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  1. Ok today I am on a role here people full of info lol. One of the best missions we saw was the Truck Hustle, which had Niko crossing into Alderney (New Jersey) trying to steal some 'brown' from Triad gangsters who are convinced the drugs are cursed. Niko showing up with guns and grenades does nothing to allay their fears and one of the gang drives off in the truck with the goods. You had to run after it by hammering (A) and jump on the back to hijack the truck. It's like a minigame in itself and has obviously had a lot of effort put into it. Obviously you won't always need to do it to hijack a truck, but if the drivers are determined to get rid of you then Niko's monkey like clambering skills come into play like this... And here is the triad truck he is supposed to hijack: Plus all of the info im giving out is from Games Master Magazine
  2. I read read in Games Master that the PS3 and 360 will get DLC: This sounds good for both consoles now!
  3. Hey guys ban ktr the f**kin loser, if he's gonna call the GTA Comunnity sad, plus for your info loads of ppl here are gonna be 18 when this game comes out and delete this topic or lock it because its going off topic!
  4. He's done bad things In the first trailer, Niko says: I killed people, smuggled people, sold people. Perhaps here, things will be different. But some cops in LC seem to know about his grisly past... He's Ice Cold Niko rarely loses his cool, and when someone asks for a murder-based favour he rarely bats an eyelid He's Tough In one early cut scene, steroid-case Brucie throws a punch at him and Niko nearly breaks his arm. "Whoah, thats some red army shit" shouts Brucie. Is Niko ex-Special forces? He's Funny Even in a bad situation. Niko doesn't shy away from a dry-as-sandpaper quip. "Well since you put it that way......Im in. Im tired of typing now so I will upload the whole page for you to read!! CAREFULL ITS A HUGE IMAGE!
  5. If Niko gets shot - or shoots someone near the camera, it'll get splattered with blood Niko can push peds out of the way with ( like in Assassin's Creed and it won't upset the police Popular drink 'Sprunk' is back LC includes a subway that can be used to get around There's a new dashboard view available in cars You can see the lights of planes as they fly overhead Niko's cell phone is on the 'Badger' network You can dial 911 to get a cop car to steal, instead of causing chaos and waiting around for one to turn up Some streets are named after strange celebrities - we noticed Jim Jones Street and Hubbard Avenue Characters will comunicate with Niko via headset in certain missions Niko's health is shown around the radar - you can complete the circle by getting a bulletproof item to wear You can see people breath when its cold Mafia, Triads, Jamacians and Irish are some of the factions you'll meet Some peds pee up walls One of the radio stations advertises a cartoon called 'My Drunk Ungle' There are some missions where you will need to kneecap your enemies Strip Lights flicker Cluckin' Bell has outlets across LC Shoot a tyre and you will hear the air escapeing You where a helmet while your riding a bike, and throw it down when you get it off You pay tolls on the bridges Moths fly around the street lamps Some pimped out cars have 'spinners'
  6. Cool news Don and I was about to post this lol You beated me fair and square lol
  7. Done I have uploaded them has attachments
  8. Here I have made some pics more bigger than they were in the magazine, and these are the only ones I haven't seen or maybe you haven't seen them: Enjoy, and I may post some info from the mag only if you want it.
  9. Here are the Pics including a pic of a book I found while tidying my room: Magazines: GTA Games: GTA Posters including Little Jacob artworkL GTA History Book:
  10. No i never got the PS2 since my family wasn't well of with the money, but I bought my own 360 in september. But playing SA on the 360 is awsome it feels more releastic than on the PC lol And the pics will be up on here around 6 PM because I gotta tidy up my room.
