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  1. The first indication of GTA IV's presales performance was revealed today when Take Two Interactive confirmed that the special edition of the game has almost sold out in New Zealand.

    While the tiny island nation of just over four million inhabitants doesn't put much of a mark on worldwide sales figures, the excitement which must be brewing among Kiwis is probably something echoed all around the world.

    If you really are interested in getting your hands on the more expensive version of the game, it's probably advisable to pre order it as soon as possible. Those lockboxes are being snapped up so fast!

    Source: GTA Gaming

  2. On Xbox 360 you can choose in your console settings whether you use triggers or buttons for racing games. Is there no such configuration changes possible on PS3?

    I didn't know you could do that to a 360, plus I quite like the controls for racing games and action with any games on the 360 its comfortable to handle but on the PS3 its too fidley to handle. :innocent:

  3. Well driving in games im used to drive on the right side of the road and I do it without thinkin :D but in real life Im used to drive on the left, but late at night I do drive my car around and go on the right on purpose lol, but it doesn't bother me :D

  4. All-new side missions and custom user tracks. But I hope the custom user tracks will be available in the game normally.

    It could well do because the PSP had it aswell, plus if you have a 360 and it doesn't have it the thing you could do then is use the Music Player while in game from the XBOX 360 Guide Menu. :D

  5. Hopefully it gets rated in Aus, the highest they will give is MA15+ so if it were adults only suitable, they would refuse to classify. so that could mean no gta4 for aus

    They've already rated in australia its MA15+ that was said months ago if I remember right.

    Plus hopefully BBFC gives it a rating soon

  6. OMFG I want the Niko Poster, if I find 1 on ebay I will buy/bid for it.

    If you want to send me $5 I'll send you one. :P


    If you are, can we do it over ebay?

    I don't have paypal or I would do it that way.

    Damn, plus your from the US, so it would be too much money tospend to send it over. But if best buy had it, it should be on Rockstar Warehouse, but they charge over $50 to send here :(

  7. actully that be more fun since then you would have to go somewhere elese pretty quick

    Well I suppose it adds to the realism & reports have said that peds will be chased by police, it may also add a little tension to persuits. But I love the feeling when you just about manage to get a battered, bullet riddled & smoking car into the garage bay seconds before it was going to blow.

    Actually peds in SA were chased by cops, in every town. So they most probs added it to GTA IV.

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