best speed, acceleration and braking and makes them unsinkable. I created another that makes Claude invincible to the enemy gangsters weapons. I already uploaded those 2 mods but they haven't been approved yet and I'm going to upload a third that changes the weather.