  11. Here is what I got: The Pics will come later on GTA (PS) GTA 2 (PS) GTA London 1969 (PS) GTA III (PC will get one for the XBOX soon) GTA VC (PC) GTA SA (PC and XBOX) GTA LCS (PSP) GTA VCS (PSP) GTA IV (XBOX 360)** Collectables: **I will get the special edition of GTA IV for xbox 360 which will come with some cool items (I want a couple of things from the Rockstar Warehouse but it will cost too much to ship over here to wales) Posters: From every GTA game except GTA III which is what im looking for GTA SA (x2) GTA LCS GTA VCS GTA VC Finery: Magazines: Games Master (This Months) XBOX World 360 (Feburary 2008) Play (Issue 155) OXM 360 (June 2007) Games TM (Issue 59) (With 180 pages worth of Liberty City Goodness) PSM3 (June 2007) Even though I haven't got a PS3 Play (Issue 156) 360 Gamer (Issue 31) 360 Gamer (Issue 37) 360 Gamer is a good mag for GTA even though it uses the GTA font (I want a couple of things from the Rockstar Warehouse but it will cost too much to ship over here to wales)
  12. dunno i just looked at the cast in the GTA III manual and it says Dan Houser was a ped but don't say which one and also the guide shows the fan sites near the back of the booklet also and chatterbox FM was written by dan houser and lazlow
  13. ye me too, coz the city parts are kinda boring
  14. I have gotten a new art work of GTA IV - Its a art work of little Jacob. Here You Go From GameMaster Mag, will post more from GameMaster later
  15. I have updated it and its all in the first post Thanks to our friends @ Rockstar Watch
  16. I was looking at IMDB and look at GTA and then I saw the name Dan Houser that was a radio caller in VC and a ped voice in GTA III Sorry if this has been done or seen already IMDB
  17. Following our exclusive hands-on with GTAIV (read our impressions based on an unprecedented two hours of off-mission experiment in PSM3#98, on-sale 14th February) we were most impressed by the way GTAIV fuses random elements into ’perfect’, unique moments, that gel with scripted precision. Suitably impressed, we asked Rockstar supremo Dan Houser to reveal his perfect random moment - with thrilling, if unpredictable results. "There are so many defining moments, but a recent one was during a police chase", reveals Dan, "A song I love came on one of the radio stations while I had two cop cars chasing me through chinatown. I was speeding along when another cop car I hadn’t seen rammed me straight on, our cars crunched together, and I was sent flying through the windshield. I ducked into cover and could still hear the song playing from my smashed-up car. Then the cops opened fire, but one of them hit a pedestrian who pulled out his gun and started shooting. The next thing I know, there was a full-scale war going on between a random gang and the cops. Within a few seconds all the cops were dead and the gang members walked away. I got hold of another car and quietly drove out of the search area to lose my wanted level." So that’s Dan Houser’s defining moment? Not quite. "Well, that, or the bit in the game when Niko’s past catches up with him and he must figure out what to do... but I don’t want to spoil the surprise". Source: CVG
  18. actually it could be a combination of clothes to choose from like in SA
  19. im arguing here ok, just to say something, i do think the is just fanboyism but i think the 360 pre orders are more high, because the PS3 is way too expensive than the 360. Now peace my friends lol
  20. GTA IV 360 online exclusivity denied Suggestions by Xbox chief Don Mattrick that online multiplayer functionality in 'Grand Theft Auto IV' will be exclusively available on Xbox 360 have been rubbished by Rockstar Games. Mattrick made the comments yesterday during an interview with Larry 'Major Nelson' Hyrb, during which he also spoke about his reasons for coming over to the Redmond-based company. Rockstar has since confirmed to US Industry publication Next-Gen that online multiplayer will feature on both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions - though exact details for how it is being implemented into the highly anticipated title is being held back for now. Despite Rockstar's clarification, the Xbox 360 version of 'GTA IV' will receive two exclusive sets of downloadable content, due for release several months after the launch of the game in April. Source: Virgin Media
  21. Don;t flame the 360 system, because mayb you don't know this but the screenshots of GTA IV and the trailers were created using the XBOX 360 Console.
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