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  1. Today I have discovered this some people may already be aware of this :D

    But Now you can get a GTA IV theme for your Windows Live Messenger from the XBOX 360 site by clicking the link below


    And also get GTA IV hotmail signatures to use aswell :D


    You can check out the XBOX 360 site here directly into the GTA IV section



    Source: GTA Yard Forums (Me)

    And ive attached a screenshot has a preview


  2. Yes good trailer and what looked like some gameplay footage in it but i may be wrong, but sadly my computer started slowing down when it struck 10PM :pissedred: So im gonna have to watch it again and upload to youtube :innocent:

    edit: Everything about it was awsome, and ive uploaded to youtube incase the video is slow for you

    Plus RockStar ain't uploaded to YouTube only me :innocent:

  3. GameStop said its mobile text-to-win contest for Grand Theft Auto IV is already under way and will run through April 15. Players have to answer a question about "where Niko Bellic hid his lock box." One can also enter online.

    Four chosen national winners selected at random will get a trip to New York City and some other goodies including cash. These winners will also be given a key, to be used at a GameStop national launch event on April 28. One lucky winner's key could potentially open a real lock box containing unmarked envelopes with cash in them.

    National winners holding these keys will be up against regional winners with their own keys.



    Entry Form can be found here.

    Source: Me

  4. This is a huge milestone :)

    Plus just to let everyone know if you want to get on Big-Boards.com. Check this out

    Status Update

    After several months without having been able to update big-boards, we are now back into action and processing submissions again. You can follow here the status of our backlog.

    There are currently 3604 forums waiting in our submission queue.

    In the last month, 15 submissions have been processed.

    At this rate it will take 240 months before a new submission will be reviewed.

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