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  1. Keeping in line with previous 3D GTA games, Grand Theft Auto IV will have prostitutes. This is pretty much a given to most GTA fans, but now we have some details of the scenes thanks to the BBFC.

    "Sex references also occur during cut scenes, including references to strong sexual behaviour. During gameplay the character can pick up prostitutes. What follows is an undetailed portrayal of masturbation, fellatio and intercourse. The character can also visit lap dancing clubs and request a private dance. While the game contains sexualised dancing and the portrayal of sex, there is no sexualised nudity."

    According to Digital Spy, there were more details of the game on the BBFC website, but now have been removed.

    Source: RockstarWatch

  2. When I first load GTA IV after the first and last loading screen I will just drive around Liberty City and walk around like a decent ped, but if I want action, I will start the missions. Because when I get a new GTA Game I never plunge in to the missions I just drive around for awhile, and test out the controls to get used to it.

  3. Any gamers left panicking after reading that the Grand Theft Auto IV videogame has been refused a UK rating by the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) can rest easy.

    Register Hardware can confirm that a misinterpretation of classification documents falsely sparked the rumours - the game has actually been awarded an 18 certificate.

    GTA IV goes on sale to UK adults from 29 April, and has only just been given the classification. A BBFC spokeswoman told us that, in addition to any classification, the body creates an extended classification document detailing why a title received its age band.

    This document's usually made available 10 days before any title goes on sale. However, because the BBFC was not informed of GTA IV’s scheduled release date, the document was published prior to this.

    It’s still unclear how the document’s contents were misinterpreted to the extent that rumours surfaced of a UK ban for GTA IV. The document’s no longer available, but will be released again on 19 April – 10 days before GTA IV makes it into gamers’ sweaty hands.

    Register Hardware can also reveal that the BBFC was worried about some of the videogame’s contents, after finding that it gives a recipe for making an unknown drug. However, the body checked all the ingredients thoroughly and found that they couldn’t be combined to make a real drug, so they let it slide.

    Had the game been refused a classification, it would have opened old wounds for fans of the Manhunt series. Manhunt 2 almost didn’t make it onto UK shelves because the BBFC thought the game’s content was too violent.

    The body’s decision has since been overturned and, although a release date still hasn’t been given, the game has been awarded an 18 certificate.

    Source: RegHardware

  4. Haha thats classic.

    Oh and btw, you get loads of good news but do you have to copy it word for word? I don't know it's just kind of wierd, you shoud type it in your style. But do what you want you still get loads of good news.

    As long has I put the source at the end of my posts, people appriciate it.

    Plus this could actually be a April Fools Joke

  5. Looks like at least one obscure French retail entity is unintentionally getting into the spirit of all things unnecessarily doubtful today, as GoNintendo reports (via N4G.com).

    In its latest list of upcoming game releases (dated March 28), Game-Class.com places a June 15 date for a Nintendo DS version of Grand Theft Auto IV. Such a revelation joins the ranks of a Guitar Hero 3 for Nintendo DS too. You know, the one that doesn't actually exist in any way, shape or form under that title.

    More likely a system error or typo of sorts than not, then. Still, such an endeavour wouldn't totally be out of the realms of possibility for Rockstar Games' upcoming Florida lawyer-baiting-athon. Especially going by its portable purloining history.

    Source: Palgn

  6. It was leaked this morning, that the BBFC are taking all the necessary steps to block the sale of GTA IV to the UK. It seems they were at a loose end with Manhunt 2 and because of "legal advise" they had to back down and let the game eventually go on sale, whenever Rockstar chooses to release it.

    Unfortunately, they have seeked further advise regarding GTA IV and ruled that the same would not happen. This time they have the support of the Byron Report and of MP Keith Vaz who has done nothing but condemn videogames for the faults of society, despite the lack of a link between the two.

    Rockstar have yet to comment on the BBFC's plans and what they are going to do about it, we will keep you posted.

    Source: VG Reloaded

    But I thought BBFC gave a 18+ rating for GTA IV

  7. Rumors are running wild across the internet that GTA’s next outing, yes, the next outing after GTA IV will be set in the washed-up avenue of Vice City in 2009. Only a year after GTA IV? Well, it could be possible, look at GTA Vice City, that was released a year after GTA III but whether or not it’s possible with the new hardware and technology now is unknown. A Belgian site, who started this entire rumor told readers that they received a release schedule for Take Two in 2009 with a paragraph about the next GTA supposedly coming Autumn 09′, presumably after GTA IV. This is the paragraph below:

    “Grand Theft Auto Sequel (Not Announced): Find Vice City, plagued by corruption and decadence. Your case is being undermined by the local police, your mission is to rebuild the bar and to reaffirm at the head of the city of one thousand colors.”

    Source: Rockstar Uncut

  8. Hot on the heels of the Rockstar Games Social Club announcement comes further news of its functionality. Rockstar Games has joined forces with Amazon to provide a music download service for the Grand Theft Auto IV soundtrack.

    Any currently playing track in the game can be 'marked' for future reference, by means of the personal assistant / mobile phone gadget in Niko's possession. As we have highlighted previously, the mobile phone will be one of the main ways of keeping contacts and receiving missions in the game. A dial at any time to the number 'ZIT-555-0100' will return the title of the track that is currently playing. Users registered in the Social Club network will also receive a link to download the track, free of DRM protection, from Amazon.com.

    Never failing to secure smashing soundtracks for their games, Rockstar has clearly been able to pitch an online music store concept to its recording label partners. Generating cash flow after the initial purchase of the game in this manner definitely constitutes "an innovative new revenue stream for artists." (Ronn Werre from EMI Music) We expect there will also be a soundtrack CD sold separately, as has been the case with previous Grand Theft Auto titles.

    Source: Yahoo

  9. Those are ones we (the fansite webmasters) got in the recent hidden packages, I wonder who the hell he is, he claims it's all he got in the package. I'm sure Original GTA Master will be interested in buying this though!

    I've been watching those on eBay for about two days now, but I don't think I'm gonna get those ones. I've found some better deals for the same shirts. I have about 26 GTA items I'm watching that consist of licnese plates and other memorabilia from these hidden packages such as those T-shirts.

    A lot of the people selling these things say that they got them from work such as places like Game Stop. So I guess Rockstar isn't just sending this stuff to webmasters of popular websites.

    Where have you seen those license plates are they in $ or £? because im gonna try and get some stuff from ebay :P

    I found this aswell if Original GTA Master wants another one:


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